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What are the different types of Security Services?

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Mika, Staff Writer

Friday, 25 June 2021

We all want to feel a sense of safety, whether this is in our homes, at our place of work, or even on the street. We can be reassured by locks, police presence, or even by a well-lit street - but what about when this is not enough? 

Hiring a professional security service is a great way to feel safer, wherever you may need that added security. 

Security services take a variety of different forms and are needed at different times by different people. 

To the uninitiated, these security services can be a little confusing, and you might not even be sure if you need one.

To help you out, we take a look at different types of security services and how they can help protect your home and property. 

Security guards

One of the best ways to deter criminal activity is to have someone keeping guard in person. If you require your business to be protected overnight, for example, a security services company will send a uniformed officer to stand guard over the property. 

This may be one of the costliest security services, as you are paying for an individual to be there round the clock and must pay enough for the service and the guard’s wages. This being said, very little can compare to having a person on the ground.  

Security patrol vehicles 

If your security requirements cover a large area, like a factory, or a large expanse of land, then a security patrol vehicle may be your best bet. This is basically like security guards on wheels and will give the best protection against theft and burglars who aim to get away quickly. Again this may be a pricey service, yet it is one of the most effective forms of security and will help you to sleep safe in your bed, knowing your property is being protected by patrolling vehicles.

Personal protection 

If your job or status requires you to be out in the public eye, you may begin to attract unwanted attention. Hiring your own personal protection can be one of the best ways of keeping your mind at ease and keeping a barrier between you and any threat. 

This type of service is usually hired by CEOs and executives of companies, celebrated figures, or politicians. That being said, more low-profile people are opting for this service, and hey, who can blame them! You are going to feel pretty safe with your own personal bodyguard.

CCTV Monitors

Although nothing beats having boots on the ground, the next best thing is having a place watched. By using a good CCTV setup, your place of work or outside of your home can be filmed around the clock. Having hours upon hours of footage is no good if there’s no one there to prevent a crime - that’s where CCTV monitors come in.

Hiring a team to carry out security services for your home means around-the-clock monitoring day and night. This type of service can be changed and adapted depending on your own needs. This may include only monitoring the CCTV at night or simply turning them on at a certain time.

To sum up    

As we can see, security services take many forms and can be curated to any need. Whether you need a simple CCTV setup or your own personal bodyguard, the scope for security services is huge. By using Bark, you can easily narrow down and find security services in your local area, making the whole process that bit easier. 

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