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I get businesses more leads and laser focused traffic to offers or products through various ways, whether it be ranking on Page 1 in Google, Social Media Management & Marketing, Paid Ads or through a Proprietary Mass Targeted Traffic Generating Funnel System, your business will receive the exposure and brand recognition that you desire through my digital and internet marketing expertise !

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9 customer reviews

30 May 2017

I've worked with Sarah on a few SEO projects now and she is a real brainiac when it comes to Search Engines. Sarah always impresses me with her knowledge and expertise on the subject. I will absolutely attest that her clients receive top notch results and service. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

30 May 2017

Vital Web Solutions is the best SEO company that I found so far after being in business for several years. They've got great communication, they set things clear so I know what to expect, and when to expect it, and we have a great working relationship. I've always gotten great results from them and I've never had to worry about the return on my investment because it just simply Works! They are the best at what they do when it comes to ranking in Google and I would recommend them and their services to anyone who is needing to get ahead and make more money! Thanks again V.W.S. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

30 May 2017

Ms. Mack is a magical, mystical, whirling dervish of an SEO expert. Her knowledge of all things related to ranking in Google and Bing continue to astound my sales manager as well as myself. She is high energy, positive, honest, caring and a pleasure to work with on an ongoing basis. The best thing is she has made us a lot of money. The second best thing is she really cares about our needs and has over-delivered on her promises. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

30 May 2017

It was great to work with Sara. She took lots of time to help me understand the whole process and she was always available when I had questions. Our business has been getting more traffic and leads all thanks to her. I would highly recommend her for any SEO or online marketing. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

30 May 2017

I have had the pleasure to work with Sarah Mack at Vitale Web Solutions over the last year. I have always known her to be intelligent, fair, hard-working, and most importantly, a good person. She was able to rework my outdated website and apply her expertise in search engine optimization to re-create an incredible website with excellent web visibility. Her work has completely exceeded my expectations, and I already see a much greater Return on Investment (ROI) than I anticipated. She was higher priced than some of the others I spoke with, but I see now this was a very wise decision to hire her for my SEO. Thanks so much Sarah for all you have done to help my business!!! More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

30 May 2017

I've known Sarah for a few years now and her work is impeccable. She cares about her clients and works hard for their success. She is always up to date on Google and what it takes to be on page one. If you need help with your SEO and are not on page one then let Vitale Web Solutions work for you. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

30 May 2017

I've worked with Sarah on a couple of SEO Projects she really knows her stuff. Getting leads to your business is one of her specialties. Sarah is great to work with and always brings positive energy to the table. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any business. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

5 June 2016

Hi My name is Ken. I just want to use this opportunity to thank Sarah of Vitale Web Solutions for using her internet marketing skills to help my business boost sales in a short period of time. I was more impressed with her level of communication that outlined the entire process, what to expect and how long it would take for us to start seeing result. At the moment we have attained a good ROI since we invested in Sarah's SEO strategy. I will alaways recommend Sarah to anyone looking to use internet marketing strategies to boost their business. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

2 June 2016

It was great to work with Sara. She took lots of time to help me understand the whole process and she was always available when I had questions. Our business has been getting more traffic and leads all thanks to her. I would highly recommend her for any SEO or online marketing. More...

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There are many factors that go into making a great website, from the aesthetic appeal to funnels and conversions, there are many factors to take into consideration. Customer experience and user ability are at the top of the list of what you should also consider when wanting a successful website that will generate you the income and sales volume that you are looking for. You can learn quite a bit online if you are looking to achieve a nice looking converting website if you are looking to do this on your own.

Besides your site looking nice and giving the customer a good user experience, you also need it to be found so that you can gain the exposure that your brand or products need to sell and gain a better reputation within your marketplace, then after mass exposure and Google rankings, your company then has the capability through its website, to become recognized as a market leader, which you will need professional help to ensure this outcome.

I would suggest a consultation to discover your site's potential with a professional who can guide you in the right direction. I would be happy to assist you in this way, please call 520-230-1147 to schedule an appointment.

Every campaign is custom designed to fit the specific client needs, and there are different types of services provided which call for different information to be gathered, however, having said that, there are a few basic questions that you can expect from me;

For website design and development

local business: e-commerce sites: update or redesign an existing website:
please answer the following questions that apply to you;

how big of a site are you wanting, meaning how many pages are you wanting on your site?
what are a few example site urls you want us to use for inspiration in designing your site?
what is the timeframe in which you are wanting to complete this project?
do you have your own content and images?
any special functions you require or desire for your website?
what is your budget for your website?
**For Existing websites who want SEO / Marketing Services as well**
have you had any previous SEO done to your site, and if so when?

For those of you who are needing marketing campaigns;

what social do you already have in place?
have you worked with other marketing/seo agencies work with your company in the past?
what type of budget have you set aside for your marketing and advertising costs?
do you need social media management, meaning you want someone to post and create content for your business?
are you looking to gain more exposure and engagement through social media marketing efforts in the form of ads?
do you have videos or a youtube channel set up?
are you wanting seo services for your website to rank page 1 in Google?
if so, are you wanting to pay for Google ads as well as organic ranking?

These are just some examples of the general questions that I may have for you, but again, every campaign is custom designed for your business's specific needs, so please make sure and have a list of questions ready for me as well so that we can "fact find" together for the best possible outcome, thanks.

My creative processes are ROI driven in nature which involves recognizing, finding and creating the best path of least resistance to allow for a successful campaign, which will take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

In the SEO world, most of the good information regarding processes are secret, so I am limited on what I am able to share in this manner, but what I can say is that I connect with the needs of the client and guide all my actions based on what the campaign's and client's goals are.

Typically I will be needing all login information for your website(s), social media and business gmail.
Other pertinent information depends on what the campaign consists of.

I love helping businesses grow, whether they are struggling, new or if they just want to get to the next level, I love to make that happen, and seeing the end result is the best part! To help and to not hurt is my main motto in life and in business!

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit since I can remember going back to the age of eight when I wanted to open a stuffed animal store, so taking that into consideration with the fact that I have always had a knack for and loved marketing, being in business for myself in the modern marketing world of SEO is no surprise to me at all, in fact I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be, and I rock at it, which is awesome! Having the freedom and flexibility of owning my own business was always appealing to me as well as I like to be able to see and help my family as much as possible.

You should choose me for your online marketing needs because not only do I rank #1 for most of my own key-terms, but my clients do as well, so there is real time proof of competency in that arena, which most SEO workers are not able to show.

Another very compelling reason that I can give your company to choose me, would be the small mastermind group that I am an active member of, as we are comprised of the best in the world in relation to real time working knowledge of what Google's algorithm is wanting in any given moment.

We are constantly testing many technical factors over thousands of sites to know where Google is heading and what they will be wanting to see from company sites in the future, so you can "future-proof" your website and marketing campaigns to keep ahead of the competition, and avoid getting hit or penalized from a future Google update.

Besides all this, you can check my excellent online reviews and recommendations on Google, Facebook, Yelp and Linkedin.