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Barking Mad Ltd Pet Care Professionals are providing dog sitting services. We look after your dog While on your vacations. Talk to Barking Mad for the trusted and best dog holiday care and dog sitters across the UK, talk to Barking Mad. The dog boarding alternative to dog kenneling.

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Rachel Mcclean Dore

17 August 2019

Thank you so much to Barking mad for their very kind donation of a fantastic hamper at this years Ingham fete


Tracey Clark

3 August 2019

I can't recommend Barking Mad highly enough. Max is a sensitive boy who is nervous out of his own home but he has been going to the same hosts for a couple of years now and he clearly loves going to them. Such peace of mind for us that he is happy. I don't know what we would have done without Mark and co. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Max for us x More...


Katharine Howe

2 August 2019

Absolutely fantastic!! My dog is a numpty and very dependant on me and cries if he’s not with me but because of the loving five star home from home care he didn’t miss me at all I think his holiday was better than mine!


Paula Wilkins

29 July 2019

We have always used Barking Mad, Cotswolds, for our cocker spaniel, Dexter, whenever we go on holiday and we've always been completely delighted with it. Recently, we have needed dog home boarding for Dexter whilst we've been staying in the Newcastle area visiting our son. I didn't know what to do at first and then realised that there would be a branch of Barking Mad in Newcastle too. I spoke to Carrie, the Newcastle Manager, who was extremely helpful and booked Dexter in with a lovely couple. Dexter has stayed there on two occasions now and been extremely happy. What's great is that all Dexter's details are on the central database so Carrie had all his information, which was very reassuring. And again, there was the same consistent high standard of service that I always get from the Cotswold branch. Thank you Barking Mad - always a very consistent, high standard More...


Debbie Bryson

28 July 2019

Noah has gone to Barking mad for last few years, i have peace of mind knowing he is well looked after wouldnt send him anywhere else


Jax Lord

11 July 2019

The boys (Oscar and Bruno) have just come home after a trial period with Joyce and Conrad. They’ve obviously had a fabulous time and wanted to get back in the van when Carol-Ann was leaving! Can’t rate this service highly enough. ❤️ More...


Joan Cross

23 June 2019

Our dog ‘Meg’ has been looked after by Barking Mad for several years now, her prime carer is Joyce who Meg loves very much. As soon as Ian turns up to collect Meg she cannot wait to get out the door as she knows she’s going ‘home’ to Joyce. This gives us enormous peace of mind just knowing how happy they both are together. On her recent short stay Meg was picked up by Ian and brought to the wedding venue of my son, of course she played to the crowd, thoroughly enjoyed all the photographs being taken of her and Ian looked after her so well. I cannot praise Barking Mad enough it’s the only way I could go away just knowing Meg is so happy and well looked after. More...


Julie Shaw

30 May 2019

love care and wellbeeing of animals


Deidre Holes

19 May 2019

Our dog always has a wonderful time when he has a holiday with Barking Mad. He returns home happy, which is great,


Llynne Bbarnett Ssmith

5 May 2019

Superb service. I wouldn't put Maggie snywhere else. The information gathered to help both dog and owner feel comfortable really helps. Host for Maggie was wonderful. As was the host for the other 2 family dogs. Wedding service helped relax both bride and dogs. Maggie was exhausted after a great fun weekend. More...


Anders Engborg

11 April 2019

Perfect arrangements, real peace of mind whilst away on holiday. Recommend this service 100%! Thanks to Nicki in Telford from Ziggy and Mr. Chaz - "we had a great time. Can't wait for mom and dad to go away again... " More...


Dawn McIvor Goodman

5 April 2019

Our Rocky home again after a few days with Dave and Caroline, judging how he can’t wait to go with Chris he has a wonderful time, he must do loads as can’t keep his eyes open. Can enjoy our hols knowing he is a happy boy. More...


Debbie Feaveryear

2 April 2019

was worried about leaving my dog for the first time,but after meeting tania i knew millie would be in good hands,shes just home and very happy and content.have booked millie another three stays for over the summer.thankyou barking mad.x More...


Edie Gledhill

27 March 2019

They are wonderful hosts and I would never leave Maka anywhere else I trust them completely and go off on holiday without a care knowing he is in safe hands .They are so organised and make you feel at ease As soon as Maka sees them he gets so excited and can't wait to jump in car Not a backward glance and he always comes home happy and contend which makes us happy. More...


Robert Campbell

20 March 2019

A really caring and professional pet service. Can’t be faulted in any way.


Heather Brown

3 March 2019

Barney and Flossie just returned from another lovely holiday with Barking Mad hosts, Carole and Fred. We were a little concerned about Barney as he was waiting for an operation on a cruciate ligament and therefore on medication and restricted exercise. But there was no need. Carrie made sure she was fully updated on Barneys needs and the hosts were very attentive to those needs. Our other dog, Flossie was walked separately. We were and are, so grateful that the hosts took the extra time and effort to do this. Barney and Flossie came back happy and relaxed. For us, having total confidence in the high standard of dog boarding provided by Carrie and her hosts, means such a lot. I have no hesitation in recommending this excellent service. More...


Sue Luckes

19 January 2019

A huge thank you to Jenifer, Carolyn and Terry of Barking Mad, Southwest. Had my dogs booked away for one week whilst having building work done. Due to a few issues, the work ran over time. At very short notice, the team sorted out a further week with the same host to save any stress on the dogs. They stayed with Sarah and her lovely dog Holly. They always have a fantastic time with her. I'm so grateful for the South West team for helping out with what was a bit of stressful time. More...


Bertie Llewellyn

14 January 2019

Really enjoyed my holiday with my Barking Mad hosts and felt able to give Mum and Dad the Cold Shoulder for a few hours after my initial enthusiasm to say 'Hello' to them when I was delivered back home. Mum & Dad really enjoyed the postcard I brought home with me... More...


Jean Livett

10 January 2019

I am a host and can;t praise the set up with Barking Mad enough - so thorough in their care and home checks.


Jim Foad

8 January 2019

Our Peace of Mind.


Tina Heselgrove

22 December 2018

hi my name is tina i have a cronic eye condition which stops me taking my dog out barking mad came to missys rescue and took her out for a run didnt even charge me truly lovely people please supporr there buisiness thanks again love missy and Tina x


Tracy Milne

17 December 2018

We decided to try a taster session with Barking Mad for our 18 month old working cocker spaniel called Thomas. We were very nervous at the prospect of being parted from him, as he is a sensitive dog who needs lots of excersize and is rarely left alone. From the initial meeting with Carrie, we were instantly put at ease with her professionalism, patience and the care taken to find the right host family. It was obvious that Carrie cares deeply to make it work and is a dog lover herself. When Ian collected Thomas for his taster, We were still nervous, However, Ian was also full of knowledgable hints and tips and was personable and caring and most of all Thomas loved him. Thomas has just been returned back to us, Safe, happy and shattered from the abundence of long river and woodland walks evident from the stream of video clips and photos we recieved during his stay. From the first videos recieved, We could tell Thomas was in experienced loving hands and I cant thank our hosts Wendy and John enough for their care of Tom . We know all to well how much of a responibility it is looking after someone else's dog. Needless to say, Tom has been booked in for his next holiday with total confidence in Barking mad. More...


Susan Rankin Gault

14 November 2018

Iv used Barking Mad for the last 2 years, they are just brilliant, lovely girls, and Iv been luck Iv had same hosts on bailey’s holidays


Moira Jackson

29 October 2018

Thank you so much for taking care of Max.Shannon put my mind at rest by sending me a wee update and pics. He came home a happy boy therefore happy owner Thank you so much. Moira and Max


Linsey Oates

17 October 2018

This was Harvey’s 3rd time with Barking Mad and he recognised Alison immediately and was so excited, in fact he couldn’t wait to get out of the door and in her car . I always feel confident that he’s being treated and looked after exactly as he is at home. He’s always come back home full of energy, happy and content. Would definitely recommend Alison and her amazing hosts. Thank you so much for caring for my fluffy teddy More...


Catherine Ní Seanoír

4 October 2018

my baby had the best time and was spoilt by the sitters. Professional, genuine caring service. Highly recommend them to anyone with a dog


Daisy Rogers

3 October 2018

Karen at Barking Mad is lovely! Matched our dog Ted with a lovely lady- Natalie who was lovely and seemed to really fall in love and spoil Ted whilst he was on his holiday. Karen has great communication with you whilst their away sending regular messages and pictures to keep your mind at rest :) thankyou Karen! More...


Karalia Howells

17 September 2018

Our first successful night away with Barking Mad this weekend. Leaving my dog/dogs has never been a thing for me in the past so obviously this was very new to me. We cannot fault Nicole from Barking Mad, she had been reassuring and professional from start to finish. Further dates are now booked in and we can relax and enjoy nights away knowing our dog is well looked after. Sooooo highly recommended More...


Sandra Abercrombie

12 August 2018

I would like to thank barking mad, especially Liz for looking after my girls, they looked great and happy when they came home, its a relief to know that they got looked after and treated the way I do . I would recommend you guys to all my friends x More...


Annie Suthy

12 August 2018

We use Ray from Ayr and we love how Skye is adored like their own. Walks on the beach, sleeping with other doggy friends and snuggles with Rays own children........skye says its the best holiday ever!!! More...


Jackie Eades

23 July 2018

I saw this company advertised on TV, and after not been away for nearly 2 years because Rocky hated the kennels so much I decided to get in touch & find out more about barking mad & the services they offer. Andy our local barking mad rep came along with lots of information & took Rocky’s details, soon after contacting me to say he’d found suitable hosts to have Rocky, we haven’t been disappointed at all, Andy is always on time with his car pristine to transfer Rocky making sure he has everything for Rocky’s needs during his stay. We always get a message from Andy saying Rocky’s settled in well & now it’s like home from home for him, on return we always receive a message from Rocky’s hosts saying how good he’s been & they look forward to having him again soon, I can tell Rocky is much happier while we are away & he’s more than happy when Andy picks him up to get in the car, where as before he’d run back in the house because he knew he was going to the kennels, this is a brilliant service & we are lucky to have Rocky’s lovely hosts for his stay & gives us peace of mind, on return Rocky always looks happy & his toys, bowls & towels are all clean & packed in his bag, i’d certainly recommend any pet owner using this company, we haven’t been disappointed at all. More...


Jenna Windross

23 July 2018

Yankee just loves his Barking Mad holidays. Very well looked after and I love the photos you get of them all settled in and the postcard is a lovely touch. Couldn't recommend them more!!


Brian Muddiman

23 July 2018

Our girl Holly has just had her 6th stay with Louise at Barking Mad Dog Care (Chesterfield) and has come back looking great as always, it’s so comforting knowing she’s looked after like one of the family while we are on holiday, we cannot praise them enough


Samantha Francis

23 July 2018

Thank you Julie for arranging Poppy's stay with Heather last week. As you know I was very worried about her as she is nearly 14 and had just lost her brother so was feeling quite lost without him. She must have had a good time with Heather as she has regained a spring in her step that she lost when her brother died. I think our respective holidays did us both good. Please pass on my thanks to Heather. It was great getting the updates she was settling in...as I could relax on holiday knowing she was ok. Sam More...


Jeanette Clark

23 July 2018

We have been Barking Mad hosts for about a year now . We told Tina what kind of dogs we would have and she matched us perfectly , at the time we could not have a dog of our own because of long holidays abroad. It was perfect , the dog arrives with everything it needs for the holiday and all the relevant information you need to know. Any problems Barking Mad is just a phone call away . If you can not have your own dog right now this is the next best thing. More...


Margaret Baker

23 July 2018

We have had a few doggie guests to stay. We so enjoyed their company , well behaved and lots of fun. It's great knowing if there was ever a problem the barking mad team are always there for you. For that reason hosts and the mums and dads of the dogs can always relax . great team great service . More...


Tracey Spraggon

23 July 2018

Barking mad came to our home to meet Harry and winter I was worried about Harry as he is nervous of people and they put my mind at ease both my dogs were loved and well cared for and Harry has more confidence now , I would strongly recommend barking mad they take care of everything


Kellie Wheeler

23 July 2018

Cookie has just arrived home from his sixth holiday with barking mad. It's great going on holiday knowing he is always in safe hands no matter who he stays with. I always receive photos while I'm away to see he's settles in well and he always comes home very happy. It's perfect for us and would recommend always. Credit to Ian Carney, Gina and everyone in the Bath, Somerset area. x More...


Gill Campbell

23 July 2018

Yet again another Barking Mad ho!iday for Max & Amy. Only difference is that previous hols were with Tina in Northumberland!and and this holiday is with Elaine & John in Fife. The location might be different, but the procedure and the care of selection the hosts who are best suited for Max & Amy is first class. Yet again its a lovely feeling to be able to go away on holiday and have confidence that my fur babies are been well looked after. I would like to thank Elaine & John. Your choice in hosts were great, dogs looked !ike they had as great time. Also thanks to Lee, Max & Amy are grateful. Thanks More...


Renée Louise Richards

23 July 2018

Excellent set up from start to finish. Tracy who organised Dodgers host family completely put my mind at rest. We have chosen Barking mad several times now and they have been fantastic every time. I have every confidence that the matching is perfect and they have always been superb. Dodger and my old Dog Georgie thoroughly enjoyed their holidays and I could enjoy mine too knowing that they were cared for really well. Such a professional, caring, organisation. I wouldn't choose anywhere else for Dodger to go now, Tracy at Barking mad is always my first port of call and it's easy to see that she genuinely cares for Dodger and his welfare when he is with them. More...


Nicola Cook

23 July 2018

From the moment Emma walked back into our house to take Stan and Olly on their annual holiday to their hosts , they couldn't wait to go! They literally dragged her out to her van! It made my husband and I feel so happy and secure in the knowledge that they were going to have a Fanta holiday. Stan and Olly have now stayed with a retired couple twice who have their Grandson to visit. They enjoyed lots of long walks, playing football and fetch in the garden. They always come home completely exhausted, which I feel is a good sign of a good holiday for a dog. We love the postcards we get from the host and this year their Grandson drew a picture of them both. We will definitely be using them again next year and the year after... More...


Lesley Cairney

23 July 2018

My dog Apollo had recently stayed with a lovely couple. He had a great time staying with his host family. I would like to thank the host family and barking mad for the love and attention Apollo received THANK YOU


Annette Street Was Sutherland

23 July 2018

We love hosting the various dogs and we have never had a problem with any. We have always been fully informed and if we have had a question it has been answered straight away. It's a fantastic service from Karen Hegan x More...


Pauline Dowson-Pounder

23 July 2018

I’ve used Barking Mad (Hartlepool) for many years for my Irish Setter Bonnie .. and most recently for our puppy Indie. They are fantastic..the service from Tracy is brilliant and you never have to worry about your dog. Would recommend wholeheartedly!! More...


Jessie Corner

23 July 2018

Lola had a wonderful time on her holidays!
Was lovely knowing she was being so well cared for. We loved our daily updates and photos that we recived to see how she was getting on.
Very professional, and you can tell that everyone is true dog lovers.
Thankyou for taking such good care of her


Michelle Gibson

9 July 2018

Bobs came home from his holiday day last night. I was glad to receive my post card about his holiday, he's chilled & relaxed. Im glad he settled with his host as it takes the worry away. Thanks Karen x More...


David Sowden

11 June 2018

Thanks to Mark and everyone, our dog Bosun had a great time away in the Huddersfield area whilst we were away! The pick up and bring back service is a bonus! You may have to pay more than you might otherwise expect but it’s worth it.� More...


Pippa Hodgson

4 June 2018

We sent Lee-Roy and Alfie, our 12 year old Westies to one of Alison’s host families for 2 weeks. It was a stressful time for our children, but Alison was great with them and reassured them the dogs would be fine and in great care. We received pictures of the boys settling in at Gill and Alan’s home which pleased all. While away it was Alfie’s birthday and very kindly Alison arranged for extra photos so the kids could see their boy on his big day. The boys arrived home on time, and very happy. They have not sulked at all about being left like they have done in the past. We highly recommend Alison, she’s wonderful and we are confident our boys are in the best of care while away from us. ������� More...


Catherine Lewis

21 May 2018

So happy that I came across Mark and his team. Brilliant throughout and I felt I was able to relax knowing that my dog was fully taken care of without the need for her to go into kennels. I don’t think she wanted to come home � Already booked with Mark for my next trip away. Thank you so much xxx More...


Marley Toms

3 May 2018

Marley is just back from his third holiday with Kirstie, her family, and Cosmo the cat. He has had a fabulous time and it really is home from home. Barking Mad really care about their guests and hosts. I recommend them enough to say Marley is already booked for his next holiday in September. Can't say more than that. Thank you Barking Mad and Kirstie. More...


Wendy Little

18 April 2018

I recently used Barking Mad dog care for my border collie as a trial sleepover by 2 hosts, absolutly first class, very professional service,my dog came back very happy and will be using the hosts for when we go on holiday later this year ! I would highly recommend Barking Mad and will be using there service in the future knowing my dog has the best care ever in home surroundings .. More...


Anne Millar

26 March 2018

Thank you Kirstie for having Kaya for us for the weekend. We had peace of mind she was with caring hosts. We would definitely be using Barking Mad Edinburgh again. Thank you girls for the fabulous service you provide xx More...


Leona Mundin

24 March 2018

Karen and Barking Mad are just fantastic. Reggie has just had a wonderful holiday , she takes away all the stress and worries about leaving your fur babies. As soon as Reggie saw Karen arrive he was sat waiting at the front door for her to take him on his holiday. His hosts Sue and Brian, have spoilt him rotten and he has loved every minute. Thank you all very much. More...


Linda Hall

12 March 2018

From the start we felt confident in Mark and our host, Rita, to look after Dillon. A very professional service which meant we could relax on our trip knowing that our little dog was safe. We received regular pupdates and pictures which further put our minds at rest. He's already booked in again for June! More...


Caroline Dawson

23 February 2018

Lovely caring professional service provided. Thank you x


Linsey Oates

28 January 2018

Brilliant professional service, would definitely recommend if you want your little pooch to be looked after exactly like home, couldn’t be happier with Harvey’s care thank you so much to Alison and Harvey’s host, he actually seems more well behaved �


Roslyn Stansmore

20 December 2017

Very elderly "rather-set-in-his-ways" Bichon!!


Clare Ho

6 December 2017

Great service. Our dog loves going on holiday with Barking Mad


Annette Saunders

18 November 2017

From Brenda Daniels 3/11/2-17. I would like to thank Annette and Barking Mad for finding my baby Sammie a great host home while we was away on our holiday. Sammie always comes home well and wanting to go back with Annette Saunders. I would advise anyone wanting to find a great holiday for their pet, a home from home holiday to try Barking Mad. I give Barking Mad 10 out of 10 every time and she has been with them quite a few times. More...


Jane Doyle

17 November 2017

Very good and professional service. I feel totally happy going away and leaving my very precious doggies in the care of Carrie and the barking mad hosts.


Lydia Speakman

1 November 2017

Our 12 year old cocker spaniel Dylan has been a regular at Barking Mad for many years. He enjoys a home from home environment and the extra cuddles and attention from his hosts to the extent that he gets very excited when he sees his bag being packed. Knowing Dylan is very happy means that we are free to enjoy our own holiday without worrying or feeling guilty that we have left him behind. More...


Carol Brown

1 November 2017

Having been hosts for a few months now I can only say what a great experience it is. All the benefits of having a dog in our lives while still having the freedom of doing our own thing when we want to. We have hosted a variety of lovely dogs and have enjoyed long walks, companionship and affection. All this plus the knowledge that if we have any worries Carrie is on hand to sort it out. I would recommend anyone who loves dogs but can't commit full time to give this a go. More...


Pat Worthington

18 September 2017

Karen is very friendly and Brenda was the perfect host. They kept me updated on Pippa's stay with pictures and comments.


Paula Whitehead

6 September 2017

We have just used BM for the first time our baby Bella had her taster wend we were a bit apprehensive but everything went so smoth from start to finish Bella seemed to have had a loverly wend would definitely recommend them and certainly will be using them Again


Elaine Caswell

29 August 2017

It is a wonderful idea barkingmad we were so unsure of leaving our pet chihuahua Peanut with anyone until Carrie put our mind at rest telling us all about barkingmad and the family's that look after our pets also the wonderful staff they have. Needless to say Peanut had a lovely time with the family he was with and we were so thankful for all the photo's they sent to us while we were away More...


Annie Farino

27 August 2017

Had first experience of Barking Mad in Cobham this summer....excellent service from the start of Doog's holiday to the end! @BarkingMadLuis Thank you


Genette Clark-jones

24 August 2017

I've been using Barking Mad for a long time now ever since I had my previous boxer dog Lilly who usesused to receive 1st class home from home service with her hosts Chris and John. Every time she used to go away and I would start packing up her stuff she used to wait by the door with excitement waiting to be picked up. I never use to worry about leaving her and would always get regular updates and photos, even when my Lilly fell ill they would always still care for her and love her like there own administrating her medication..We now have another boxer due to sadly loosing our Lilly and Blaize out latest has been staying with her hosts since 12 weeks old and again loves to go when her bags are being packed up, she has 2 different hosts if one isn't available and both hosts have been amazing with her. Would never use any other dog care service apart from barking mad I know I can go away and know my dog is in trusted hands � we now have another little addition to the family who will also be enjoying barking mad holidays with his sister Blaize More...


Dawnliza Lafreniere

13 August 2017

Cant thankyou mark enough for helping us out of a tricky spot back in may was very sudden and extremely short notice They took our Toby (staffy crossed with sausage dog) on board while we were away and moving house and we have just got him home from his holiday he loved his hosts suzie ever so much and didn't want to come home, i am.so greatful for all the help and support of everyone at barking mad highly reccomend to anyone with dogs and we have just booked Toby back in for his next holiday with his awy from home mummy and he cant wait to see her again More...


Lindsey Ashurst

12 August 2017

Barking Mad are fantastic, our little dog Maisie absolutely loves staying with her host who treats her like a queen, Thankyou Ian and Carrie for giving us peace of mind


Phyllis Anderson

25 July 2017

The new owners are just delightful and I am sure they will be a great success. Looking forward to working with them. Phyllis A.


Judith Langfield

25 July 2017

We love to host for Barking Mad. A service you won't find anywhere else, with only the love of the animal, care and wellbeing to make it a wonderful expierence.


Anne Stoddart

25 July 2017

As a host this past year I would like to say how much we enjoy having our holiday dogs to stay such fun and dog walking great for exercise! Alison who runs Barking Mad is a really caring person and always manages to match the dog to the host .We love every minute of it. More...


Deborah Horsfield

9 July 2017

Our golden retriever honey had 16 nights holiday here-recommended by a friend and she had a great time! The staff are lovely and very caring towards their guests! Would highly recommend and honey looks forward to her next holiday in September!!! More...


Mandy Aworinde

3 July 2017

My lovely matty has had an amazing time with his host family .....Karen is amazing at her work she kept us updated and took matty to the vets as he was poorly . I would recommend Barking Mad to anyone. Thanks Karen.xx More...


Rhiannon Evans

19 June 2017

Excellent- Karen is so friendly and Maggie had a lovely holiday, thank you to Karen and Maggie's host


Allyson Fiddler

12 June 2017

Quality holiday for your pooch; peace of mind; very friendly service. Top dog, so to speak.


Lindsay Alden

11 June 2017

I would highly recommend Barking Mad, from the registration with Jo, the collection and delivery by Chris and the fantastic communication from Sharon we have received a wonderful service. Murphy has just had a 2 night trial stay with hosts and is now booked in for when we go on holiday. The photograph and updates whilst he was with the hosts were great and reassuring and the postcard upon his return was a lovely touch too. Murphy came back very calm and happy although exhausted from his eventful holiday. We now have no concerns and will feel at ease when he goes again. Thank you to everyone at Barking Mad. More...


Ian Miller

8 June 2017

We used Barking Mad as customers after a bad experience with a multi-boarding pet sitter. It was fantastic to start to finish and gave us so much peace of mind. Knowing that Alfie had been carefully matched to the right host family and that he would be the only guest in a loving family environment meant so much to us. The collection and return service made it so much easier for us to get away on holiday and Alfie came a really happy, waggy-tailed boy! More...


Kirsty Landon-Cooper

5 June 2017

Two very happy healthy dogs returned back from their holiday! Was lovely to see was that �� thanks very much


Lauren Smith

1 June 2017

Can go on holiday without the guilt of leaving the dog at the kennel!! Fab idea would deffo use again!


Emma Murray

1 June 2017

Needed this in my life - complete peace of mind. Can't recommend enough!


Andrea Murray

1 June 2017

Staff are so approachable, helpful, accommodating and you can see how passionate they are about their job and the animals they are looking after. Great team! Great job! Highly recommended to all my doggy loving family and friends. Could not falter! ������ More...


Natalie McLachlan

31 May 2017

Bonnie And Quinn Absolutely Love Their Time At Their Home Away From Home


Janette Edwards

15 May 2017

Having the dogs collected works well for us. It saves the trauma of separation leaving them somewhere new. They leave happily on their holiday adventure. Texts and photos assure us they are fine and we can enjoy our holiday without any worries. More...


Eileen Mary Hutchings

14 May 2017

A holiday peace of mind for both you and your dog.


Louise Ratcliffe

21 April 2017

Bo has just come back from her first( but not last) Barking mad holiday So nice to know she is matched to the perfect host, in Bo case someone around all day and allows dogs on the sofa and beds:-) Thank you Barking Mad and thank you "Auntie Ann"


Suzanne Dyda

5 March 2017

First meeting yesterday discussing services to look after our precious boy, very impressed, very thorough and professional, took ours and Marlon's (the dog!) needs very much into account to match us to the perfect host family. Happy to engage for dog sitting services and booked two holidays already � More...


Tracy Mahon

27 February 2017

Bruno has had a fantastic holiday, he has returned home a very happy boy. Thanks to Barking Mad and to his fabulous hosts. It's so nice to be on holiday and know the dog is having his own little holiday too � More...


Rui Vidal

20 February 2017

Take good care of our best friends...they never let you down...best friends forever...���


Lyndsey Brett

9 January 2017

We sent our 3yr old boxer dog Bauer for his first stay with Barking Mad in December, he stayed with Carrie and her family. We were really nervous sending him for the first time as he is our precious little fur ball but we had nothing to be nervous about because he absolutely loved it. From cuddles on the bed in the morning to snuggles on the couch in the afternoon. We were also given some walking tips on his return and thanks to the change in harness, as recommended! he is a much more well behaved pooch on his walks I would highly recommend this service, it will be giving us great peace of mind when we go on holiday this year. More...


Townfan John

12 November 2016

Excellent all round


Charlotte Booth

5 November 2016

A lot of ppl go.un.noties for what they do.but they are the unseen hero's of the world � keep up the great work x


Anya Jones

29 September 2016

Thank you so much for having Misty and Monty for us , the whole experience has been fantastic , highly recommend Barking Mad , and many thanks to Jenny the lady who looked after them , we will be going away more knowing they are so well looked after x


Emma Pitt

21 August 2016

We are so happy with the level of service and care that Barking Mad have provided us with. Our rescue lab has enjoyed some wonderful sleepovers and now a 2 week hols with her holiday family. She comes home happy and it is a huge relief. We have been grateful for the photos and updates during her stays. Thank you so much. More...


Suzanne Mcqueen-smith

18 August 2016

Thank you Barking Mad my dogs were returned to me after their trial stay and loved it. Wonderful comment on their post card from their host saying they look forward to their next stay in October. Feel really happy to go away now knowing Mussels and Isabella are in safe hands. Thank you once again. More...


Hayley Roebuck

10 August 2016

Great service run by passionate, caring and reliable people.


Thomas Blackburn

28 July 2016

I can honestly say that Mark and Louise are good, genuine people that care a lot for their own dogs Berty and Basil. I also can't recommend Barking Mad dog care enough and I know that my 2 pugs get the best care and attention when I have to be away at any time. 5 out of 5 guys!!!


Andrew Robinson

25 July 2016

We have recently started to work with Mark and Louise at Barking Mad to help with their marketing. Straight away I could tell they are dog lovers and genuinely care about the host homes they provide. As a dog owner and lover myself I'd certainly be happy to recommend them. More...


Natalie Grosvenor Leeds

29 June 2016

Fantastic Idea, great to have a worry free holiday!


Ann Dymyd

5 June 2016

We have used Barking Mad several times now and can relax and enjoy our breaks away knowing that Eithne, our border collie is happy and well looked after. We do appreciate the photos and messages and she always returns a happy dog ! More...


Sylvia Allan

5 June 2016

Don't put your dog in kennels give them a Barking Mad holiday they'll have a great time!!


Kaleigh Hunt

25 May 2016

Buzz had a ball at his first sleepover! You truly couldnt find two nicer or more dedicated people to look after your dogs!


Stéphanie Guilbert

15 May 2016

Fantastic service ! For his first holiday Elliot came back very relaxed, it seemed he had a really good time with Fred and Carole. I'd be happy to use Barking Mad for future holiday because I know he will be happy and I can enjoy weekends without worrying :) Thanks a lot Carrie and Ian. More...


Claire Rowland

12 April 2016

My dogs both loved their holiday with Barking Mad will definitely use again, brilliant service from start to finish.


Kay Hall

6 April 2016

Really excellent service from Barking Mad when we had our lovely old dog. Sadly he is no longer with us, but we are getting our doggy fix by being hosts and enjoying the company of some brilliant guests. Thanks Sharon


Linda Gooch

28 November 2015

Brilliant service and my little girl is always happy when she comes home can't ask for more.


Fiona Donaldson

16 September 2015

It was so lovely to meet with Alison. A genuine dog lover, she really understands our four legged friends. I have no doubt her new venture will be a huge success., I shall look forward to seeing Alison and hopefully the adorable Yeshe, again very soon. I would highly recommend Alison's alternative to kennels and would like to wish her continued success. More...


Julie Wulie

29 June 2015

I cannot thank steve gibbon from your shropshire/wales branch enough. My dog always comes home happy and content xx


John Pickles

13 June 2015

Many thanks to Veronica and her team for looking after Ellie during her holiday.


Linda Lee

11 June 2015

We use barking mad every time we are away wouldn't go anywhere else


Gail Cheney

4 June 2015

Jock and Scamp, Fife loved their wee holiday. It made me feel at ease knowing they had company and not just sitting in a kennel. Great service being provided and would totally recommend it x More...


Georgina Megan Baker

4 May 2015

I would recommend Barking Mad to everyone. We were kept well informed, really good to see all the pictures and how happy they look. Both dogs came back safe and sound, they were both wagging their little tails. They were treated as if they were the person's own dog. More...


Pauline Williams

27 April 2015

Wonderful feel so happy going away leaving Dotty are french bulldog with them x


Christian Allan

17 April 2015

My dog was placed with the same family and he had a great time! I would recommend Barking Mad to anyone!!


Robert Straker

14 April 2015

Oscar really enjoyed his time away, he was well looked after and Barking Mad were very accommodating picking him up from the venue and dropping him back off home. The postcard and photo were a very nice touch will definitely be using Barking Mad again in the future More...


Isabelle Finister

6 March 2015

Julie did a fab job with my toy poodles !!! They look and smell divine !!


Diane Murgatroyd

5 March 2015

having rescued Bob at a very young age 4/5 weeks old he was with us 24/7 never being left alone he has a very bad separation issue wanting to go on holiday I didn't want to go leaving Bob in a kennel was just an awful thought Some one suggested Barking Mad we met Steve and Bob took to him he assured us Bob would have the best care possible so of he went to a couple called Hillary and Bob who loved Bob like we do so much he came home such a healthy happy boy he has gone with them again at this moment in time they are spoiling him once again


Wendy Lashbrook

2 February 2015

Just en route home from a fabulous weekend away made all the more fabulous because I know Murphy our Golden Retriever has yet again been in the very capable hands of Claire and her hosts in the Grimsby area. He always comes home looking great and it's so obvious he has also had a great time. Yes this service is more expensive than kennels but you get what you pay for & with Barking Mad it's the peace of mind that your beloved pet is in a family home getting one to one with his normal routine & as much love & care as you would give them. We highly recommend Barking Mad and if Murphy could talk I'm sure he would to. More...


Chris Gilchrist

20 January 2015

Dexter loves going on holidays arranged by Alex through Barking Mad x


Alan MacGregor

4 January 2015

Fantastic service. Melissa and her team did themselves proud. They looked after our Benji with the greatest attention, he has come back a very contented dog. I highly recommend anyone considering using kennels to think again and use the Barking Mad team. Thanks again Melissa and I hope you and your colleagues have a very fruitful and productive 2015. More...


Norma Maclelland Philip

8 November 2014

Love all the dogs..


Jane Booker

29 October 2014

Yet again Libby went off wagging her tail and greeting the barking mad car like part of the family. I think she has more fun on her holidays then we do - Thanks Alison and all her gang - I never worry about Libby when she is away with her barking mad aunt - Jane Lancashire


Megan Drake

20 September 2014

Hopkins has just come home from his first barking mad holiday! He has had so much fun and is very very tired now! Nicola was so lovely and really helpful with all our questions. Will definitely be using barking mad again! Xx More...


Nicola Stewart

2 September 2014

Love being a host and working for Ian Carney. Being a host brings me a lot of pleasure.


David Stamp

29 July 2014

World Headquarters of Barking Mad is in Barbon... Good choice of location!


Pat George

28 July 2014

I have just joined as a host family.I have heard and see lots of happy dogs going to there host family while there owners go away. The dogs also get a holiday and send a post card to there owners. GIVE THEM A TRY! EITHER AS A HOST FAMILY OR A HOLIDAY STAY FOR YOUR DOG. More...


Helen Spooner Brookes

28 July 2014

Thank you so so much for looking after our beautiful beagle boy while we got married and thank you for also bringing him to the wedding so we could have some pics with him. Gemma is a star and I hope he wasn't too much of a bugger for her and her family!!! When planning a wedding it's an amazing feeling and one less stress to know your pride and joy is being looked after properly and is having lots of fun too. My biggest worry was about Hank and you completely put my mind at ease. Thank you so much yet again, Love Helen, Sam and Hank dog x x x More...


Elizabeth McLellan

15 July 2014

Would recommend this to anyone


Gail Hannaford

11 July 2014

Great idea.


Karen Taylor

17 June 2014

I know my dog Rebel loves Steve, he just can't wait to jump in the back of the car. Gets totally spoilt loves every day of his holiday. He never goes anywhere else.


Simone Nisbet

9 June 2014

Well our dog Ben is just back from his holiday, and he has had a great time! A fantastic service for dogs who like company rather than kennels! I cannot recommend Brad enough for such a great service for us! Thank you so much! More...


Liz Young

18 May 2014

you know your beloved dog has had a good time when she says hello and then turns round and goes back into the hosts house. love you too shandy! Thanks Veronica :-) More...


Jaci Monnery

7 May 2014

I think it's a great idea xxxxX


Bev Wright

6 May 2014

Querky pet portraits and caracatures all available on my fb.i Love this parking mad fb page x


Jonathan Lee

17 March 2014

Great idea!


Kirsty Newson

7 March 2014

Claire and her host is absolutely amazing and spud had a great time. Will be using this excellent service again x


Jackie Drummond

3 March 2014

Fantastic service will be using them again great service bob and Kate were fantastic with Tj x


Brenda Baughan

13 January 2014

Know two lovely people who work for Barking mad. Top notch care for all the lucky dogs who stay with them for their holidays.


Louise Riley

24 December 2013

Our cocker spaniel molly has just come back from another fabulous barking mad holiday with hosts lynda and Dennis. As always outstanding service and piece of mind for us. The feeling of leaving your pet in excellent hands is priceless. Big paws up from molly :) thanks Wendy Renton lynda and Dennis x More...


Kate Walsh

18 December 2013

Wonderful service. Dogs love their holidays. So much better than kennels


Angie Morrish

4 December 2013

Fantastic home from home holidays for your beloved woofs. Not cheap but good value for the peace of mind it gives you when you have to go away


Caroline Robertson

10 November 2013

Zac our Shar Pei just back from a week with Terry and Janice he looks like he had a great time he's been asleep since he got back. Thanks again and thanks Craig. Would highly recommend Barking Mad to all my dog loving friends More...


Steph Evans

10 October 2013

Simply the best!


Stephanie Bellew

10 October 2013

We used barking mad to look after our 8 year old collie Sam when we got married, would definitely use the service again and recommend to anyone that has a dog! Sam came back full of fun and host said he was absolutely great and would be welcome back any time. Thank you for looking after him so well! More...


Ann Sanderson

2 October 2013

What a fantastic service you provide. I would just like to thank hosts Jeff and Carol for looking after Bracken, she had a lovely time as she always does (although she is still making us pay for leaving her in the first place!) Thanks also to Claire for arranging this. I can't rate your service highly enough .... wonderful! More...


Elisabeth Johnson

24 August 2013

Fabulous people and would not let our dog go any where else


Alice Mair

4 December 2012

I was a host for years but the couple I was registered with quit the job and have just rgistered again and have "pip" cominng over christmas ,what a joy,I,ve had her before shes so loveable.a well trained and cute wee dog x.

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