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Joshua Lindsey

Why would u want too shut NAWS down they are helping pets that people abandon or cant take care of anymore


Karen Caulfield

Great People, Doing Great Things, for a Great Cause!!!


Patty Hart

You are all heros to me.


Carol Ussher

I have taken 15 feral cats to NAWS and never had any problems. Congratulations on the new building!


Goldie Arnold

The volunteers compassion and dedication is the real deal


James Forret

Their employees are absolutely very friendly and it makes me happy to bring my pet here.


Jodie McCluskey

Fantastic group thanks for being angles.


Kristen Trussell

I have been working with NAWS for several years now. Great place and they offer the community affordable vet care for their animals.


James M Inscho

Very caring people. You can tell they love their jobs!


Pat Titus

Many people comment on pet overpopulation, and God Bless all of the rescue agencies and groups out there...but they need MORE HELP. We as a society need to pull together to actually REDUCE the number of cats and dogs. NAWS low cost spay and neuter clinic is attempting to do a part in this and WE DO A VERY GOOD JOB, if I do say so myself. Thanks for, and to ALL, of the repeat, and new, clients and patients. All animals deserve to be treated with respect -- be it pet or feral. More...


Ruth Ann Royer Abbate

I had trapped five feral cats, and with the help from Pets in need, and Naws all were spayed and rabies shots. No more kittens every summer roaming streets!


Mitchell Cole

Great place, fantastic group who runs it too! They care so much for the pets it's so apparent!


Cathy Rice

Love this place!! They love their jobs and all the fur babies they take care of. I've taken 9 ferals there and all my pets.


Kelsea Ealey

The ladies here we're so wonderful! They took good care of both my girls! Thank you NAWS you are amazing!


Julia Lynn Keller

What a wonderful place! Cant speak highly enough about all the people who tirelessly give of their time to care for all of the animals that visit!


Nicole Adams

I found out about NAWS a little over a year ago when my cat family increased to 3. We had 1 cat already, and then we ended up looking for a playmate for our existing cat. We ended up with not 1 but 2 new kittens that we took in from a teenager whom let her adult cat out and she got pregnant. The teenagers mom made her give up the mom and all kittens due to her cat getting pregnant. This ultimately was the moms fault in my opinion for not getting her daughters cat fixed before this situation happened. So when we took them in we did it without even thinking about all the costs to get shots and neutering. And it was a huge blessing that we found NAWS. Their prices made it possible for us to make sure the kitten's got the care they needed. This memorial weekend we ended up coming home to a stray pregnant cat that wouldn't leave us after many attempts to find her owner we ended up taking her in. She (Hope) delivered 6 kittens father's day weekend. NAWS was there again to help. They donated a spay for mama Hope and we took all the kitten's to them for their kitten shots. Thanks to their affordable prices we were able to give Hope's kittens a great start at life and we have found them great homes. Since taking in Hope and going through this amazing journey I've decided to become a foster cat mom. I am looking forward to continuing to work with NAWS to help as many cats and kittens as possible. They even gave me the name of foster places they work with so I could help a reparable organization. Thanks NAWS for being such a valuable resource for my fur babies and all the other fur babies you help daily. More...


Jacki Ashcraft-Tilk

NAWS- Northland Animal Welfare Society is a group of caring individuals who care more about you and your pets than making money. You’ll never find a more caring group. More...


Maribeth Kohl

We adopted a stray in our neighborhood and they Neutered him at an VERY reasonable price. He was not to thrilled about going and when we picked him up they told us how sweet he had been. Double checked the carrier to make sure we had the correct cat ha-ha :) Highly recommend this organization. More...


Deanna Euker

Words cannot say enough about this clinic. You'll never find a more caring. compassionate, group of people ! We live in Odessa Mo. animal control is none existent. The feral cat population is out of control. A few years ago cats were trapped. then taken to the local clinic. Most were euthanized, which caused the city to owe a large bill to the clinic & now the clinic will not take in strays. Thank God for this great group !!!!!!!!! More...


Charly Callahan

We took our dog here to get spayed yesterday. When we first brought her in at 8am, everyone was nice, friendly, everything seemed great.
We were waiting to get a call to come pick her up when it was done. 330 came (they close at 4), and we called to see what was going on. They said she'd been ready since 1:30 and that they called us (though we had no missed calls or voicemails). When we went to pick her up, we told the lady at the front desk that we hadn't received a call, and before we could even finish the sentence, she interrupted with an insincere "sorry". Okay, whatever. Made us upset she'd been there for two hours unnecessarily, but another lady said that someone's with them at all times, and even cleaned her ears, clipped her nails, etc. (which was a lie, you can tell neither were done-which isn't a big deal since that's not what we took her for- just don't lie about it). When we got her home, we looked at her incision and saw a huge lump. I sent a picture to one of the workers who then sent it to Dr Bob, who does the surgeries (he is great, btw). He said it looked like a hematoma and to keep an eye on it. Now a hematoma is caused by running, jumping, etc. after surgery, none of which she did once we got her and brought her home. We made sure she was pretty much immobile the whole day/night. Dr Bob called me this morning to check on it. I told him the bump was gone and it looked better. He insisted we bring her in today (on his day off) so he can check and make sure she doesn't have a hernia, saying it could be devastating if not checked out (and here I thought everything was better).
When we walked into NAWS today- we were immediately told "we're closed" in a rude tone. We told her we were here for Dr Bob, she was rude again saying "that's not till 4" (that was the original time- then it was 3:15- she just didn't know). We put the kennel on the reception desk to get our dog out, the woman told us to leave her in there, keep her quiet and get the kennel off the desk because we're gonna "break something" (we have a mini dachshund, she's 8 lbs-her kennel isn't big). She was just incredibly rude from the moment we walked in. Dr Bob got there a short time later. He checked her out, we mentioned that they forgot to call us for two hours, he said he'd heard that and that she was very rambunctious during those two hours. Probably what caused the hematoma (which he said he believed it was), but once we got her home, calm and wrapped her up like he told us, it eventually went away.

Dr Bob is great. He took our concerns seriously, he came in on his day off to check to make sure she was okay, and was just overall very kind. Though he did say for me to call him and bring her in immediately if it happens again, even saying she will need another surgery if so.

The desk ladies on the other hand, were rude, inconsiderate, and didn't care that they forgot to call us to pick up our dog bc "someone was with her at all times", but they obviously weren't keeping her calm or from doing things she shouldn't be doing.

I will never bring my dog back here, nor will I recommend this place to anyone.

Again, Dr Bob was great and I appreciate his help and going above and beyond to come in on his day off to make sure my puppy was safe and healthy. But customer service is also important to me, and that is where they extremely lack. And not taking responsibility for not calling us or making sure our puppy was not potentially damaging her brand new wound for the two hours she was there when she didn't need to be.

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