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Trance Fitness Los Angeles is a revolutionary mind and body weight loss fitness program combining Trance-Formation therapy with Trance Fitness personal training.

Focusing on both the mind and body creates a synergistic overall transformative lifestyle change that eliminates the frustrations of maintaining a healthy life style.

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I use a 5 Step Guide to Goal Setting (below) when helping clients set goals. I also educate them on exercise relapse in order to help them stay on track and avoid future setbacks. Relapse is real, and most clients can relate to how it has affected their exercise journey in the past. The best way to ensure success is to educate my clients on effective goal setting and how to manage barriers before they become an issue.

True happiness and unbreakable self-esteem come from having confidence in yourself regardless of your shape, appearance, or anything else in your life. However, let’s face it, it’s generally much easier to love yourself if you have the body that you’ve been dreaming of

1. I get to meet, interact with, and connect with many different clients everyday! It is so uplifting being a part of someone’s journey to a living a healthier lifestyle ????

2.I train so many amazing people and establish very strong relationship with them. I have become so close with many of my clients that many of them have become good friends!

3. The ability to use my knowledge, experience, and love of fitness to help enrich somebody else’s life. I’ve had so many clients tell me their favorite part of the day was our session; what a fantastic feeling!
4. I get to make positive changes in the lives of my clients and see their transformations over the weeks, months and years.

I had been employed for few years till one day I realized that the only thing I was doing was actually building others' dreams. I had a steady fixed income each month, that's great when you start a career, but I'm a dreamer and a visionary myself and I always knew I was destined for something great. I halted for a second to understand how the world works and it was time for reversing the equation. In the Real World you either be an entrepreneur, or you work for one. On that day I decided to wear multiple of hats till I let the world build my own dream.

As a personal trainer I'm very passionate and authentic. I Have empathy and understanding for each client as an individual. I'm always Continue to learn, grow, and stretch oundaries