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How much does a Security service cost?

Average Price
$40 - $80 per hour

What is the price of hiring Security?

Need protection for a building, event or a person? Read our handy guide to find out how much security guards charge for their services.

What is a Security guard?

Often distinguishable by their smart uniformed appearance, security guards patrol buildings to ensure the safety and security of all those who use them. Security guards also offer reassurance to the public as well as preventing theft or criminal activity. They can also enforce crowd control at events, or work as door staff at establishments where alcohol is served. 

To become a security guard in Australia, the individual will need to undergo training and have a clean criminal record. Throughout their career, security guards will be expected to continue their training as they move up the ranks or take on additional responsibilities. 

How much does a Security Guard cost? 

The cost of hiring a security guard ranges between $40 and $80 per hour, depending on the experience of the security guard and whereabouts you are based in Australia. 

Average cost (per hour) $40
Minimum cost (per hour)$30
Maximum cost (per hour)$80

Typically the cost of hiring security is fairly reasonable, especially if they are unarmed or are working on general patrol. For more specialist security work such as bodyguarding, expect the costs to start at $80 an hour and above. 

What changes the price of Security? 

The cost of hiring security varies depending on several factors, including: 

  • Type of security 

  • The venue type

  • Time

  • Experience

  • Location

Type of Security  

The type of security you hire will affect the level of professionalism you need, therefore the cost too. For example, there is a huge difference between patrolling a mall versus protecting a government official from potential threats to their life. 

The majority of security guards cost $30-$40 an hour to hire, moving more towards $80-$100 an hour for specialist jobs that are high risk. 

Type of securityHighest average priceLowest average price
Venue security$40$30
Private bodyguard$100$80

The venue type

Consider the venue and what that will mean for your security requirements. In larger or high-risk buildings you may have to hire additional security to cover the floor space. But for smaller or general security work, one to two officers will usually suffice. Make sure you have enough security for your needs depending on the location. 


The price will also be impacted by the time that you will require your security to work for, including the time needed to complete paperwork. 


Some security guards will be newly qualified, and others will have years of experience. You should also consider the experience in terms of the types of jobs the agent can cover. For example, guarding high-value assets or government officials is very different from door work. They need to be qualified and experienced in exactly what you need them for, which will affect the cost for more complex jobs. 


As with any service you wish to hire, location will always affect the cost in some way. Typically in larger metropolitan areas such as Sydney, you should expect to pay $35-$45 per hour for security guard services. 

Remember, for private or specialist security services, the costs will be more expensive across the board. 

LocationAverage security cost (per hour)

Is it worth getting Security?

When people or property are at risk, they need protecting. Security acts as the eyes and ears of the building, vetting those who wish to enter and looking out for any criminal or suspicious behaviour. They can also help to detain a suspect while the police arrive, which would be very difficult to do without their help. Plus, they can protect individuals who would otherwise be at high risk. Therefore to ensure the safety of others and for your peace of mind, security is a worthwhile investment. 

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