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Own a reliable vehicle,honest,quality work,humanity.


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I'm making my schedule,I love meet people.Not one day is the same,very different days.

15 years of experience made me think why i work for someone else?I can do it myself..

Im reliable, honest,i do really pro,quality work for reasonable price.If you call me at 3am for emergency water leaking, ill be there for you.

I provide estimates online.I have to get pictures to see what needs to be done.


One stop shop.I do everything what a Handyman can do.If you have any problems,ideas what needs to become real,please give us a call.

I do pro tiling.It can be anything from bathroom to backsplash.

I put down any kind of floors from vinyl plank to tile.

Im not licensed electrician but i have ideas for all.Im a qualified electric engineer.