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San Diego, California, USA

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TRADEMARK 5150 Inc., or TM5150 for short, is a web design studio located in San Diego CA. The company was established in 2002 as the only web design studio supplying gloriousness. No smoke, no mirrors, no double talking BS. Just straight up talent and hard work.

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23 July 2018

Personalized service. TM5150 isn't just a web company, they are a business partner for small to medium sized businesses. No one else will give you the biggest bang for your buck. More...

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23 July 2018

The team at TM5150 is excellent to work with. Scott is a master at project planning and design, and he has a whole team there that can build some pretty incredible websites and e-marketing platforms. They provide direction where direction is needed as well. The client is not always right when it comes to web design, as I have learned many times. The team at TM5150 is able to gracefully point their clients in the right direction and toward an incredible end result. More...

Reviewed on Facebook


Our guidelines to making a great website.
1. Start with a great idea, product or service.
2. Know the website's purpose and understand what motivates your audience.
3. Create a plan that maps out what you're building and what will be required to maintain it.
4. Design and build the website with a clear and authentic message that connects with your audience.
5. Keep it relevant and fulfill on the promises you make to your audience.

If you follow these guidelines, you will have a great website.

What do you need?
Are you looking for a short term solution or a long term business relationship to support your business?
Do you have a plan and/or scope of work defined? If so, please share.
Is there a critical date for completion?

We approach each project with an open and collaborative mindset, asking questions, providing direction and maintaining clear communication throughout the process. We understand our value to your business is best served by identifying the most effective approach to solving problems and delivering solutions that can be quickly implemented and return measurable results.

For all projects we deliver an estimate with a fixed cost, timeline and a stated scope of work. We also offer consulting, creative, technical and marketing support during a stated term of service, with a fixed monthly budget.

Before we start work, we want to make sure it's clear what we are scheduled to do, how much it costs and when it's expected to be complete. When we have agreement on these three things, we will be ready to go!

We believe good design has the power to make a positive impact in people’s lives. Our mission is to design great websites and support healthy long term growth for our clients and ourselves. The key to our success is simple; we enjoy what we do, we work hard to achieve great results and we communicate with our clients each step of the way.

We work with clients that are open to discussion, understand the value of design and are comfortable with collaboration. We know that building an online platform can be challenging, but we love the process and find it is much more enjoyable for everyone involved when we believe in the client’s story and they trust our expertise.


Achieve your unique business goals with a digital system that is custom tailored to meet your specific requirements from the ground up.

Connect with your target audience on an emotional level by presenting an engaging and authentic branded story.

Launching a website is only the starting line. Achieving success requires continued effort with an organized and intelligent approach.

TM5150’s creative team can build a unique and powerful identity for your company that focuses on your target audience. Your product is unique, and a well developed brand is important, with the right foundation it will grow strong. Having an extensive design focused background, combined with years of experience developing rich websites, TM5150 is your full service brand development company that you can count on.
TM5150’s expert team specializes in designing, developing, and implementing customized websites, ensuring your company’s immediate and sustained growth. We incorporate your company’s long-term vision with web services tailored to target and retain your audience. TM5150 provides creative, brand-focused design solutions across multiple platforms to fit your business needs, today and into the future.
-Personalized site design & brand integration
-Interface formatted to multiple browser types
-Promotional graphic design & production
-Integration of back-end & front-end systems
-Quality-assurance testing before site launch

TM5150 has produced custom B2B sales systems as well as worked with third-party software solutions for several different clients over the years. Our experience has been that while the core requirements for B2B sales are similar from one company to the next, there are no two companies with identical requirements for managing their product B2B sales or B2B sales process.
Our goal is to help our clients identify the best solution for their specific goals and needs, and then put together a plan that we can successfully execute.
Advantages for using an online B2B Sales system
-Streamline and speed up the B2B sales process
-Leverage a stunning visual and interactive experience
-Sell on-hand inventory based on real-time inventory levels from your warehouse
-Sell pre-book inventory and know where the demand is for your next season
-Merchandise “pre-selected bundles” to make ordering as simple as can be
-Communicate order status with your B2B customers in real-time
-And of course there’s much more!

Describe how important content is – maybe even metaphorically. Then describe how TM5150 can provide service for producing content.
Good content keeps people coming back – Good content converts sales.
We know how to quickly and efficiently create content that carries the tone and character of your brand or small business. Writing topical blog posts or promotional emails, leveraging great imagery, designing infographics that generate traffic or promotional graphics that generate sales. instructional videos or branded videos, entertaining videos – all generate traffic and keep people on the site and coming back.

Drive traffic to your website an with a strategic digital marketing plan.
Email campaigns, SEO, SEM, banner ad campaigns, social media campaigns.
Hit your target audience with timely messaging.
–note: this was written previously when the focus was on email campaigns —
Call attention to special promotions, events, and announcements with campaigns designed to fit the look and feel of your business. TM5150 can build, design, and execute a customized, branded email template to send to a targeted audience base. Email campaigns are effective for getting the word out faster and to a larger audience.
-Content with a purpose; no fluff necessary
-Attention-grabbing multimedia use
-Seamless social media fused with campaign
-Analytics to easily track campaign’s success

Integrate e-commerce functionality with your online brand or small business platform. We work with you to understand your requirements and find a solution that is the best fit and meets your goals. We work with the top performing online shopping cart solutions available. We also have years of experience producing custom e-commerce solutions for clients with more advanced needs (registration systems, pro-form, technical products). We can integrate with your accounting and inventory systems.
E-commerce platforms we work with:
-Big Commerce
-Woo Commerce

Are you looking to get “mobile”? As of 2011, 46 percent of US mobile phone users were owners of Smartphones. Show your customers you‘re hip to the trend by rebranding your site for mobile use. Whether you are looking to rejuvenate an existing site or produce something new, TRADEMARK 5150 can create a mobile website to fit your brand and reach your target audience. Don’t wait any longer – get mobile!
-Introduce your brand to a growing audience
-Built within the constraints of mobile
-Your products available anywhere … anytime
-Quick to load, easy to navigate

There are many DIY solutions for Small Business available. We work with small businesses who need more. We listen to your needs, we create a plan and produce a platform that performs to your needs.
Small Business platforms can be simple or complex depending on requirements. The main thing is that they provide a great experience and are easy to manage.
There are many solutions available for Small Businesses to choose from web planning their website. Some of the solutions available are really good and fill the basic requirements that Small Businesses commonly have. However there are also many situations that require more than what these DIY, on-size-fits-all solutions can offer. This is were we fit in. Having experience working with many small businesses in many different industries we are very familiar with the challenges that small businesses face when it comes to launching and maintaining a successful website. The most common challenges are getting something that looks and works great design, content and traffic that fits your budget. There is no doubt that launching and maintaining a website should be viewed as an investment. We work with small businesses to make sure that it is a wise investment that carries value and achieves it’s goals.
-You own it. You control it.
-Work with professional who have a long and successful track record.
-Long term growth