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Trainers On The Run is a mobile fitness & personal training company empowering clients to attain the fitness goals you desire. We are committed to getting you across the finish line! Looking for a gym near you? Well look no further, we come to you!

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25 June 2020

Highly recommended team . Very professional, helpful staff , love them !! Thank you so much for motivating us to be the best version of ourselves! Love trainers on the run !!!!

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1 September 2018

Address falls at UPS Store.

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Positivity, consistency, clear manageable attainable expectations & targets

Key word, "Your" dreams. We focus on not being comparative with the outside world & focusing on your getting into the best shape & having the best body you can achieve. One day at a time we will get you there!

One of our best stories...I had a client a few years ago that when we met she told me that no one would want her because she was heavy. She wanted to find a partner, get married, & have other fruits in her life that up until had been missed. Her goal was to lose 50 pounds. I told her I would love to train her but she would 1st have to love & accept herself exactly how she was today. If she could not, I was afraid my attempts would fall in vain. In shock, she looked at me & said "How I do I do this?"

I replied, by giving my your absolute best one day at a time. Her head fell. I asked her if she had a dress or an outfit that she loved & made her feel like what she was looking for. Her head quickly came up, she said yes. I said, perfect! I'd like you to hang that dress in your room where you can see it every single day. Next promise to give me your absolute best & I promise to get you there. Forget about when or how long. Just give me your absolute best one day at a time. She took a deep breathe & agreed.

Fast forward 17 months. She has a party to go to. She has lost a significant amount of weight. She reluctantly decides to tries the dress on. To her surprise, it fits! She calls me ecstatically. She proceeds to go out to the party.

In our next session, she confesses that the party was great & met a guy. Fast forward less than a year later & the got married.

These exact moments like these are rare but not uncommon. I absolutely LOVE these transformations. Through fitness you accomplish so many things. Confidence, improvement in health, zest for life, are just a few to mention.

I LOVE what I do. The ability to train everyone. Young, middle, elderly & all in between is terrific!

I & we are a company of high values and integrity. We are passionate about our lives each of our clients fitness journey.

Absolutely! We love the connection of 1 on 1 but with Covid there have been changes & we have adapted accordingly.

We all take our temperature & our clients upon arrival. We have the ability to train clients via zoom. We maintain a 6 ft distance even while training.


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