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Wellness Works Management Partners is a world class boutique consultation and management firm that is transforming the private practice environment through strategic consulting and innovative management solutions catered to healthcare practices.

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24 October 2018

A dear friend referred Brandon to me and I will always be grateful.  It was never my ambition to be a private practice owner.  I was driven by my passion to do Pediatric OT in a very specific way. For the first seven years I relied largely on my gut. I took billing courses and sought the counsel of various professionals when specific concerns surfaced.  By the time I met Brandon I had grown my practice to seven employees and really felt somewhat alone, when it came to the business end of things. The day I spoke to Brandon, it was like the clouds had parted, as I discovered the ally I wish I had had from day one. Brandon too, is an extremely passionate person committed to the success of medical practice owners all over the country. I really felt that he and I were vibrating on the same frequency from the start. He serves a lot of practices, on top of being an awesome family man, author and speaker, and yet he always makes me feel like I am his only client and priority. With all of Brandon's business success and experience in managing a very large therapy practice, he is a wealth of valuable knowledge and an incredible resource to me.  After he completed a recent onsite visit at my clinic, I have new found confidence in the state of my practice. Brandon is truly a diamond in the rough. I cannot recommend his services enough! More...

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9 July 2018

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Brandon Seigel. I cannot think of a better investment that I could have made at this pivotal point in my career. Although I was confident in my abilities and depth of experience , Brandons guidance has exponentially upleveled my resume and cover letter in ways that I never would have come to upon myself . I can now rest assured I am sending out my BEST , most clearly articulated self in my application submissions.Brandon has provided the highest quality of service I believe I have ever experienced ; he went above and beyond to help me customize and refine my material until I felt great about it . In my opinion , Brandons quality of service, promptness and genuine character makes his service 3x his price. I will be recommeding him to everyone I know, and I look forward to keeping in touch with him in OT conferences in the future ! More...

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27 July 2017

Let's see, where do I start... I first heard Brandon speak in 2015 at the annual California Occupational Therapy Association annual conference in Sacramento, and I was blown away! As a student at the time, I remember thinking he had so much knowledge that students could benefit from, that I approached him and asked if he would be willing to come to our campus to speak with my classmates and I in more detail. He immediately and enthusiastically agreed without hesitation. Over the next few months, Brandon and I corresponded numerous times via email to arrange his upcoming visit, and to tailor his presentation to the specific needs and concerns of San Jose State occupational therapy students. Brandon was always super responsive, and his emails consistently conved his desire to connect with students in a meaningful way.Over the last two years I have seen Brandon speak at multiple state and national occupational therapy conferences, and his sessions are always reinvigorating and inspiring...never redundant or dull. He caters to his auidences' specific interests and concerns, and ALWAYS delivers!Recently, I reached out to Brandon to ask if he would do me the honor of reviewing my résumé and give me feedback on ways I may improve as I began my job search as a new grad. Within a day we were on the phone editing my résumé together. His suggestions and advice helped me to be as concise as possible without losing the essence of what I wanted to convey about my skills and abilities to potential employers.I received calls back for interviews for 3/4 of the positions I applied for and, needless to say, I was offered the position I wanted most. I know it would be a stretch to say that Brandon's feedback on my résumé alone was responsible for landing me the position, HOWEVER, without the advice, support, feedback, encouragement, and perspective Brandon provided me over the course of the past two years, I am not as confident I would have been as successful as I was. Brandon helped enable me to posit myself in a great position to highlight my skills, stand out among other applicants, and succeed during the interview process. I can't thank Brandon enough for all he has done...he truly is a gem, and I don't think I'll ever be able to repay him for his generosity and genuine desire to see me succeed.Thank you a million times over, Brandon! More...

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9 April 2017

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Seigel at the CA Student Conclave in 2016.  I attended his lecture in the morning and was lucky enough to have him review my resume during the resume workshop at the conference.  His lecture was insightful, informative, and relevant to any emerging professional entering the workforce.  I really appreciated his candor and his willingness to share his experience.  Since then, I have attended another lecture of his and been in contact with him for personal and professional growth opportunities.  He has also been a guest speaker at USC's DPT program about resume building, entering the workforce, interviewing for new jobs etc.  All of my classmates felt that the lecture was very helpful and crucial to their professional development.  I highly recommend Mr. Seigel as a resource, since he brings many years of knowledge and a pure willingness to foster professional growth in the individuals with whom he works.  He is kind, supportive, and very generous with his time. More...

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I love empowering business owners to reach their milestones and helping them unlock their freedom from their success. I am passionate about utilizing a collaborative coaching method while also opening their eyes to results-oriented solutions.

I was inspired to open this consulting firm after helping transform my family's private business and realizing that many business owners are struggling because they don't have a professional to collaborate with to ensure optimum business success. I believe the "American Dream" of sole proprietorship and entrepreneurship is in jeopardy in the United States of America and my hope is to empower business owners to create successful business models and unlock their freedom from the success.

I am invested in my client's success, and the first step in my intake process is ensuring that my expertise aligns with the needs of a potential client. I am only looking to take on clientele where I can have an immediate impact and help them reach their goals.