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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Hi! I’m Raele (pronounced “Ra-yell”) and it is so great to connect with you!

I’m a Certified Personal Coach who helps women cut through the BS and get aligned with their goals & themselves. I’m that objective best friend and cheerleader, making sure my clients feel supported, heard, and offering a fresh perspective whenever necessary.

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8 March 2022

Raele is truly a gem. I absolutely love her kindness and honesty. She is very attentive and truly listens without judgement. I've seen my confidence level build up throughout our sessions. Her perspectives are very enlightening and she truly has a gift to not just help, but to guide you to help yourself. I highly recommend her coaching services and believe she is truly pursuing her calling. She's very relatable and easy to talk to. She truly does care. More...

9 January 2022

I was feeling a bit lost with my job. I decided that I needed to change how I approach it. I had been following Raele on Instagram for a few months and decided to take the plunge. This was something totally out of my comfort zone but I knew I needed to act to push myself to grow. At first, I had no clue how I would talk for 45 minutes about my life and more importantly my weaknesses to a stranger. However, that quickly changed within the first few sessions. Raele is great at asking the right questions and making you think about how you react and view situations. For me, it was someone that held me accountable for change. I eventually became excited to have our sessions so I could gush on how I took action and felt more confident in my life now. Towards our last sessions we would always go over the 45 minutes. I couldn’t believe how much these conversations with her changed my way of thinking. I make it sound easy but it is a lot of work and realization needed on your part if you want to be more confident. You have it in you, you just need that third party unbiased view to bring it out and that is exactly what Raele does. More...

1 December 2021

Working with Raele was the first time working with a coach and while I didn't know what to expect she helped me overcome limiting beliefs, especially when it comes to my career. Thanks to Raele I was able to build confidence, advocate for myself and get a raise! Besides being very approachable and kind, she has the ability to guide you by asking the right questions and making you feel supported. It's been great having her in my corner. When women support other women, incredible things happen :) More...

30 September 2021

I am so grateful for Raele and her services. I am still in amazement on how much I have changed in such a short period of time. Raele immediately heard me, my fears, my strengths and my passions. Together we created a detailed and rewarding plan for me. Raele is truly gifted in her abilities to ask questions you would have never thought to ask yourself. She’s so encouraging and supportive, you leave the session feeling like you could achieve anything. Raele gives her guidance and support in an exceptionally compassionate manner that I found to be so essential when revealing my most harrowing obstacles. No matter where you are in your journey, I'm positive Raele can help you dig deep and do the hard work of shifting your mindset to where it needs to be, so that you can start being the best version of yourself More...

23 September 2021

Raele was exactly the support I needed at a time when I was at my worst emotionally.
I have felt supported since our first session and throughout this difficult transitional time for me. In the beginning I was a hopeless mess. And after just a few weeks
She has helped change my perspective on things, look at them from a different angle. Asking me the right questions and guiding me to discover what i really need to be confident and support myself.
Just by designating a certain amount of time to talk freely about myself was in itself a stepping stone into change. She is wise beyond her years and such a good listener. And I am forever greatful that i have her to hold my hand.
Thank you for making my heart smile again i feel like a whole new person.

25 May 2021

Working with Raele is the exact problem solving I needed. She is a great, unbiased listener and was able to offer advice on a broad range of things from personal matters to career path. I recommend her services to anyone looking to achieve their goals in an organized and timely way. More...

23 May 2021

Life Coaching

I wasn’t sure what to expect when hiring a confidence coach and I was overwhelmed during the process of interviewing different coaches. Once I connected with Raele, I knew right away she would be the right coach for me. She is empathetic, realistic, and asks great questions. I always feel great after our weekly calls and believe that anyone can benefit from working with Raele. More...


I love having the opportunity to help others, especially women, and make a difference in their lives. If I can help my clients feel supported, heard, and empowered through my coaching, that's a great day for me.

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and knew I would have my own business one day. Pursuing coaching merged that passion with my passion for helping others and drawing from my personal experiences to propel others forward.

I support my clients in a way that is hands-on yet also relatable. I draw from both facts and personal experiences and don’t pretend to know all the answers. I like to give it to them straight, while being compassionate and acting as a true cheerleader on the sidelines. I’m also incredibly organized and determined. I help my clients develop plans of action, and keep them accountable for what they say they will do in order to move forward.

Yes, I currently only offer my coaching sessions remotely right now. They are held via GoogleMeet, preferably through video chat, but we can do conference calls too. The choice is yours.

Offering only remote sessions is the best way to stay safe given the current climate. It also helps me connect with clients I would've never imagined. I've worked with women from Seattle, Washington to Quebec, Canada and it's been wonderful having the opportunity to do so in today's hybrid world.


(18) Sessions held remotely
4.5-Month Duration

(12) Sessions held remotely
3-Month Duration

(6) Sessions held remotely
1.5-Month Duration

As a Bark customer, you have the opportunity to schedule a *free* 25-minute discovery call to see if my coaching services are right for you.

This is only available on Bark, and is a great way for us to get to know each other better and for you to ask questions! Take advantage of this great opportunity today.

All sessions are 45 minutes long and occur once a week.

Sessions take place on GoogleMeet (conference call or video - the preference is yours).

Monthly payment plans are available for Tiers 1 and 2.

Please contact me directly for pricing.