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Vessel Kitchen

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16 October 2021

Everything here is sooo good! The market plate is my favorite. Love all the choices and I enjoy that you feel full but not stuffed! Some favorites are their chicken breast and their sweet potato hash! My toddler is a huge fan of their Mac and cheese. You can’t go wrong with anything here! More...

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12 October 2021

Great food. I definitely feel like I am eating healthy. The flavors are amazing.

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22 July 2021

I’m shocked at the unconstitutional narrative that your restaurant is pushing by not accepting cash. Our US currency states on the bill that these notes are legal tender for all debts, public and private. To be pushing such a socialist agenda is something that I cannot support. So disappointing. More...

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19 July 2021

We ordered carryout from the Sandy location and it was excellent!! I very much appreciated the plant-based offerings ☺️ The staff were helpful and friendly, and the food was tasty. I enjoyed my meal of three sides - the broccoli and the sweet potato hash in particular are great! I appreciate the focus on having several healthy options. The only change I’d wish for is the use of less oil in food preparation, but I’ll keep going on occasion regardless 😉 More...

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17 July 2021

Not a fan at all. The menu is small and doesn’t have a lot of options. They don’t have enough choices for kids. My kids did not like this place. Some of the food was very bland. The food just isn’t good! The roast beef I ordered had a lot of fat on it. The person taking our order and bringing it to us was not friendly at all. Borderline rude actually. Plus it’s very pricey for what you get. This was the Sandy location. Disappointed.... More...

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17 May 2021

Delicious and healthy food!

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14 April 2021

Very disappointing that this place makes you order your food before it is prepared in front of you. Why not let you pick what you want as you’re looking at the food as you have to pay afterward anyway. I got very sick also because the menu didn‘t say the broccoli was laced with cashews. As I found out and was visibly having an allergic reaction the manager offered to get me something else but when I said no thank you they never offered to refund my money or a drink to help. This place is not for everyone. More...

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28 January 2021

Absolutely love Vessel Kitchen. Everything is super flavorful healthy clean. Wish I could duplicate this for lunch and dinner daily.

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