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Michael Bonacci

15 May 2019

Have had a great time at this convention great to spend time with so many magicians.


Amy Reina Hassa

13 September 2017

This group is amazing...I have never met so many people with so much heart! More then magic.... wonderful experience for my 10 yr old and I!


Josh Janousky

11 September 2017

What a fantastic convention! I had a blast being a part of it. Everyone was so nice


Jason Ladanye

11 September 2017

What a great group of magicians. I had the pleasure of lecturing and performing for the MAES convention this year and I had a really great time meeting new people, seeing old friends, and seeing some awesome magic.


Tony Rudy

10 December 2016

Arlen is a fantasy of it for birthday parties or events. I have had him for both and he does a great job everytime!!


Judith Rogow

31 January 2016

Great show, but I swear he has three hands - one to pat you on the back, one to shake yours and one to make coins appear.