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Vitae Massage LLC

Beaverton, OR

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Get a free quote from this professional


I provide massage therapy, specializing in deep tissue and prenatal. I work mostly in upper body pain relief. However I am not accepting new clients and am shutting down the practice on 12/31/20


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People seem to transform after a massage. They come in hurting and come out standing taller and in a better mood than before.

I have worked as an employee before and it feels too restricting in what I am allowed to do and where I am allowed to work. It seems the areas most in need are the areas I am not allowed to work on.

Every massage is tailored to what you need that day and the ever changing needs of an individual person.


I have 60, 90 and 110 minute massages tailored to your custom needs for that day. Includes deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release or other modalities depending on what you need that day.
$75 (60 min), $105 (90 min), and $125 (110 min)

Using warmed stones as an extension of my hands, the heat warms the muscles for a deep relaxation.
Adds $10 to service

Suction cups use negative pressure to pull muscles apart, increasing blood flow and promoting relaxation to your body.
Adds $10 to service

This is a massage service tailored to a pregnant woman and her rapidly changing body.
Adds $10 to service