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I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and had my fitness studio TS Fitness for 10 years. I love helping people feel stronger, look leaner, and become more confident through personal training. I have worked with thousands of people to reach their fitness goals and created a non-intimidating fitness environment that is focused and fun. I can’t wait to help you achieve yours!

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19 May 2022

Great gym!  All the trainers are professional, fun and enthusiastic.  They are extremely knowledgeable and they work great with all skill levels.  I've had several different injuries and they are always ready, willing and able to adjust my programs around my injuries and even develop programs that recognize and adress my injuries. After each work out, I'm getting stronger, slimmer and more toned. More...

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9 January 2022

Sometimes when you are walking to your intro-tour at big chain gym, you find something even better - which was exactly the case with TS Fitness. I found TS by luck, but am so happy I did, and left the other gym on read. The way TS is set up perfectly fits what I need in a fitness routine - I come in for the time slot/class I've chosen, and someone tells me exactly what to do, how many reps, and watches my form to make sure I'm doing it right. There's no guessing or pre-work for the session on my end. Plus, every member of the staff treats you like a friend - great personalities on top of excellent fitness/exercise science knowledge. Highly recommend! More...

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15 November 2021

I started training with TS in 2020, first virtually, and now in person.  From day 1, I've been blown away by the care and individualized attention that every trainer provides.  Every time I walk into TS, I know I'm going to get a great workout that's tailored to my goals and my fitness level, and there are always opportunities to modify as necessary to cater to injuries.  Form and technique are always prioritized, and as a result, I feel confident that my workouts at TS are both effective and safe.On top of that, Noam and team have created a warm, nurturing, inclusive community.  I always feel motivated to push a little harder without ever feeling intimidated or worrying that I'm overdoing it. More...

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8 November 2021

I had a work out with there today and it was top quality.  Love the location , very clean friendly staff, great equipment, nice layout.   I strongly suggest working out at this facility. More...

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20 October 2021

I started at TS Fitness with the 28 day trial and loved it so much I signed on for more. The trainers are great and you get a personal training experience with a great community.

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We help our clients achieve their goals by doing a goal & strategy session where we assess not just their fitness level but their lifestyle. That's why we call ourselves coaches not just trainers,


TS Fitness offers a personal training program where you and a maximum of 4 others will have your own program, a sectioned-off training station with your own equipment. You will receive a 1 on 1 Goal & Strategy Session where we assess your fitness level to create an exercise program for you. You will be under the watchful eye of our experienced trainers to give you a personalized workout.

TS Fitness offers a private training program where you will have your own room and work with a coach. You will receive a personalized program based on your goals and needs and be coached under the watchful eye of our experienced trainers.

Climb 40 is a small private session with just 3 attendee slots, meaning you’ll have your own set of equipment and dedicated guidance from our trainers. You will split your time between the VersaClimber and the floor where you will use equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX, and more to give you a calorie-burning and body toning workout. You will burn just as many calories in this 40-minute class as you would in most 60 minute sessions. Climb 40 is a great complement to our personal training program.

The VersaClimber is a non-impact vertical climbing machine that works both your upper and lower body while building cardio endurance.