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27 September 2020

I have struggled with my weight for decades and spent all kinds of money on diet programs and supplements that just don't work. Wholist showed me the way out of the madness with daily nuggets of info and easy action points that helped me build every day, success upon success. Not only am I eating REAL food, and NO diet supplements or fake powders, but I eat to fullness and don't measure, weigh or count carbs or calories. Wholist taught me the science behind diet and nutrition and the applied neurology behind cravings and how to change addiction and bingeing behaviors. I am coming up on my 1st Wholist anniversay and have lost 70 lbs and am the lightest I have been in over a decade! I am officially no longer prediabetic and have amazing energy to play with my boys. I have finally found the lifestyle and eating plan that I can not only stick to long term, but will also lead me to weight wellness for the rest of my life. I am defeating self-doubt daily and believing that this time I will not only reach my weight loss goal, but will be able to maintain a healthy weight for the rest of my life. I'm so glad I said YES to Wholist. WHOLIST for LIFE!!!!! More...

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25 August 2020

Wholist works. I didn't have any problems being superfit and healthy for most of my life. Then I had a kid at 38. And started my own international, investor backed start-up, with lots of stress. My weight climbed, and though I was still working out - I couldn't find a way to lose weight. I tried WW. I tried LoseIt. I tried Noom - and followed it to a T, every day, and gained 2 lbs after 3 months. I tried G-Plans. I tried Keto. I tried being vegan and my iron levels dropped. I did the Sadkhin plan and starved. And nothing worked. I did the 1 on 1 Wholist plan and i'm down 13 lbs, and counting. 13 lbs over 12 weeks. And I have many more that I am in the process of losing. Check it out! More...

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