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We provide solutions that help deliver confidence for our clients and associates. We champion the cause of entrepreneurs and their families and empower them to pursue their goals and objectives by financial and tax planning services!

*Financial executive with broad experience in all aspects of Accounting, Tax Planning and financial planning, direct experience with real estate consulting.


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MB Global Logistics

6 July 2018

We have been using Accounteque Services, Inc for more then 2 years now. Very professional, timely and attentive services with a personal approach! 110% recommended.


We provide bookkeeping services, payroll and tax services to our clients!

We teach our clients "The How Money Works" concepts and help them reach their financial goals!

To establish their appropriate corporate structure, setup their books and records and guide them on the right track to earn more and save more money!

To see how our clients are improving their business and impacting their personal life style!

I worked for corporate for 3 years and found out that there's no future in working for others, that's why I started my own business back in 1984/

We'll take time to listen to them and find a solution for their problem, we don't look at them as "Numbers"
We're solution provider for them.
We're the one who will help them stay on the right track, and achieve their goals!