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On top of regular talk therapy, XLR8 Fitness and Counseling offers personalized therapeutic exercise programs designed using the concepts of Cognitive Physical Conditioning (CPC) which not only improve the body, but also target the mind. Since CPC stresses the body to improve and adapt to counter mental ailments, it can heal and potentially cure disorders like depression, anxiety, and even PTSD -- reducing the risk for suicide and unhealthy coping mechanisms (i.

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7 November 2018

Super Nice Therapist. Nate does his best to find what you enjoy and use it to help you. I totally recommend him.

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I always meet a client where they are at. I work with your interests, preferences, and goals.

Belief is huge. With my education and experience working with the mind, I can help you find your belief and be more likely to succeed. Belief is a great start but what keeps someone coming back is enjoying the process. This is why I work with your interests, because I want you to want to achieve your goals.

Seeing others find their own strength. I love making connections with people and finding that common ground that we can use to build some powerful personal strengths and acheive what was once thought as impossible.

I wanted to provide the most efficient treatment possible, but found it hard to incorporate that with someone else's business plan. Not wanting to give a less-than-ideal service, I decided to start my own.

I have been told I am a really nice guy, and I have also studied, trained, and even created the most efficient therapeutic techniques to accelerate progress and reduce treatment length.


One-on-one counseling in a relaxed, confidential setting.

Along with the identified client, member(s) of the clients family also participate in the therapy session to improve their relationship and develop a "team" approach to improving life at home and reduce symptoms.

The couple is together in the therapy session, to work together on their identified issue and improve communication and their relationship.

Therapeutic interventions in a group setting. XLR8 Fitness and Counseling provides a unique therapeutic group called EMOSHA. EMOSHA is a specialized exercise program that not only improves the body, it improves the mind. Regular exercise causes our bodies to change so that they can better perform the exercise. Our bodies become more efficient and healthier. By incorporating Cognitive Physical Conditioning (CPC), EMOSHA targets these changes – especially the changes that improve the mind – to literally heal and strengthen both body and mind from infirmities caused by stress and trauma. EMOSHA takes these mind improving techniques of CPC and applies it in a fun and challenging class.
EMOSHA is not like any other fitness class out there. You will not experience the same thing every time you show up to sweat in EMOSHA. EMOSHA teaches you how to use exercise to improve your mind. Since everyone’s preference in exercise may be different, EMOSHA teaches how to use those preferences to help your head. That is the one constant with EMOSHA: how to help the body help the mind.

Different than regular talk therapy, play therapy incorporates play to model appropriate behavior and to facilitate communication. As a trained and experienced play therapist I work great with kids by communicating at their level, through clinical play therapy.

Cognitive physical Conditioning (CPC) is a physical exercise program to help the body help the mind deal with physical, mental, and/or emotional problems. These problems can range from a simple stubbed toe, to addictions, to cognitive disorders like Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and even autism.
CPC incorporates ways to make changes in the body that create changes in the mind. It can be used by itself, or can be incorporated into different therapeutic techniques and programs. CPC was created to improve and accelerate not only therapy, but fitness as well. Not everybody can or wants to talk out their issues. CPC is a great alternative to traditional talk therapy. CPC exercises target specific hormones linked to health, medications, disorders, and phase of life. It provides coping skills and makes the body more resistance to triggers and stress.