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At A D Themis & Partners we are specialist advisers in UK Immigration law. We like to provide our clients with the highest quality service and will always go that extra step to meet our client’s needs.

As members of the UKTI Advisory Network and Level 3 advisers with the Office of Immigration Services Commissioner we can assure clients receive the best quality representation at all times.

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22 November 2018

I was a client of a guy called Dipesh Shah. He seemed to be a competent lawyer, but turned out to be very unprofessional and completely unreliable. Despite the urgency of my case, the guy kept missing the deadlines he was setting by himself, not answering my emails and ignoring my calls. After several days of such behavior, I finally managed to reach him, he assured me that he'll do what he promised - and then missed his deadline again. After talking to him once again, he finally sent me the draft document, which was full of mistakes. After sending him an email clearly indicating my irritation with his unprofessional behavior and sloppy work - he informed me that he's dropping my case due to my attitude. What a guy! Having knowledge and skills is not sufficient - you also have to be professional, Dipesh. Save yourself your time and nerves and never hire this firm. More...