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Gabriel Dane Petersen, CCHt – CMHt

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12 June 2020

Because of Gabriel’s advanced background in Integrated therapies, I have called on him multiple times to help me analyze, and come up with solutions for various issues. In Gabriel’s presence you will immediately notice his warmth, caring manner, focus and pleasant sense of humor. These traits make it very comfortable and desirable to want to work and spend time with him. His spirit shows that he wants the best for everyone and he goes above and beyond to help you achieve a good outcome.

I believe that you will feel very satisfied when you choose to work with Gabriel. His work has certainly been very helpful for me and I am deeply grateful for his positive impact on my life.

In the highest regard,

Susan Bridgit Cooper – Nevada City, California

Professional Life and Business Coach

12 June 2020

Thank you so much, Gabriel, for being such an excellent therapist in guiding me throughout my sessions. You have been incredibly thoughtful by providing me with materials in helping me with my weight loss journey. I have been following your directions for a few weeks now, and it does make good results. Thanks again. More...

12 June 2020

Gabriel is a trusted colleague and I was fortunate to receive his healing hypnotherapy work. I am a psychotherapist and wanted to try hypnosis as a modality that I could refer my clients to. Gabriel generously offered me two hypnosis sessions and I listened to the recordings of his inductions for many months after our sessions. I believe his skillful use of language, kind, loving presence and generosity were very beneficial in my personal healing. He was very thorough in his introduction and assessment, making hypnotherapy a practice that went beyond our sessions together. His inductions are very powerful, he is able to listen to a person's issues and draw out the essence of what blocks their growth, offering inductions that point to the remedy for these blocks. I know him to have successfully treated many issues that his clients have struggled with. He makes hypnotherapy accessible to diverse populations and offers a unique and creative modality for transformation. More...

9 June 2020

In 2006 I got into a very serious car accident. it completely turned my world upside down. I had to relearn how to walk and was in constant pain all the time. It took many years to recover and even now I have a ways to go. I was frustrated with the medical community; they did nothing but prescribe me medication that never worked. I was hopeless. I needed help to get over severe PTSD caused by this accident. When I met Gabriel, I was open to trying hypnotherapy to get over this fear and anxiety. I work with Gabriel briefly and after a couple of sessions, I can already feel the weight gain lifted off my shoulders. His efforts helped me get past the fear of driving and changed my perspective on life in general so much so that now I drive professional for a living. I'm extremely grateful for what this man has done for me. Thanks again, Gabriel.
Paulina Martinez | San Jose, CA

3 June 2020

Gabriel Dane has been a tremendous help to me for self-growth and learning how to stand in my own power, set healthy boundaries, understand and reshape my emotional eating patterns, and gain an appreciation and mindfulness for food as a nourishment and supply of vitality versus a mindless form of stuffing emotions.
Thank you Gabriel! I look forward to continued support from you.

29 May 2020

I want to thank Gabriel for helping me through one of the most stressful and challenging times of my life. I am additionally writing this letter to seriously suggest to any person that is in a highly stressful situation be it health, emotional or both, that they contact Gabriel. He will help you get through your situation and come out the other side with a new and positive way of looking and experiencing life. 
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, plus two growths on my kidney. I went through both extensive radiation and a rough surgery.  
As any person would experience, finding out I had cancer, and the various prognosis caused a lot of mental anguish and physical problems. But to make matters worse, it has negatively impacted my libido and sexuality in a variety of ways. Being a single man, with a great desire to be in a relationship with a life partner, has added even another layer of uncertainty and more stress. And lastly, I hit the tipping point, not sleeping, continually in a state of depression and anxiety, when the first woman I have ever falling deeply in love with left me as I was going through all the rest. Gabriel realized I was in trouble and needed help. 
Gabriel’s approach is very different. He combines multiple hypnosis sessions combined with lots of other kinds of therapy with each one working on another focused point he calls trigger points and negative charges. After each session he gave me a recording of the session to listen to each day and even when I went to sleep at night. He provided me with additional recordings to help me sleep. Gabriel also uses methods and tools that were created just for me.
I never really knew what meditation was until Gabriel showed me a great mediation program that I now listen to. He also showed me lots of physical and mental exercises for calming my mind. And one of the most valuable things was that the sessions had no time limit and every day when we weren’t working together in person, he called me on the phone to keep me on track, and to listen to my thoughts and feelings on that day. I have been told that he does this with ever patient and never charges for the daily calls. His heart and goals are to see the patient get over the meltdown and have a new life with a happy and positive future.  
I now see life in a very different way than I did before I started my sessions with Gabriel. I have learned a great deal about myself, the ways to do things that make me happy, and let go of those things that cause me sadness and anxiety. I am also very clear for the first time in my life as to what makes for a loving relationship and a successful partnership or marriage which I look forward to.

29 May 2020

Gabriel was an integral part of helping me to break through places where I was feeling blocked. The meditation he created for me helped to calm me and manifest the life I desired. He put so much thought & energy into supporting my dreams and checks in regularly to share ideas and thoughts that support my passions. Additionally, he is an incredible coach, therapist & friend. Feeling grateful to have him in my life! More...

29 May 2020

I am sharing our experience with Gabriel which occurred recently when my husband contracted Malaria and became very ill. I reached out to Gabriel from the intensive care unit of the hospital hoping that he would be able to offer us some means of getting through our very intense ordeal. Gabriel was extremely sympathetic and immediately offered his support. Within a few short hours, he had prepared a customized audio recording including music, voice, and sounds from nature all tailored to my husband’s personal interest and passion of being in the garden. My husband listened to the tape in the hospital and also during his recovery at home. We were both very comforted not only by the tape Gabriel made, but especially by his caring and concern for us during this difficult time. Thanks again Gabriel for making a difference during a difficult time. More...

29 May 2020

I was diagnosed with late stage cervical cancer in January 2018 and started radiation therapy and chemotherapy at Stanford in February. 
 When Gabriel and I met he had just completed his own cancer treatment and was able to relate to my many questions and fears. Gabriel developed a highly personal meditation for me, one I could listen to everyday and he also made himself available to talk anytime. 
There are times during the treatment when you can get discouraged or even depressed and at those times Gabriel was always there with encouragement and got me back on track mentally.
I would whole-heartedly recommend Gabriel to anyone, his experience and compassion as a cancer advocate and hypnotherapist made an immense difference and I am truly grateful for his help.


I love helping people to find their path to well-being, YourPathToWellbeing.com to become happier, healthier, and more successful individuals in what ever wants and needs they have, and to fulfill their dreams. My only desire is my clients happiness - their, quality of life, and well-being.

Having my own successful practice has afforded me the opportunity to be able to reach out to people not only at my office in Palo Alto, CA near the Stanford University Medical Center and School of Medicine, but additionally help many others in need throughout the United States using platforms like zoom, and via phone consultations. This has been and is very successful, and my clients love being able to work with me from their home.

In addition to my therapy practice, I am a lecturer and seminar speaker, and webinar presenter.

My specialty is making people happy, and showing them how to fulfill their dreams, and/or to emotionally or physically heal from an unwanted situation, illness, and/or unhappy lifestyle affliction, all using my vast repertoire of proven integrated therapies, and a wide range of methods.

And there are my other clients that simply want to have more fun, be better at a sport, music, art, or anything else that requires one to further develop need skills. Some want to improve their memory, others want to get the highest grades on their college examines, and so many other requests.

The tremendous advantage of this for my clients is that I don't depend on just one speciality, but instead have a large variety of protocols to draw from. As every person is one being made up of 3 parts, that being, their Mind, their Body, and their Spirt or Soul, it is vital that a practitioner is not only educated in, but also highly skilled in using all the protocols needed.

I am also a cancer advocate and a proud member of the international organization of healers called CAM which stands for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. This means that I often work side-by-side with doctors, and other natural healers for certain clients. An example of this would be a cancer patient that has a huge team of professionals such as an oncologist for radiation, another oncologist for chemo therapy, an nutritionist, and more, and myself to help the client have a positive, stress-free experience, with less or no pain, thus enabling a better recovery.

This gives the client the advantage of having professionals work with ALL of the clients needs, not just one area. It's vital to always take into consideration underlining causes that might not otherwise be see.