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Spirituality & Life Coaching for people going though Faith and Life transitions. Authentic self discovery for those looking for spiritual connection and freedom from loneliness and grief that comes with loss of community and disconnection with spirit.

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21 September 2020

To preface: I had never looked into life or spiritual coaching before. But I was nervously considering (sort of thrust into) a big life change, one of the biggest I’ve ever fathomed, and was looking for genuine, authentic aid. I got an advert for life coaching in general, did some digging, but so many of the coaches seemed to emphasize (either outwardly or subtly) that their practice was to help their clients make more money. That their goal around their client’s self growth was revolved around helping them make the most income they can. This made me a bit uncomfortable/put off from coaching in general. What if my issues aren’t about money? What if I’m looking to be happier, more purposeful and fulfilled? What I’m looking to get in touch with my own set of values? My authentic self? Even if some of these coaches online talked about “self improvement” vaguely, they seemed to constantly bring up income, money, and how to capitalize/commercialize ‘success.’ All in all, if you’ve had doubts or skepticism about coaching for whatever reason, I totally understand.
But I’m glad I didn’t stop researching. I found Transcend Tradition’s website and read Bryan’s story. I got a sense immediately that I could talk to him about some of these questions I’d been putting out into the universe. (If you haven’t yet, please pop over to the website and read his About Me.) And I was right! Bryan didn’t talk over me, he didn’t tell me what to think or do, or judge my journey. He helped me, as a guide, to ask myself questions, look and think from new perspectives, and overall trust my OWN voice.
Honestly, I came in not knowing anything about life coaching, half-hoping someone would take a look at my problems/questions and just tell me what to do! I was vulnerable, scared, and desperate for direction, but didn’t trust myself enough to take my own. Transcend Tradition helped me gauge my own goals and find ways to set directions for myself. Not only did this help me during this transition, but I learned techniques and lessons that will help me in the future as well.
Conclusion: I happened to find Transcend Tradition when going through a transition/life change, but I genuinely recommend this coaching/course for anyone. It was extremely, surprisingly accessible (price, time flexibility, etc.) and made an impact on my life I cannot express.

19 September 2020

Working with Bryan was a fantastic experience. We worked together to create a step-based process to reflect and act on areas of my life where I wanted to make a change. His attentiveness and focus on things I said helped me gain insight and perspective and set me on a path to make meaningful progress on my goals. If you’re looking for someone to help you make changes in your life, I cannot recommend Bryan enough. More...


One on One coaching to help you move though or into your spirituality. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. I take great care in getting to know my clients and helping them discover the strength they have inside themselves.