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Are you ready to get your bearings and get going?™ G. Scott Graham launched his coaching practice in 2006 and has helped hundreds of clients do just that! Author of 15 books and counting, Graham has a vast array of knowledge and skills to help you to stop being a spectator in your life!

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25 July 2019

Talking with Scott was instrumental in helping me get to the next step of my career. This decision to speak with Scott was well worth the investment.

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8 May 2019

Scott is very helpful sorting out all the distractions in your career path (and in your head!) and giving advice on how to systematically push forward. He is a great listener, thoughtful in his responses, and has a good sense of humor. More...

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28 February 2019

I have waited a couple of weeks to be sure the confidence I felt after my session with Coach Scott Graham was not going to change. It is amazing. With Coach's help I have made a major decision. I am now going through the process of cleaning up and clearing out my house to close on the sale the middle of March. I was unable to decide for months. Scott listened to me. He heard my concerns. His feedback gave me a different way to approach making the decision to sale and move. Also, I've followed his suggestion to read and follow, the life-changing magic of tidying up,. There's truly magic in my life as I can now follow my True Azimuth. Thanks Scott. More...

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29 January 2019

I had the free 'Test Drive' phone session with Scott. The session was very helpful in clarifying both short and long term goals and bringing to the surface what I knew deep down were my long term aspirations. If you're feeling stuck, and want to get a barometer on where you're really at and what changes you may need to make, I highly recommend reaching out to Scott. More...

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1 September 2018

Scott was super helpful and kind. He offered a ton of great advice at no charge and didn't try to rope me into anything I was ready to commit to. I definitely look forward to putting his tips and tricks to work.Thanks Scott! More...

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3 July 2018

There really were no sales pitches. He started coaching immediately after the exchange of pleasantries.

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29 May 2018

Excellent!!! Professional, listens well, organized, effective. Wish I'd met Scott sooner.

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29 May 2018

I’ve been working with Scott Graham for a while, now. He has a real gift for focusing in on the things you’re doing that are wasting your business time and energy, and on those actions you should be talking to be successful. Most of which are hiding from you in plain sight. Then, he helps you make a plan to take the right action and get rid of what’s dragging you down.There’s a saying attributed to Thomas Edison: Genius is 98% perspiration and 2% inspiration. Well, Scott gives you the inspiration to make the most of your perspiration! Joel LegunnLegunn Communications, LLC More...

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29 May 2018

I highly recommend Scott! I started working with him because I was feeling overwhelmed and experiencing burnout in my current job. He is a great listener and his coaching goes beyond career coaching. He has helped me with with time management, creating a work/life balance and even my fitness goals are back on track! More...

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29 May 2018

Very personable and helpful. Deep knowledge vast experience.

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24 January 2018

I received a recommendation for Scott from a friend, called him up, and he spoke with me for more than half an hour. In that initial call he was very illuminating about what he could possibly help me with. This week, I completed a "test drive" with Scott - a free introductory session - he jumped right in and got to the meat of the issues right away (Scott had me complete some forms and a couple of questionnaires online Before the session) and I came away with a couple of very useful useful action items. All of this before I've even decided whether to work with him! The "test drive" is a unique and a terrific way to figure out if Scott is the right fit for you. Not a sales pitch at all, but a very useful and insightful process.I can already tell that Scott is extremely professional, knowledgeable, very energetic, and filled with terrific ideas. I'm confident that Scott would be able to successfully help me navigate this next phase of my career. More...

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30 April 2017

I reached out to Scott believing I need a life couch to help me with direction in my path as I felt lost.  Scott returned my call same day, he was very professional; spent an hour discussing details. Surprisingly, he said I don't need a life couch as he laid out to me how I have things already figured out and made me realize the missing link.  From our conversation, I gained a clear vision of what my next step should be.  Scott was very helpful in emailing me links to what I need and did not scam me for some unwanted program.  He said to call if I need anything and when I asked to compensate for his telephone call, his answer was "consider it a test drive" and he was happy to help. Will definitely reach out to Scott at time of need. More...

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5 March 2017

About 6-7 months ago i found myself google searching business coaches, and came across Scott's website. I own a business, and was having a number of issues, from employee management, to difficult customers and so on. I reached out to Scott via email with my needs, he responded promptly, and we setup a try-out session. After the try out session, i decided to give it a go.It's interesting, i was originally looking for help for my business decisions and dealings only, but what i have received from Scott is so much more. He has led me on this path of personal development which has not only made me a better person, husband and friend, but a far better business owner than before i knew him. I can't recommend him enough! More...

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7 August 2016

Having Scott as my life coach has allowed me to access all of his resources ( there are many ), and in doing so I connected with the great author and motivational speaker *** **** whose words, suggestions and wisdom really resonated with me and I am now integrating lots of his principles, and disciplines into my own life. Having Scott reflecting and engaging with me has held me to account and has helped me to let go of some long-held beliefs, assumptions and in *** ****** words " a philosophy that wasn't working for me". I discovered ********* meditation through Scott and this has seriously changed my life. I am so thankful for this. I am a very curious person and a huge reader. Having Scott's vast library of resources at my fingertips is wonderful. I have moved forward with my life in a way that I wouldn't have thought possible because of that interplay between reading, discussing and the doing. Scott's ability and skill to help you to make this happen is truly amazing. I am making changes in my personal, business and financial life. Great stuff. More...

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

7 August 2016

I am the kind of person that never thought they would use or want to engage with a life coach. I remember prior to my first session with Scott thinking what on earth a was I going to talk to him about for forty five minutes. I am now into my third month and I am continually amazed at Scott's gentle skill in helping me to identify and set goals, look at what is and isn't working in my life, and using his vast knowledge of just about everything to encourage me to stop drifting along with my life. Along the way Scott provided a directional tool that has given me invaluable focus. This is a great example of how well he is able to hone in on what might work for me. He was right. More...

Reviewed on Better Business Bureau

28 July 2016

It is so good to be back working with Coach Scott Graham. I first worked with Scott a couple of years back. That experience was extremely positive. He helped me focus my attention on a couple of areas that needed more attention in my business. I reached out to work with again as I am looking to take my business in a new direction. I immediately thought of Scott because I knew he had great expertise in a vast number of areas. This has proven to have been an excellent decision. Our current relationship has been a phenomenal success. I am so grateful that I am able to send Scott materials for review outside of our regularly scheduled sessions. He always sends feedback promptly, and it is obvious that he has devoted a significant amount of attention to the review. I am also grateful that Scott has keep me accountable to meeting the goals and deadlines I am setting in a positive, supportive manner. I am very happy I made the decision to reconnect with Scott. More...

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30 May 2014

Coach Scott Graham has been incredibly helpful in my personal life, as wellas my business. My wife bought me three business coaching sessions as aChristmas present with Scott Graham over a year ago and they proved to be sovaluable I have continued to work with him! Through business coaching with Scott, I have been able to sort out severalissues, such as keeping my business organized. But Scott doesn't segregatehis coaching -- it is all coaching -- not EITHER business coaching or lifecoaching. So we also worked on personal challenges that were holding meback, such as worry and doubt, and the obstacles that were not permitting meto realize my full potential. He has helped me to realize and acknowledgethe problems I had ignored for so many years -- actually avoided -- and helpme realized that the only way to move forward is to move forward. You haveto do it yourself -- what you can do yourself for yourself -- and let go ofthe past.Because of Scott's coaching, I ran my first 5K in 2013. (He is certified asPersonal Trainer in addition to being a business coach / life coach).Scott has a lot going for him as a coach -- it is hard to put into words --everything we have done together has been great -- he pushes me because heknows that tomorrow I can be more than I am today. I recommend hiscoaching services highly! More...

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♥ Helping coaching clients discover that they are more than they thought they were.
♥ Helping coaching clients discover that they can do more than they thought they could.
♥ Helping coaching clients discover that their best advisor and coach is themselves.

♥ Inspiring coaching clients to strive for more in their life.
♥ Inspiring coaching clients to have equanimity in their life.

After receiving two undergraduate degrees from the University of South Florida (one in Psychology and one in Communication) I worked with at-risk kids then moved to New England to work as Counselor and Outward Bound Instructor.

(I had hiked the Appalachian Trail by myself a few years earlier so the opportunity to be in the wilderness and get paid was a dream-come-true).

Working with Outward Bound and other wilderness / adventure schools was great and it was here that I honed my abilities to help people tap into more than they thought they had. It was here that I really learned to coach.

After a few years of working wilderness courses from Florida-to-Oregon, I entered graduate school where I earned a Master of Science degree in Business Management. Along the way, I achieved certification and faculty status with the William Glasser Institute (Reality Therapy). Glasser's techniques grounded in Lead Management and Choice Theory help people identify what they really want and develop more effective ways to get it and is the primary model I use in coaching.

I returned to Outward Bound for a short time as the Assistant Program Director of an Urban Center in Boston with the focus of developing therapeutic health services. The pull of what had become my home was great however and I eventually returned to the country to work in Vermont.

I started working in a substance abuse treatment program through the Vermont Department of Corrections, called ISAP, and was eventually promoted to Program Director. While working in the ISAP Program, I was the architect of a consistent treatment design which I implemented statewide at nine sites.

Along the way, I started 2 businesses: ClinicalSupervision.biz, LLC and Willoughby Forest, LLC.

Choosing to go it as a solo entrepreneur was the next logical step and work as a "life" coach / business coach has proven to be an impetus for ongoing professional and personal development.

I partnered with Inscape Publishing and pleased to offer their assessments to my clients.

Not long after launching my coaching practice, I realized that, although I had an advanced degree in speech communication, my public speaking skills were a bit "rusty" so I joined Toastmasters (I achieved my DTM in less than 3 years -- an accomplishment only 1 in 10,000 can claim and am now half-way through toward my second DTM.)

Responding to the needs of clients, I became certified by Intuit as a QuickBooks Pro Advisor. I also completed the requirements established by the National Federation of Professional Trainers to become certified as both a Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist.

Continuing my work as a clinical supervisor (after all I have internationally-recognized credentials as a clinical supervisor and addictions counselor through the State of Vermont IC&RC), I successfully completed the rigorous process to become a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers and now offer both training and MITI coding for those interested in growing their skills in motivational interviewing. Finally, I am rostered by the State of Vermont as a psychotherapist.

Committed to common sense conservation (I am a former West Fairlee Conservation Commissioner). my partner and I steward 110 acres of Vermont forestland (Tree Farm #1464), developing agri-forest products like ginseng, in addition to timber. We are both Cooperators through Vermont Coverts.

Working as a solo entrepreneur opened the door for both personal development and community service. While continuing to work toward a regular daily meditation practice, the freedom of self-employment has allowed me to do two 10-day Vipassana courses each year.

Initially, I served the town of West Fairlee as a Town Lister and Constable. Then I joined the West Fairlee Fire Department -- a decision which brought a level of development I had never anticipated. You see, volunteer firefighters receive the same level of training as professional firefighters (I initially completed the requirements for Firefighter I, including HazMat Operations, and then went on to complete Firefighter II, including Flashover and Wildland Fire trainings).

In the midst of all of this - in 2010 -- in the middle of a recession, my spouse and I decided to open a restaurant in Concord, NH: Tandy's Top Shelf. Many people questioned the "wisdom" in doing this, citing the failure rate of restaurants. I countered that the reasons most restaurants fail is not because of something inherent in the restaurant industry but a reflection of the business skills of those who typically choose to open a restaurant business (someone says, "Gee you make good soup, you should open a restaurant and the next thing is a newspaper article about another restaurant opened by a person who needs-a-business-coach-but-doesn't-get-one that fails miserably). With my spouse's extensive experience with Applebee's (my spouse also has a business degree) and my business knowledge, how could we fail?

Whether helping coaching clients with their career or business, I have:
✔ real degrees,
✔ real skills, and
✔ real experience to get them to success. I can get you there too!

✔ Real Degrees.
Not some weekend coaching certification, I have 7 years of college education: an MS in Business plus 2 BAs (Psychology & Communication).

✔ A Coaching Practice Built on Real Skills.
30+ years of counseling experience. I am a Licensed Counselor / Clinical Supervisor / Rostered Psychotherapist.

✔ Solid Experience.
I carry full Malpractice Insurance -- something many coaches can't get because they just don't have the required experience or the right credentials. I am A+ Accredited by the Boston Better Business Bureau. I have over 90 recommendations (between LinkedIn, the Boston Better Business Bureau, Google, and Yelp).

►Contact me for a 100% hype- & pitch- free coaching session.◄

♦ Coaching solo entrepreneurs
♦ Micro-business coaching (


Should You Hire Me As Your Business Coach?

❑ Starting a business? I will help you avoid mistakes new business owners make.
❑ Do you do marketing “on the fly” -- vulnerable to every salesman that approaches to sell advertising “stuff”? I will help you create and integrate a business market plan.
❑ Do you know the implications of your business's quick ratio? I will help you analyze your finances & make decisions based on them.
❑ Is work your life? Feeling burnt out? I will help you get balance.

Should You Hire Me As Your Career Coach?

❑ Feeling confused? I will inform you with a solid career assessment.
❑ Do you hate going to work -- stuck in a career that you never wanted to do in the first place? I will help you enjoy your current work or focus on career transition.
❑ Do you know what you want but just aren't doing it? I will help you get “unstuck” with a career plan.
❑ Are you overwhelmed by time and the demands of your career? Are your relationships or health suffering? I will help you find balance and build skills to manage the things that are currently pushing and pulling you around.