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Our priority in running our business is client satisfaction and client relationship building. What this means is that we will go to the full lengths to make sure you are satisfied with our work and the timeliness of our service. We are a group of highly-dedicated technicians that specialize in providing elite imaging services for residential and commercial properties, which include wide-angle photography, still-image/professional videography, and the rising star of 3-D Rendering.

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First and foremost, it is understanding the intent behind the photo. For real estate, artsy shots are less applicable than shots that focus on opening up a room and line direction. Viewers will unconsciously try to reflect their own wants into pictures that they see, and for the purpose of bringing in the attraction of homebuyers to your photos, you must cater to first the space, then the style.

Second, is understanding light restrictions and how to get past them. Having a firm understanding of shutter speed, ISO, and filters will open up a photographer's ability to work around any situation to maximize impact and results. Without this knowledge and where it applies, any camera will become useless and the pictures will always seem to be missing that extra step in considering it professional.

Third, is understanding the setting of the picture and where you're going to want the vantage point to be. The vantage point is usually determined by where you want the viewer to feel that they are at when looking at the intended work. For real estate, it is essential for most, if not all, shots to be done at eye level around 5'3" - 5'11" off the ground. This ends up providing the most "real" outlook which is what homebuyers usually search for.

1) What kind of mood would you like to portray, and if you don't know, would it be alright to shoot with the "normal" mood for such places, events, houses, and commercial areas?

2) Which of my previous works did you see, if any, that made you want to choose to hire us?

3) Do you have any reference images for what you are trying to go for, and if so, what about the images did you particularly enjoy? (e.g. setting&placement, something specific, special lighting, etc.)

4) Is there anything you really must have in your pictures/video?

5) How much total time did you want this to take?

6) How many images did you want? Are you able to see which images you want in your head and can describe it or did you want to just check some photos out as it goes along.

7) When is the soft deadline, and the hard deadline.

It's building connections, and seeing our work help other people's business or life. The fact that it's rewarding and also very additive makes being a photographer, videographer, and VR Technician that much more interesting.

We saw how people were just very disorganized and all over the place when scheduling and pricing packages that should be fairly easy. Then we realized that the creative community and the business community has had this problem for ages. We started this business in order to bridge that gap, so as to be able to offer you what the world can do, rather than just what we can do.

Because we have the drive, commitment to excellence, and commitment for client satisfaction.