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We offer hypnotherapy and counselling to a wide range of individuals. I work with individuals to help with problems or build on their abilities.
I have a diploma in counselling, a dioploma in NLP, a diploma in CBT as well as my diplomas in clinical hypnotherapy from St.


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Chris Williams

22 July 2018

Thank you for giving me my life back x

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Seeing clients improve and develop. Many clients are in quite a bad state when they first come to me but its great to see the change and improvement not only in the client but their friends and family.

An interest that started by reading a New Scientist article on neuroplasticity and learning how hypnotherapy can help raid chang for people.

I give time to clients, an hour can be longer if we need it. I am there to help you to grow and improve.
I have a proven track record.


Working with individuals to resolve problems or enhance or improve their abilities.