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Hello. My name is Andrew AB, and I am a full-time, award-winning professional photographer and film-maker with a wide variety of print, film and online experience. Although I have a background in performance and performance photography, I have enjoyed using my experience in other fields especially wedding photography.


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Gill Watkins

Fantastic person, amazing photos, highly recommended.


Jak Malone

The best stage photographer I've ever had to fortune to work with


Chris McGinley Hunsley

Top bloke with a beautiful eye for the right moment.


Lydia Ellen

An absolute joy to have my work photographed by AB, such a fantastic and versatile photographer! Extremely professional and reliable, thank you. I would highly recommend!


Stuart Mann

What a delight to work with. Professional, personable, interesting and an incredible photographer.


Mina Bihi

AB is one very talented and dedicated photographer who all ways gives his all


Frankii Phoenix

AB is one of the most versatile photographers I know. Captures any moment in such a variety of settings with a great contrast of creativity and simplicity. He's also a dream to work with, practical, intuitive and professional. More...


Camilla Alice Sky

Amazing photos from Ragnhild Lund Ansnes' book launch at the Athenaeum, such an intimate feel with beautiful colors and motives. Very happy about all of them!


Natasha Hodgson

Absolutely wonderful - always my go to for brilliant, brilliant photos and films. He is an amazing chap to be around and I feel genuinely inspired by his talent, commitment and hard work.


Ed Jollyboat

A talented, professional and calm photographer. Aside from taking wonderful shots (especially live! A real skill!) AB is very pleasant to work with. Would definately hire again.


Thomas Webber

AB is a very talented photographer who thinks very carefully about his shots. He's also a very positive person to have around. If you want to look good then look no further. More...


Marky Lorenzo

We at DDE Law use Andrew for our website images and all our corporate requirements.

Don't get caught out by using someone else's copyright!

Excellent service, excellent photographer and very professional.


Will Garrard

Andrew AB has photographed Too Funk To Drunktion on several occasions and his work is always incredible. He has a knack for capturing candid moments and most of all his photos looks spectacular.


Elen Barfield

AB is a consummate professional. He is personable, reliable and incredibly talented. We are so lucky to have some absolutely gorgeous photos of my daughter when she was so little. The shoot was intimate, relaxed and exactly what we wanted. Thanks AB. More...


Ellie Cowan

Consistently amazing and fantastic photos. You'll be hard pressed to find a nicer person and a better photographer. Would recommend to anyone looking to capture something special.


Alex Ferguson

Andrew has done a fantastic job of capturing many a brilliant theatre performance I have been involved with, either as an actor or producer. He has an excellent range, from poster and official marketing images to events based photography, to headshots and more. Also a pleasure to work with; likeable, knowledgable and reliable. More...


Fliss Kempson

I have worked with AB on music videos and hired him to shoot various music events in Liverpool. He has never failed to deliver stunning work and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer.


Lilian Hunter

AB is such a talented and amazing photographer! His smile and friendly is second to none, from the moment he began discussing our wedding photography I knew he was the right one for our wedding. Our Disney inspired wedding last weekend was captured so beautifully and the sneak peak photos he sent the day after were amazing! I'm so excited to see all the photographs �� I guarantee he will be our family photographer for weddings, christenings, birthdays etc � More...


Felix Hagan

I have been blessed to have Andrew AB photograph pretty much every major life event of mine for nearly ten years, and I have never met anyone more reliable, professional, exceptional and downright lovely. His joy in his work is tangible, and the results are plain to see in his breathtaking catalogue of work. When you book him, you know you're getting the best. More...


Pauline Morris

The promotional photos and videos Andrew took for us, for our production of Pinocchio, are of the highest calibre. Energetic action shots and character moments, all very good quality. We can't wait to see the finished promo video.All in all a very hardworking, friendly and professional photographer! More...

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When taking photos of a wedding, event, people or performance I find that I get my best results is by being, in some way a part of the the events, not a distant observer. Whether it is interacting with the people involved or just really immersing myself in the show, I've always found this is the best way to get good photos.

Aside from the usual what, when,how much questions...

How much creative input do you want from me? Do you have an idea thoroughly sketched out and you just need someone to implement it, do you want someone to bounce ideas off, or do you have a vague concept/theme and you'd like me to work it out? I'm happy working at any of these levels, just let me know!

Do you have an examples of things that are similar you like?

I love meeting new people and I love getting a small insight into other people's lives or how different companies run.

I was working full time as well as trying to photograph in every spare moment I had. It was exhausting. In the end I had built up enough of a network and reputation to be able to support myself fully on with my camera, which is wonderful.

Not only do I take great pictures, with a heap of lovely reviews and return customers , I am a kind, reliable (modest?) person who will put you and your guests at ease, to fun, natural shots that truly depict the energy, atmosphere and personality of any person or event.



Everybody loves a wedding. For the bride, groom and guests, it’s a glorious whirlwind of excitement, happiness and madness – and you need the right person there to capture every moment. Whether you’d like some help in planning your perfect shots, or need someone who will simply find the magic of the day as it happens, it’s always helpful to have someone with a few years’ experience on hand. From shots of the happy couple, to big crowd scenes and down to the tiny, unique details that make your wedding special to you, I am genuinely passionate about capturing your day exactly as it was. Every wedding is different. No matter what you need, I can mix it up to suit you. It’s your day, after all. I’m just here to make sure the memories look awesome. https://www.flickr.com/photos/96630853@N07/sets/72157645945276309/