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Spalding, Lincolnshire

11 hires on Bark
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Spalding, Lincolnshire

11 hires on Bark


79DESIGN (www.79design.org.uk) is a local website design company based in Spalding, Lincolnshire. We look after websites for local companies and individuals, with great fast-response support, friendly and approachable manner, and the finest service.


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24 November 2019

We had Simon create a website for our new business and we were not disappointed! From the price to the service to the website itself, everything has been excellent. He made the experience easy and so fast. Such a personal service! More...

30 October 2019

Simon and his team were quick and responsive to our requests for changes to tweak the initial designs into a finished product. That meant we got a good logo design completed in a matter of days. More...

15 August 2019

We've had a stellar working relationship with the guys at 79design for more than fifteen years! Looking forward to another 15!

9 July 2019

Simon was brilliant with designing the website for my husband's business. He is extremely pleased with the end result . Simon helped us enormously with what we needed to show & guided us every step of the way & the website is great too . Thank you for all your help .

1 June 2019

Simon Director of 79Design has a natural flare for creating websites! Would recommend his company to anyone who wants to work with an innovative team! Simon is very interactive and hands on with problem solving issues in regard to websites, so we highly recommend his organisation! More...

27 April 2019

Simon Director of 79Design has a natural flare for creating websites! Would recommend his company to anyone who wants to work with an innovative team!

18 April 2019

I'm setting up a new website for our charity but reached the point where I needed some support. Simon was really helpful and I would definately use them again

18 April 2019

Like many IT experts, Simon M Lewis from 79DESIGN speaks a separate language to us lesser mortals, so needs the patience of a Saint when attempting to describe the intricacies of designing a website for those of us who still think of a personal computer as a typewriter with a memory. ..It took a while to arrive on the same wavelength, but the end result is an accessible website offering ten years of detailed research to the wider public, including access to academic papers and professional reports. The website is now accessed by academics across the UK and across the globe, and by chronically ill and disabled people fighting for justice.Working with Simon in my corner guarantees that the research will always be widely available, and I have the confidence to know that regular updates of my work are guaranteed by this professional and highly skilled IT expert. More...

18 April 2019

79Design provided me with a Wordpress site for my blog, 'Mum's Gone To...' in 2016 and I was delighted with the result. The support has continued seamlessly over the last three years. I know I can rely on Simon and 79Design to host my site securely. Excellent communication: if I have a query it is always answered swiftly. Highly recommended for personal, professional service. More...

17 February 2019

We found Simon to be very responsive to both out of hours requests and difficult questions. The website chat box is a very good responsive touch, and we really appreciated his late Saturday night instant changes to our website when we were discussing our final touches/changes before launch. Before working with Simon our website was indexed and available on Google but was not being listed in searches. Since Simon stepped in and rebuilt our website, we went from page 10, to page 5 to page 2 in google search in our area within 2 weeks! More...

17 February 2019

Simon did a fabulous job designing our website from scratch. He worked well with us and understood what we were looking for. He was excellent keeping us updated with his progress and getting everything exactly how we wanted it. We can always contact him even when he is on holiday!! Nothing is ever too much trouble! Thanks Simon :) More...

19 December 2018

Simon visited our school to discuss aspects of Wordpress to help with our website. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and willing to help. We were able to understand some basic aspects of the process and Simon has offered to do a diagnosis of the website to help make it easier for us to add and remove data. I would have liked a day of working from the ground up but was aware of the limitations due to hosting and our time away from work. However I would definitely recommend getting in contact with this company as they are very knowledgeable in website design and creation and have a helpful and friendly attitude. More...

20 October 2018

Absolutely outstanding level of service. After having a bad experience from a previous website designer, Simon helped me greatly and transformed my website from start to finish and is consistently working with me to keep it upto date. I can not recommend him enough, so if you are looking for a website, look no further, Simon is the person for you. More...

5 September 2018

Fantastic. Extremely helpful and efficient. Really happy with the design and layout and more importantly the cost! Highly recommend.

30 July 2018


26 July 2018

Great experience! Transformed my website making it look professional and up to date. Always working with me to continuously improve it. Great value for money, highly recommend! More...

22 July 2018

Absolutely outstanding level of service, he produced my website to the specifications while consulting me on design decisions to produce and a great looking site. As well as building the website he also gave me one to one training on how to maintain my website and any tech support I need is only a phone call away. All of this for a reasonable price. I was pleasure to work with Simon he is such a great guy, couldn't recommend enough! More...

22 June 2018

I would like to place on record our thanks and appreciation of what Design79 did for our company.. We asked for help from Simon and his team as we had a bad experience with another web design company. . Design79 solved all our problems in just over a week.. everything we asked Simon to do he did for us, he was so helpful, polite and utterly Proffesional.. Design79 built our website, set our social media up and basically fixed the mess we was in.. our website looks great now!! we are so pleased with it. We hope to have this working relationship with Design79 for a long time.. we wish we had known about this company sooner!! We would highly recommend this company as they really do go above and Beyond!!! There work is amazing!!!!!! Thanks Design79 you guys are 1st class!!!! More...

21 June 2018

Simon came to my home to help me familiarise myself with my MacPro. He was informative, helpful and very patient. He was generous with his time and we went over the two hours we'd allotted. He was also very helpful when I just 'chatted' on line when I had a problem with a virus and he was able to sort it out for me. I would definitely recommend him and his company. More...

15 June 2018

Great experience! Transformed my website and made it look
So professional and up to date with my industry! Highly recommend.

31 May 2018

Top class company that strives to give there customers exactly what they are looking for!! We are so pleased we have started to work with this company! Great experience!! Highly Recommend!!! More...

29 January 2018

79DESIGN -Web Design have done a fabulous job loading my BBC Radio Two series which was written by the great comedy writer, Eddie Braben, (who wrote for Morecambe and Wise), unto my website! Their expertise in this field is second to none! I highly recommend them! Best Wishes Jimmy Cricket More...

18 January 2018

Simon at 79Design has been a huge help in re building our old outdated website. Always keen to help and full of great ideas to improve things, our business has benefited immensely as a result.

17 January 2018

Delivered an excellent website for us which helped us climb up the google rankings quickly. Offers great ongoing support with prompt responses to any queries we have had.

16 January 2018

79DESIGN provides a responsive service, always returns calls, attends in detail to queries with a 'can-do' approach.

16 January 2018

79Design is a Company that’s liaises hands-on with clients and gives a first-class service with a true personal touch. Nothing is too much bother to ensure the customer is satisfied. This is the Company for obtaining a website at a reasonable price. More...

15 January 2018

This company produces first-class work and did everything I required. Support is really good including weekends. I am very pleased with the website they produced for me.

21 September 2017

79Design did a great job designing my new website and they have continued to support me. Excellent communication, always there to help.

Thank you so much for your kind and generous review Trish. Very much appreciated.

25 August 2017

Good listener
Excellent Approach

28 April 2017

Excellent customer service.very patient and helpful.
I would reccommend this company

Very kind message from you, thank you, W. I hope we have a long and enjoyable working relationship. :)

7 February 2017

We are still in the process of creating my website but so far I am so happy with Simon. He is so friendly and patient with me taking the time to explain things carefully. He is very accessible and responsive which gives me confidence going forward. Highly recommend. More...

If this is the website I am thinking of, it's been live now for a few months, and we are enjoying working with this client. They have been very hospitable, and quick to respond to to enable us to update the website appropriate.

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A design that invites you in to look around rather than just look at the homepage and leave. One that looks just as good on a mobile device, as is does on a full screen desktop machine.

One that has some user interaction, colour changing of buttons, not too much movement, clear and well-sized images, and looks like it has had a lot of love and care given to it.

What can we really do for you? What would make your website feel very special to you?

Do you need us to support you in making new additions and changes to the website once complete, or do you just want it to... thank you... end of story?

Do you already have your own domain name, and/or company logo? And is that logo available for us to use, as we will use it to get some idea of design branding and colour.

Finding the answers to problems and making the magic really happen.
A client calling up and saying "I don't know if this is possible... but...."....
Hearing someone say or email to us "our website looks like an App on our phone!!!".
That first moment we show a new website to the client, and the look in their eyes.

After many years in the website design "trade", working for large corporates to smaller companies, leaving a job I began working for myself for a few others, and it just grew and became a life long ambition come true.

To be at the demand of people who love what I do, and the performance I give each day.

I am highly trustworthy, having handled very sensitive information in previous roles (including Payroll positions). I now look after a great many websites and control panels that "run" the site servers. This trust is with me, and I am proud to say that I do all that in my stride, as I have grown very use to that role and responsibility. We manage five website servers that run all manner of sites. Some servers have just one site that are extremely busy. Others handle multiple sites, and one manages only email!

From a personal point of view my business is not pushy - I am very approachable, and I hope those who have given their testimonials on our Blog, demonstrate that. Easy to contact at most times of the day and evening. This business is not a 9-5 role. It's often more likely 830 - 8.30pm.

I very much look forward to working with anyone who likes this passion for work, and wants to work with someone who shares that view.



We host websites on an excellent, wholly UK based service with UK support.

Our website are fully SEO optimized, however we also offer monthly management to ensure new pages and products added are also compliant.

We can help maintain Inbox messages on your social media, add cover photos and avatars, and guide you in the feel of it.

This is the core of our role - designing you and building websites that perform for you. With fabulous responsiveness to all devices, and easy for you to manage, when they are Wordpress driven websites.

One-on-One or sometimes small groups training in using Wordpress to add media, Pages, Posts. Edit Menus and widgets. How to ensure pages are SEO compliant, and fully utilize the Social Media you may have, by broadcasting that website content onto SM platforms.

Wordpress is a brilliant system for creating websites with relative easy, while also allowing the user to manage some of their own content. We can still control it from a back end so you know we are always here to help.