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For over 25 years we have helped sales people and business owners get more prospects and close on a higher percentage of opportunities.

All programs are customized to the client, their industry, experience and goals. We have worked with large clients such as Bell Helicopter, Alpine Stereo, Conoco Phillips and AVIS as well as numerous start ups that are serious about growing to the next level.


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Jimmy Workman

2 July 2019

After working with Mark for the last few months, I can absolutely say me and my business have benefited from the experience. Mark is amazing at teaching not only how to make a sale, but how to better understand the client, and why your product is truly the best for them. What I've learned from his consulting I will use until the very last day I'm in sales. More...


Tony Zilleruelo

20 March 2019

Mark is an awesome Coach! Not only have I already seen results from his sales training. I have also been able to apply what I have learned from him in my marriage. The way you ask questions to people in a sales transaction make a huge difference and set you apart from the competition. I had a blind spot when it came to question asking. Mark was able to identify that and correct it immediately. This man knows his stuff and brings so much value right out the gate. I almost didn’t want to give this review because I don’t want the word to get out about him. I truly feel lucky to have found Mark as a Sales Coach and would recommend him to anybody. More...


Cathy Rios

22 August 2018

I really enjoyed this workshop and I’m excited to implement what I learned into my day to day interactions with our clients.


Ebony Mzila

22 August 2018

Mark’s course gives a fresh perspective on looking at the whole picture when it comes to consumer relations. Thanks to his training, I make even more of an effort to soften my written communication with clients. Thanks Mark!


Robert Zach

22 August 2018

Our staff really enjoyed the customer service training. Mark was engaging as well as informative. Mark was very prepared prior to coming for the presentation. He had touched base with all of our managers to make sure any of our concerns were part of the presentation. He is a pleasure to work with. More...


Coleman Shelton

19 May 2018

Mark is great at helping you learn at any level. He helps you build on your current skills and helps you find weakness and offers solutions to further empower.


Tracy Visceglia

19 May 2017

It was a pleasure to participate in the customer service training. As a teacher I am very well versed in numerous training and teaching styles. The instructor did an excellent job of keeping everyone highly engaged via a very interactive program. The use of visuals, interactive exercises and audio helped reinforce each of the lessons. More...


Judith Glick

19 May 2017

As a meeting planner, I had the privilege of working with Mark for over 8 years. He consistently received ratings between 9.5-10 (1-10 scale). Because of his consistency, I was able to get repeat bookings from the same companies. Mark’s biggest asset is his ability to listen to the clients’ needs and deliver exactly what they wanted. He has the ability to tailor the various programs to the specific people he is addressing. He has faced some very tough groups (those who think they know it all) and was very creative in getting them engaged in the program. My recommendation - EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT! More...


Lily Valdez

19 May 2017

Great program! Mark customized the training to meet the specific needs of our team. His examples were relevant to our customer experiences. The principles taught in this program can be applied to all areas of our life beyond the workplace. This makes it priceless in my opinion! More...


Shayna Hurston

17 January 2017

I put the tools mark provided me with to the test the very next day and I instantly noticed a difference in how customers were so much more open with me. I could tell he really cared about helping me grow a better connection with my costumers. More...


Joe Pipitone

7 January 2017

I have been working with Mark on various projects over the last 20 years and still doing so till this very day. He has great Sales Training and Marketing programs with a wonderful personality and a love for what he does! He has always brought valuable perspective to every situation and continues to be a great contribution to my business. More...


Leandro Braslavsky Soldi

20 May 2015

Totally inspirational. Mark is a completely modest but bright individual that teaches while learning from his clients. He encourages the conversation and pinpoints every single critical area for a latter revision. When the time is given, he listens to reasons and gives his observations, leading and persuading the the client to focus on change, making him feel comfortable and realizing the need for it and bringing state-of-the-art solutions. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone seeking for a top level consultant. More...


Gregory DiNome

20 May 2013

Really enjoyed the workshop. Mark's 20+ years of sales experience really showed and almost instantly each of the examples and tools were tailored to each participant. The one on one exercises were also spot on and tailored to my situations.Highly recommended - Thank you. More...

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