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101 Dog Solutions

101 Dog Solutions is a verified pro service provider Certificate of Excellence 2019

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We are an established business based in Nottingham offering dog services including dog behaviour and dog training.
We offer great value for money, have experienced, capable staff who pride themselves in catering to customers individual needs and requirements.

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101 Dog Solutions Reviews

101 Dog Solutions Reviews

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Mike & Jean Warrener
5 10/04/2019 Mike & Jean Warrener

Just one session by Alex at 101 Dog solutions with Indy our 3 year old Shihtzu has made 100% difference to her demeanor when being walked,now walks nicely by our side
in a relaxed manner and is generally a lot more acceptable around other people.
Can’t believe what a difference one session has made.

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Ben and Leki
5 12/10/2018 Ben and Leki

Easy guy to talk to and approach, our little dachshund has a few issues with meeting people on walks, food aggression and barking and after a couple of sessions he was walking well, was more relaxed and started to listen a lot more and we could walk past people without any freezing, couldn't recommend him highly enough!

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Hollie
5 21/08/2018 Hollie

Alex is very knowledgeable and has already made a vast improvement in the behaviour of my 2 Frenchies. Highly recommend

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Liam
5 18/07/2018 Liam

Only had one session with him so far but was highly impressed with his knowledge. He showed me and my parents what we needed to do. Thank you. I will recommend this company to everyone who needs help with dogs/puppies

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Russ & Baska
5 21/06/2018 Russ & Baska

Alex was recommended to us by another happy client, he has helped us when our 11 month old wirehaired Vizsla Ida had become overly nervous and reactive against people and dogs. After our first meeting we both felt that he would be a good teacher for us, the way that he works is clear and straightforward to understand. We realised quickly that we ourselves needed to learn a lot to manage Ida’s behaviour. Alex was very patient and we never felt rushed. We are still in touch and would fully recommend him.

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Sharen Morgan
5 15/06/2018 Sharen Morgan

Alex transformed our puppy who was afraid of everything in his new world with us. We found ourselves with a puppy who didn’t want to leave the house and when he did would run home on his own. Alex worked with him week on week until we had a truly happy, bouncy dog who adored his time at the park with us and all his new canine friends. Alex helped us to understand our dog’s behaviour and gave us lots of invaluable advice to work with. We were so grateful to have Alex around and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who has issues with their dog!

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Kelly
5 14/06/2018 Kelly

We made good progress in a short time. Would definitely recommend Alex to anyone

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Samantha
5 18/03/2018 Samantha

I would highly recommend Alex to everyone, he helped me with my huskey and pug. He will take the time to talk you through what you need to do and is always there on the other end of the phone. Friendly and trustworthy could not of chosen a better person for the job!

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Caroline Bolt
5 11/03/2018 Caroline Bolt

I used Alex when my terrier was about 5 months old, to build my confidence to let him off the lead. Alex had been recommended to my by two people independently, and he was really great to work with.
I now feel confident to let my dog off the lead, and have a closer bond with him as I understand him better having learnt a lot about dog behaviour.
We did 7 sessions in total. I really liked the fact the sessions were so practical, sometimes initially going through a specific issue at home, but mainly meeting for a walk so I could see him interacting with other dogs whilst Alex explained and showed me techniques and tips.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Alex. He covered so much more than my initial plea for help. Every time we met I would have a long list of questions he would patiently work his way through as we walked!
I now have a contented dog, happily running off lead (and coming back!), thanks to Alex's support.

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Eve Makis
5 11/03/2018 Eve Makis

I'd had a problem with my dog for a while. I had tried everything but couldn't stop him soiling the house. After my first session with 101 Dog Solutions the problem was solved with some very simple advice. Would highly recommend

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Keith
5 06/03/2018 Keith

Alex helped me with my 5 year old Border Collie who was a rescue dog, I had got to the point where I did not know what to do next with him. Due to whatever had happened to him previously, he was reactive to people and other dogs.
Alex started with leash training so that I finally had a dog who did not pull on the lead, which despite my trying various methods previously from dog training books I had not managed to do.
He then worked with Cracker on his own initially and then with me, in order to show me what to do with him in various situations and how I could also demonstrate that I was taking the lead. This meant that the dog no longer felt that he had to deal with situations that in his mind were a threat.
Thanks to Alex I am now progressing with Cracker and he is gradually learning to deal with situations that previously he would react to. He is also a lot calmer at home as he no longer feels he has to be in charge and is happier to have me dealing with situations.
Cannot thank him enough for his patience and support.

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Dawn
5 06/03/2018 Dawn

If you ever need any help when training your dog, I recommend contacting 101 Dog Solutions. We were at the end of our tether, especially with my Chocolate Labrador. We have two Labradors one four and the other three. We had tried several different dog trainers and lost count of the amount of money it was costing. This was the last resort. We got in touch with 101 Dog Solutions and Alex Walsh rang back within a couple of days. Alex came out to assess the dogs and see what we wanted to achieve. Within two days of taking on board everything we were told to do my family and friends could see a huge difference with both dogs, especially the youngest dog. They were a lot calmer and not pulling on the lead as much. Alex and myself would meet up with one dog at a time for several weeks, then we had both dogs. I am now able to walk both dogs together which was impossible before I contacted 101 Dog Solutions. Alex is very professional and caring. Even though the training has finished, I know that if I need any help Alex will be there. Thank you for all the hard work and patience.
Highly recommended

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Jane
5 06/03/2018 Jane

Fantastic company - Alex is a natural with dogs and mine adored/ respected him from the moment they met. I soon realised it was about training me as much as the dog and Alex is non judgemental, patient and achieves fantastic results. I would highly recommend him. He is known in our area as the dog whisper :-)

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Jo
5 04/03/2018 Jo

Alex is extremely patient and really takes the time to understand your dog and you! His knowledge of dog behaviour is amazing & I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Roy & Suzanne
5 03/03/2018 Roy & Suzanne

We have two dogs and the youngest was causing us behavioural problems by barking, running after other dogs, cyclist and runners. A loving dog and not aggressive at all but looking that way when she started to chase which frightened others and was unacceptable.
We were not sure who was the lead instigator/controller between the two dogs but with Alex's help we found out who it was and that it definitely was not us.
With his help we had much more control over matters which in turn helped us to instil good behaviour in our Dogs.
The youngest still does the odd wrong thing as it is in her nature but that is more to do with our failure to spot the risk and control it. We are still learning our job.
We are very grateful to him for his work and would not hesitate to recommend him.

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Mat
5 02/03/2018 Mat

Alex was great with our dog and helped us no end. He knew exactly what to do, it seemed so simple yet worked like a treat. He was professional and extremely knowledgeable. He was recommended to me personally, and I have passed the recommendation on to numerous colleagues / friends.

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Pamela Rees
5 02/03/2018 Pamela Rees

I am not joking when I say that 101 Dog Solutions has made an incredible difference to our lives. Having two rescued lurchers, each with his own peculiar issues, had been taking a toll on our lives for the past couple of years. Walking Bonzo, who is extremely powerful, on the lead was extremely difficult. Too many times have I been pulled off my feet or through hedges when he has spotted another dog or anything that he regards as prey. His recall was non-existent, to the extent that once off the lead he would disappear into the sunset, running across the roads with a Canada goose between his jaws and then ending up being chased by a fisherman, after Bonzo had run off with his keep-net of fish. I could understand why Bonzo had been repeatedly returned to the rescue centre, as previous adopters could not cope with him. Our other dog, Bertie, had his own problems: barking and reacting to every dog that he saw.
Thank goodness 101 Dog Solutions came to the rescue; both dogs have been transformed. Instead of it taking a couple of hours of hard work to recall Bonzo, he now stops in his tracks, sits down and waits while we put him back on his lead. His pulling on the lead has been greatly reduced (unless it's raining or bitterly cold) to the extent that other dog owners are commenting on his walking to heel. Bertie is now far more sociable and easy with other dogs and we know how to pre-empt any aggressive behaviour.
What has impressed me so much is the time, kindness and patience that Alex devoted to us and our hounds. He is so easy and reassuring to work with. He has enabled us to understand our dogs and their needs and importantly how our behaviour impacts on their behaviour.
We have worked with other dog behaviourists in the past, but 101 Dog Solutions is simply the best and in a class of its own.
Truly, I cannot recommend 101 Dog Solutions highly enough.

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Sarah
4 02/03/2018 Sarah

Alex worked 1to1 with our Dalmation working through issue we had with him such as aggression, lead work and destructive behaviour in the house. We have seen a real change in him he is much a calmer dog

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Suzanne Pickavance
5 02/03/2018 Suzanne Pickavance

Alex was patient and identified the issues required in training our dogs. We gained a great deal from his training and would recommend him to anyone.

Review of 101 Dog Solutions by Sally
5 01/03/2018 Sally

Alex worked with ‘US’ and our Cocker Spaniel “FLOYD” on various issues. Floyd is quite the headstrong little character and has from a pup tried to demand control. The first point of call was meal times. The ballistic jumping at the kitchen cupboards in haste for his food or the sheer excitement for meal times became a little taxing and out of control. Patience and lots of repetitive training resulted in him sitting patiently and waiting at his meal times. He has also overcome barking around a vacuum cleaner which made him a little anxious.
Alex’s knowledgable and patient approach presents instant results when he is demonstrating so you can witness the result right before your eyes. The majority of the work is done in the ‘homework!’ Dogs have to learn who is in charge and will challenge you with the cute ‘puppy eyes’. It’s hard work ! Alex is very accurate with his advice and is, at the same time, very adaptable offering lots of variations to get the desired result. His honesty & positive outlook is very motivating and encouraging. He gives you the hope that life with your puppy will all be wonderful once you follow the advice and are comfortable with it.
We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alex to assist you and your puppy or dog.

101 Dog Solutions

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101 Dog Solutions Q&A

101 Dog Solutions Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

The challenge of helping the dog become more relaxed and at ease and putting smiles on the owners faces with the results

What inspired you to start your own business?

A love of dogs and wanting to do a job I was passionate about and really enjoyed!

Why should our clients choose you?

i am experienced, knowledgeable, a good teacher in explaining and demonstrating the techniques for owners to use with their dogs. I am also reliable, patient and most importantly get great results!

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