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VMuplift serves the people and not our pockets. We are here to open people's minds to live a balanced life. You have problems? We've got solutions.

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What I love most about my job is meeting new people and gaining new insight on the world around us. Later in life I plan to travel and will be looking for some recommendations.

I started my own business to create not only freedom for myself but also freedom for others. The past few years have been rough on everyone, and I want people to know we have their back.

Clients choose me because there is more listening than speaking. We have connections that other people may not possess.

I can provide online or remotely. Online is what me and others prefer.

I mostly do online services. I also have some great ideas on living a healthier life to help keep customers safe.


I will reveal what can help balance your life for more meaning. (Primarily Online)

No more arguing & self-doubt. Be who people enjoy being around. (Primarily Online)

Aim for a career while also starting your own business. NETWORK! (Primarily Online)

Stretching, Cardio, and Bodyweight exercises with a brief yoga session. (Primarily Online)