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Utilizing nutrition therapy, multiple body assessment techniques, and energetic balancing, we provide a natural approach for you to reach your full potential.

Our process is personalized to your need for support, your strengths and weaknesses.

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Extraordinarily important! Deficiency and toxicity lead to disease, our goal is to reverse that and push people back to true health.

We love connecting the dots for people to show them how their symptoms relate back to their dietary and/or lifestyle habits. We provide clients a holistic view of their body so they better understand how everything is connected and results in different effects.

We always wanted to promote our own message and define our own work parameters. It was harder to build your own business, but we feel our clients will feel it was worth the effort.

Because we are committed and passionate about achieving your health goals. Our clients are not just customers, they become part of our community where we listen, we motivate and we support them every step of the way. Experience ultimate support and convenience with access to your records, recommendations, and educational material right at your fingertips with our client portal app. This is the future of personalized health and wellness where we empower our clients to proactively take control over how they feel. To no longer be a victim of their health, but to be an advocate for it.


Functional nutrition therapy takes a comprehensive approach, seeing the body as a whole, in order to target the physical issues you're experiencing and optimize your health.

We utilize a 3-step formula:

1) Remove the stressors negatively affecting your body.
2) Pinpoint your personal needs to target imbalances and optimize body system functions.
3) Reset your metabolism to maintain healthy weight and support the body for optimal detoxification.

What you eat provides the fundamental building blocks for your body. That means there is no counting calories or tracking points. Clients remove the need for dieting along with the confusion of what to eat. We help you make practical and effective nutritional changes for a lifetime of sustained weight management, supported immune system function, and enhanced vitality.

All matter is composed of molecules moving at different rates of vibration and frequencies. This includes the human body. Every cell of the body has a specific normal vibratory rate. When this normal rate is maintained, the body as a whole exhibits good health.

Distortions in those vibratory rates (discordant vibrations) down to the cellular level lead to illness and must be modified back to normal. Think of an orchestra where one instrument is out of tune thereby affecting the sound of the whole. Once that instrument is tuned properly, the entire sound will be in harmony.

Along with nutrition therapy, we utilize a spectrum of energetic therapies through various points on the body to normalize it's vibratory rate. This brings balance to all three angles in the Triune of Health.

The Triune of Health encompasses the essential aspects of our total being: the body, mind and spirit. They are aligned as a triangle, each representing one side.

While the idea of focusing on mind and body for wellness is not new, the spirit angle must also be included. Not speaking in any particular religious sense, but your spirit meaning your essential life force.

Distortion in any one angle – body, mind, or spirit – will affect the others. For example, a problem rooted in the mind or spirit angle can show up as a physical symptom. Addressing all three angles allows for optimal well being.

Aside from nutrition therapy, we address all three angles through energetic balancing therapy.