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Wolfe's Investigations is a full-service licensed and insured investigative company dedicated to providing our clients with the most comprehensive and professional investigation services available. We primarily serve the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County (Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Malibu), and Orange County (Newport Beach, Irvine, Dana Point, Yorba Linda).

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22 June 2022

Private Investigators

Mr Wolfe responded within minutes after I requested thru Bark.com.
I explained what is needed and he had no problem in wanting to investigate. Price is reasonable too!!
Thank you Mr. B. Wolfe.

27 November 2021

Contact this private professional investigator named 'Rafael' on Premiumspyglobal@ Gmail com, for any type of forensic job to be done. Remove negative reports from your credit score, spy and track your partner over infidelity, get access to both deleted or encrypted messages and data, to following up all social media activities anonymously, gaining full access to any mobile device, GPS Location tracking and Phone cloning. PremiumSpy Global holds Prolific Professional Investigators, and they are one of the best groups (if not the best.) in the open market. I'm a living witness to their good service. More...

2 November 2021

I have been in a long distant marriage because of the nature of my job, my husband cheated on me times without number since I want around to make sure he was caught in the act. During this pandemic I noticed his activities closely because I always had a feeling that I was missing something before I knew it I found my self playing detective and gathering together a lot of clues that led me to understand the type of person he really is. I tried all I could to get into his phone until my friends introduced me to Agent SHERLOCKSTORM @ YAHOOCOM. He is a certified ethical havker and also an IT specialist In my friends company. I had my doubts about his services at first until he delivered and provided the services for after 4hours. I wasn’t sure how he did it, I told him all I wanted and provided all the information he requested for and I was able to see all that my husband does on his device.that was how I got all the proof I needed to confront him and I’m glad I contacted him. You can reach out to him on SHERLOCKSTORM @ YAHOOCOM. More...

22 August 2021

I hired a professional P.I from a referral from the office when i needed help getting through my last breakup because my ex kept trying to changing my access codes and spy into my life after our break up. Permit me to also refer this P.I to you because nobody should have to feel insecure about lost, hopeless love affair, marriage or anything for that matter! I still feel lucky to have met Kono Brennaman because right now my life feels much safer now.
The contact address is (konohack.co@gmail.com)
(719) 315-1976.
Thank you for this opportunity to make my testimony.

21 September 2020

Private Investigators

Brian was very helpful and found exactly what I needed.


Child custody cases are among the most important and sensitive that we conduct. Wolfe's Investigations is the most qualified and capable private investigator in the greater Los Angeles area working with concerned parents and child custody attorneys to provide professional and effective investigative services.

As a parent, your primary concern is the well-being of your child. In cases of divorce, it's natural to worry about your child's well-being, especially if you suspect that your ex spouse is an unfit parent. But, it can be extremely difficult to collect real evidence that can be presented in family law court to support your case.

There is nothing more painful than feeling that your spouse is cheating on you. You think you're just imagining it, that it can't be true. You feel silly even thinking such a thing, and you're embarassed to bring it up to your friends or family.

We understand that it's awkward and scary to call a private investigator about something so personal and potentially devastating. The idea of having a private investigator following your husband or wife feels like its own betrayal.

In over 25 years of experience, we've learned that gut feelings about infidelity are usually, and sadly, true. While infidelity is heart-breaking and personally devistating, you need to protect yourself, especially if you have children.

Being accused of a crime and getting caught up in the legal system can be one of the most difficult and intimating challenges anyone can go through. Often you may feel steamrolled into accepting a one-sided plea deal while facing prison time. You may have a attorney who is dealing with multiple cases at a time and not always able to give you their full attention. Or, you may not know what to do to prove your innocence and gather the evidence needed to reduce the charges against you and to be exonerated in court.