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Glendale, CA

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XLENT Inc. is a USA based software development company. XLENT Inc. is a leading provider of Internet solutions with specialization in Web, Mobile & Cloud Solutions. Our solutions enable businesses to leverage leading-edge technology to gain sustainable competitive advantage in today's marketplace.

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A website should be able to accomplish one thing: to provide the basic information to the user. The basics, in our opinion, would at least include an informative homepage that explains what the business is and what it does. As well as a contact page, because if a prospect doesn’t know how to reach out, they probably won’t. To take things up a notch, a good website should also include a pricing page, social media buttons, and a good knowledge base. When things are made as easy and user-friendly as possible, everyone wins.

1. What Are We Actually Delivering?
2. What Are We NOT Delivering?
3. Is There A Deadline?
4. What Is The Benchmark For Success?
5. Who Is The Client…Really?
6. Who Is The Point Of Contact?
7. Who Is Doing The Work?
8. Who Is The Audience For The Work?
9. Has This Been Done Before?
10. What Might Get In The Way?