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How much does a Locksmith Cost?

Average Price
$27.50 per hour

What’s the average cost of a Locksmith?

Looking for a local locksmith but worried about costs? Read our handy guide to find out how much your locksmith will charge depending on the type of callout.

What is a Locksmith?

A locksmith is someone who ensures your locks are secure and in good working order. They’ll also be your first port of call if you lose your key or need an extra key cut. 

Usually, someone will call a locksmith when they are locked out of their home, business or car. Or, if you are worried your lock is not very secure then a locksmith can install a more robust solution.

Locksmiths can also help with digital security elements, such as keyfobs. Some locksmiths can also install additional security, such as CCTV. 

What’s the callout fee for a Locksmith? 

If you’re wondering how much it’ll cost to call out a locksmith, here’s a rough estimate of average costs based on local Canadian professionals: 

Average cost (per hour) $27.50
Minimum cost (per hour)$20
Maximum cost (per hour) $35

While most locksmiths charge by the hour, some may also charge a flat fee for particular services, such as for emergency callouts. 

What are the factors influencing costs? 

The cost of a locksmith could vary dramatically depending on how many locks need changing and the type of lock. 

The more complex the job, the higher the cost will be. Home or business premises security is highly important. Therefore, the cost of having locks changed or fixed is better than leaving the property vulnerable to theft or criminal damage. 

Locksmiths can also make copies of your keys, which is ideal if more than one person requires a key. Depending on their level of experience, locksmiths may be able to advise on your general security as well as any upgrades or changes that are required. 

The main factor influencing the cost of a locksmith is the type of callout: 

Type of callout

Type of calloutHighest average price Lowest average price
Gain entry$250 $120
Domestic key replacement$100 $40
Remove snapped key$80 $40
Repair door lock$110 $65
Repair door handle$150 $40
Emergency locksmith$400 $150
Auto locksmith $300$85

On the whole, emergency locksmiths (such as if you cannot lock your door at night or are locked out of the house) are the most expensive, costing between $150 and $400 on average. Although, emergency callout fees can range between $100 to $300 just for attending, especially if a locksmith is called in the middle of the night or during the holidays. 

Other considerations 

As locks are the main entry point into a building or vehicle, having issues with either the lock or key can be frustrating, to say the least! Plus, it could be creating vulnerabilities within your security. Before you call up a locksmith, here are some of the services they can provide along with what to consider price-wise. 

  • Lock replacement 

  • Lost house keys 

  • Window lock repair 

  • Auto locksmith

Lock replacement

If you are considering upgrading your locks then a locksmith can offer lock replacement to both your windows and doors. Lock replacement is also common if you’re moving into a new home to give you peace of mind that no one else will be able to gain access. 

Lock replacement may also be required for insurance purposes. Also, your locks can be replaced using a service known as keyed alike, which will mean all of your locks open with just one key. 

Lock replacement can cost as little as $40 for a basic Euro cylinder and can climb up to $100 for a uPVC door lock replacement. The total cost very much depends on the type of lock and what the issue is. Some locksmiths may add a callout fee on top of the cost of the job, or price it as one job. 

Lost house keys

We’ve all been there. You rummage in your bag or jacket to look for your keys, but they’re nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, the moment you’ve lost your keys never comes at a convenient moment! 

A locksmith is there to help in your time of need with key replacement. Costs start at around $70 and take only 20 minutes to complete. 

To save money in the future, it’s always worth having a spare key cut and leaving it somewhere safe, or with a trusted person. 

A locksmith can create new keys for windows, which are one of the easiest types of keys to make. If it’s not an urgent job, then you may be able to get a much better deal if you have the luxury of time to shop around. 

Window lock repair

There are many reasons why a window lock will require repairing. For example, the door could be jammed, the key will not fully turn or the key may go into the lock but won’t open. One of the most common callouts is for uPVC window locks. 

Repairing a window lock will cost around $85 to $150 on average, depending on the contractor. 

Auto locksmith

Auto locksmiths help with matters relating to your vehicle locks, general access or your ignition key. It could be that you’ve lost your car keys, locked the keys inside your vehicle, or that the key has become stuck. Depending on the locksmith, they will work on the likes of cars, vans, lorries, and motorcycles. 

An auto locksmith will set their fee depending on the type of vehicle and the complexity of the job. Vehicles without an immobilizer generally make for cheaper callouts.

Is it worth getting a Locksmith?

When it comes to the security of your home, business or vehicle, a locksmith is highly valuable. Ultimately if you can’t get into your property, or if anyone can because the lock is broken, then this ranges from being inconvenient at best to a security risk at worst. 

While locksmiths are expensive, they will ensure the issue is rectified swiftly. They will also offer peace of mind, especially when the lock has been fixed or when your keys have been replaced. They can even help you get back on the move if the problem is related to your vehicle. 

Considering that most of us don’t have the foggiest clue how to create a new key or install a lock, a locksmith is essential in times of need, 

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