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Ace of spades gardens is a small gardening and landscaping company, specialising in smaller projects and offering a truly personalised service.
'For all things garden'

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John Ilott

4 August 2018

A genuinely knowlegable guy with a passion for everything to do with gardening. I have ace of spades come to me regularly for general upkeep of my garden (weeding, mowing etc) and he has been very reliable and always polite. Would recommend to anyone!


Kirstie Rogers

4 August 2018

A brilliant job done! A real edge for detail and generally a wonderful finish to the overall job. His horticultural knowledge is extremely good and he gave me a ton of advise regarding maintaining my garden. Would highly recommend for any gardening or landscaping needs. More...

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I think first and foremost it's being outside.
Then the variety of jobs that can fall into this field of work.
One day I could be taking cuttings and potting them up, the next turfing a lawn or working on a hedge, planting up a new border, the next installing decking..
The list goes on.
With a lot of the work there is an immediate visual improvement and that's hugely satisfying.
A freshly striped lawn or a tightly clipped hedge for example.

I felt I could provide a better service on my own and ultimately I wasn't happy with my previous companies quality standards.

I work on my own and specialise is smaller projects, I complete every job I take on to the highest possible standard.
If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing well, It's as simple as that.
I'm a perfectionist and that shows in my work.
For me, it's all about the end result, it has to look perfect, or as good as it possibly can !