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Im a fully qualified, self employed personal trainer. I offer personalise workouts and nutritional guidance for advanced weight management. I specialise in weight loss and muscle gain, however also offer sport specific training.
The majority of my clients come to my home gym, however I can also bring equipment directly to your house, garden, local park or any preferred location and run an amazing calorie burning workout on the spot.


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Burger Nieman

Very professional friendly relax atmosphere .

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I design personalised workout programmes, based on my client's body composition, capabilities and goals. these programmes are then used alongside advanced nutritional advice and guidance to ensure the best results are seen, in the shortest amount of time. I use a food diary to monitor my client's food intake and I write personalised meal guidelines, which set out what macronutrients should be eaten and in what quantities.
I will also make sure to monitor my client's progress every three weeks to ensure that they are in line to meet their goals. This helps to keep my client motivated, as their improvements can be seen through multiple measures.

There is no secret. It takes hard work, dedication and willpower, but don't be scared off by all that because that's what I'm here for; to make sure that you are eating right, training right and keeping at it with 100% effort. I'm here to make sure that once you start you don't stop!

I love changing people's lives and seeing the impact that having a healthier lifestyle, in both physical and mental terms, can have on a person's self-esteem and overall confidence levels. I thoroughly enjoy helping people reach and exceed their goals!

I have always had a passion for fitness and so becoming a self-employed personal trainer was always a dream for me. I could have gone to work for a gym, but I feel that I can offer my clients a lot more by being self-employed as my programmes can be personalised the way I want them to be, not the way the company I work for wants them to be. Therefore being self-employed means that my service is of a higher standard.

I'm good at what I do. I have personal experience in the industry as well as the highest standard of qualification. I have been training for 4 years myself and I belive that I can offer a more tailored, more unique programme to my clients that will help them achieve their goals in a fast, yet sustainable manner so that when they stop training with me they are able to keep training on their own and still make consistent results for the rest of their healthy life.