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120 Junewood Drive, Levittown, PA, USA


Ura Color is a healing center for metaphysical wellness.

Many people think about "wellness" in the terms of physical health only. Wellness however, is much more then physical health. Wellness is a full integration of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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What we love the most about our job is the ability to help others and to share our knowledge with like minded people.

Yes Reiki and shamanism can be done from a distance.


Hands on energy healing for relaxation, emotional and physical distress.

The use of crystal singing bowls, drums, flutes & tunning forks both on an off the body for emotional and physical healing.

Shamanism is a spiritual practice that is shared amongst many cultures around the world. Shamanism is the oldest spiritual healing practice known to man and can be dated back to the stone age. During a shamanic healing session, the shamanic practitioner travels between the unseen worlds to work with luminous beings on the root cause of the clients issue.

One may experience soul loss or soul fragmentation for many different reasons. During your session I will journey out to the unseen worlds to find your soul piece and bring it back to you.

Reasons for Soul loss:
Any form of abuse
Abandonment or rejection
Sudden accident
Being forced into something against your own free will

Benefits of Soul Retrieval:
Heal traumas or abuse - Ability to heal addiction
Help strengthen relationships - Strengthen spiritual beliefs & abilities
Break bad patterns - Help understand cause of Physical pain
Heal past lives
Remove phobias
Better decision making
Feel more whole and better well being
Change negative beliefs

Level 1 - self healing
Leve 2 - healing others
Reiki Masters - teaching others