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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Telecom and Technology for business is where we focus. We help companies get the best solutions at the best most competitive prices to help you achieve what you need to be successful.

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4 customer reviews

26 May 2021

Velocity Technology Group has been an indispensable resource to me and my clients both. Benny has an impressive array of technology services he can offer via his partnerships and expertise. He will help your business run more efficiently, more securely and be more profitable. I highly recommend Velocity Technology Group - they will save you serious time & money! More...

17 May 2021

Benny has been a wonderful resource for a few of my clients. Every time I send someone to him, he has the perfect solution, and backs it up with top-notch customer care. I can't recommend him highly enough! More...

15 April 2021

I was so impressed with the service that I received from Velocity Technology Group and Mr. Benny Carreon in particular.

My business was in need of communications upgrades and I was not sure which products and services would be best for my company.
Mr. Carreon listened to me and what I wanted from a new phone system. He did his research and came back with the best option for my business.

He was there for the installation and training. The transition to my new system was seamless with no surprises. My company was up and running on the date Mr. Carreon said it would be without missing one phone call.
I will use Velocity again in the future and encourage anyone who is in the market for telephone service or internet service options to contact Mr. Carreon. You won't be disappointed.

18 March 2021

Working with Benny and Velocity has been amazing! Benny has been on top of everything and always communicates well, even when I haven't been as quick as I should to respond. He is well versed in every technology I asked about and brought great solutions for our business. If you have tech needs of any sort, reach out to Velocity - I can't recommend them highly enough! More...


Technology and Telecommunications are my passion! If you were to speak to my wife about what I love about my job, she'd roll her eyes and let you know that while I work in the tech field, my hobbies are tech-related. So what I do for fun, is what I do for a living. It is so interesting to me, I sometimes have to be careful because I might bore the person I'm talking to about this new tech service that came out.

I worked for several telecommunications and technology firms. I was frustrated with the limitations I had to be able to help my clients. If I worked for one company, I only had that bag of products to sell, and I was NEVER allowed to recommend a competitor's product even if could do the job better. Today, I'll tell you what works, what doesn't, what company is full of hot air, and who is the cream of the crop. All without bias!

You should only work with me if you want to have an honest person who will tell you honestly what the best solution for YOU is. If you've already got it figured out and don't need someone who can help, we're probably the wrong company. Simple or complex, we work with them all and we can help your company.

Yes. All of our services can be done anywhere in the US. In some cases where we need to dispatch a technician, we can have someone visit onsite. Don't worry if we're not in your backyard, the vast majority of work we do isn't in our town directly, and even if they are - we still work with them remotely.

We minimize our onsite visits to virtual when possible. We don't want to inconvenience you, and anything we need to diagnose, we can do on the internet.


Advanced telecom solutions are for companies of any size. VoIP, UCaas, CCaaS, Mobile, SD-WAN, MPLS, High-Speed Internet even POTS lines are all starting points for what we can provide. Telecom is more than just the traditional phone systems of yesterday, today's business requirements go beyond how we used to communicate. Social media, online chat, automated system are just the start. From the simplest phone requirements to the most complex, we're the right company for you to depend on to keep your company communicating.

Having a reliable Managed Service Provider (MSP) is essential for a company to be able to do the work they do best. Taking care of a company's technology needs is a fulltime job, and while many people believe it has to be managed internally, we'd like to show you why that's not the case. From taking care of simple IT needs to elaborate scaling, we can provide you with the assistance to get started. 

Today AI is talked about more than any other technology service around. But understanding what is it and how it can benefit your organization can be overwhelming. What types of Artificial Intelligence services are available today? Is it too early for adoption? Where do we start to even look? VTG can make this topic, easy to understand and implement into your business. 

The need for businesses to have expensive computer equipment onsite has all but disappeared. Companies recognize the need for taking away the cost and dependency of systems to be moved to providers that do nothing but that. Backing up your data and having access to your information 24/7 is essential. We do that too.

Here's the big lie of technology - you’re not a target. We all think that it's the other guy who has to worry, not me. After all, you have backups - right? My employees know NOT to click on that weird email - right? We can help you eliminate the most vulnerable failures you may not know about. From Firewalls, Penetration Testing, Cybersecurity Assessment to Compliance, we can have give you peace of mind.

Software has been called the lifeblood of your company's operations. Taking care of activations, management, access is cumbersome but necessary. How do you most effectively use your budget and know that you're getting what you pay for, or worse - overpay for. We can help you find, purchase and manage all your business technology services on one platform.

How can you deeply understand how your business operates? How can you better facilitate innovate ideas? Are you able to automate your systems? In order to do these things, you have to gather information, analyze your data and create an action. If your looking to help an employee with a particular task or fundamentally develop your processes, you might want to take a look at IoT to see if it can help, we'll show you how.

What is the fundamental flaw when it comes to consistency in business? It's us, the human. With RPA we can reduce the time spent on low ROI, tedious tasks that can bog down any organization by utilizing software “bots”. We work closely with your  team to identify opportunities for better efficiency, document and refine your processes, and create unique solutions designed to meet your needs.

Sometimes an "off the shelf" solution doesn't quite fit. Or your creativity and the specific needs of your business requires more than what the market can offer. We can create a solution that is made specifically for your needs. Regardless if we’re combining existing solutions or if we're starting from the ground up, your solution can be designed to work perfectly for you.