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416 Pilates

Royal Oaks Mobile Home Park, Illinois

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416 Pilates

Royal Oaks Mobile Home Park, Illinois


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Marlene Petersen

15 October 2019

I love 416 Pilates. Great teachers and equipment. A variety of classes to fit every fitness level. They work with your limitations (I had a total knee replacement 5 months ago) to help you get in shape.


Jen Greenaway Baedke

12 October 2019

Took Katie’s meditation workshop this morning and it was awesome! Loved the studio as well! I will definitely come back for another class


Sandee Taylor Lembke

13 September 2019

I have been going to 416 for a year now and it has done so much for me! Meghan and Katie have helped reshape my body and it has literally changed right before my eyes. There is an energy here of loving, positive, non-judging, one-on-one support that you will not find in a health club. There is just enough push without being overbearing and a community of fun, like minded people which is an irresistible draw every week. Come for a free tour and you will see that Meghan has created a multi-apparatus studio with classes that work every part of your body including Pilates Reformer, Core Align, Ladder, Bodhi, Yoga, and so much more. More...


Rhonda Fischer

17 August 2019

I ❤️ Pilates 416. It is a beautiful state of the art facility with many different class offerings. Everyone is friendly and and all levels are welcome. Megan is always positive and encouraging with all students. You will get great instruction in all classes with all instructors. Make it a part of your day, I did !! More...


Steve Maria Theofanous

22 July 2019

I love 416 Pilates! The classes are so fun and not boring. The teachers are all knowledgeable and kind!


Tracy Moore

18 June 2019

I went in for a pilates consultation this morning and am very excited to get started on my new pilates fitness journey!!!! Meghan was very kind, giving of her time (she was with me for over an hour!!!!), encouraging, motivating, and sooo knowledgeable!!!! I can't wait to see how this new fitness program helps me to feel my best!!! More...


Sarah Sedlack

9 March 2019

I’ve recently started attending 416 Pilates. I was so excited to find a studio on the North end of town. When you walk into the studio it is welcoming, clean, neat and calming. You can tell Meghan has put a lot of thought into every little detail of the studio. When I first met Meghan she had a glow about her - all smiles, a twinkle in her eye and as my first reformer class went on I could tell she had a deep love for the practice of Pilates. I’ve had a chance to take 4 different types classes and Meghan makes each client feel like they are taking a private class. Her attention to your needs is apparent in the way she checks on all of us during the class as it goes on. If you love Pilates or are wondering if you should try it out I would highly recommend 416 Pilates. More...


Nicole Akers

30 January 2019

Megan is awesome. I am so excited to have an excellent Pilates studio so close to home. Outstanding experience


Patty Georgeson Nord

24 January 2019

Thanks for a great session today, I feel wonderful!!!


Lauren Thibodeau

2 October 2018

Best gift to yourself is 416 Pilates. I actually have a strong CORE and that changes everything!


Nancy Bilardello May

9 August 2018

Megan has been my Pilates teacher since June! She is knowledgeable, supportive, and very enthusiastic! Her love of Pilates and commitment to health is contagious! Located in the heart of old town Dundee 416 Pilates is worth looking into!Her intimate studio is calming and revitalizing! And you can try out a session for free! More...


Jennifer Schmidt Stoner

9 August 2018

I started practing with Meghan in 2012. She is amazingly encouraging and knowledgeable. She listens to her clients and treats them and their bodies as the individuals that they are. I can't say enough about Meghan as an instructor. She is wonderful!
Pilates has given me strength, flexibility and stability as well as improved emotional well -being.


Jane Pedersen Sorensen

9 August 2018

My muscles are sore today! It hurts so good! :) I love this place. Every class is like a semi-private. Meghan has a great education, both formal and Balanced Body. She is fit and great at instructing, both in group and private lessons tailored to individual needs! More...


Ann Gassman Murray

9 August 2018

I have never felt more balance, flexibility and strength. Meghan is encouraging, firm, exacting in form to prevent an injury and knowledgeable. I am confident with her clear instruction. I began in October 2016 and can see and feel the changes. UPDATE December 2017. My New Years Resolution for 2017 is coming to a close. 2017 Goal: Commit to Pilates Reformer 3x per week. Stay focused while in class. Push myself. Relax shoulders and feet. Gain flexibility through hips. That said, I am still learning but noticed that I am paying attention to my feet placement and my core activation all day long. And I have all day energy. Then because I was feeling so good I added a nutrition goal. Significantly increase vegetable intake while reducing refined sugar and wheat intake. That combination resulted in 30 lbs weight loss. I have 416 Pilates and Meghan to thank for this new me. More...

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