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Kenner, Louisiana


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6 August 2019

This place is terrific. I buy several loaves and put them in the freezer.They are just like fresh bread when you thaw them. Makes great sandwiches.

15 May 2019

The ladies were very nice and professional. They were patient with me while making decisions for our wedding cake. It turned out beautifully! We were very pleased with the look and taste of the cake. I would definitely recommend them to friends. More...

29 January 2019

Let me tell you... at first when I called I was like ummmm idk about them from an encounter over the phone with one of the reps. We went to our tasting and found exactly what we wanted. The cakes were delicious with a variety of different cakes and icings of your choice. We were kind of overwhelmed (in a good way) about how many cake choices there were to choose from. We tried Swiss (overpriced for the simple decorations) and a very other bakeries but the Royal Cakery was the absolute best. It was like as soon as we did our tasting, I didn’t look any further. I canceled the rest of my tastings. Anyway, almost a month before the wedding I wanted to change my color of my cake from silver to gold. I contacted them and Mrs.Sherell told me to email them with the changes so that they could have them in writing. With those changes I also had to change my cake stand. She was able to get me the most perfect cake stand to match as well, all last minute. They were punctual for my wedding. My wedding was in October of 2017 and I have ordered a red velvet and cream cheese cake for my husband’s birthday every year since then from there; we all enjoy it just like we enjoyed our wedding cake. More...

29 January 2019

Royal Cakery did my wedding cake and I could not recommend them more!!! They were so easy to work with and the cake is delicious. After trying their cake I knew they were it right away, it’s seriously soo good! They worked with me to find the right cake in my budget and then were completely flexible as our guest count changed. The cake showed up no problem day of and was exactly what I was hoping for. I highly recommend them. Can't wait for our 1 year to eat some more of the cake!!! More...

30 December 2018

We visited a number of bakeries before choosing Royal Cakery to do our wedding cakes. We drove out to their Morrison Rd location and tasted two plate fulls of different cakes. They had a lot of variety and definitely a unique experience. It was hard to form any kind of judgement on the tasting alone. On our wedding day, we couldn't have been happier! Two beautiful cakes. The wedding cake, made exactly to order. Pecan filling and butter cream frosting that our guests raved about. And the grooms cake was a work of art. She made an oil platform (I work in the oil field) over a blue ocean. Great job Royal Cakery! Thank you. More...

1 October 2018

Best cakes Ever. She Puts her Heart and soul into her cakes.

3 July 2018

I accidentally called a roll cake or he but to my delight it was the best decision I could’ve ever made. Please do not be turned by the small mom and pop location, they are very professional and clean. I called them two weeks before my wedding For a bride and groom’s cake. The cake tasting went much better than the our two places I tried. I was able to select exactly what I wanted. The cakes were delivered on time and they put in cake pulls at the last minute without notice. The cakes was absolutely delicious. Of course I did not get a chance to really taste the cake during the wedding...three days later when I was finally able to sit down and taste my cake it was as moist as if it was late that day. The grooms cake was just as good. This place comes highly recommended they work well with last-minute request and are completely accurate with your choices, because also delicious. More...

20 September 2017

Our cakes were PERFECT. From the tasting to our wedding day, the Royal Cakery team made us feel like family. Guests still tell us how delicious the cakes were. Get your wedding/event/birthday cake here. Seriously! :) More...

26 August 2017

A hidden neighborhood gem!!  They have made the PoBoy bread for Antone's (the originals, not the franchise crap) forever!!!

29 May 2017

Royal Cakery has the absolute BEST wedding cakes in all of New Orleans! Mrs. Shirelle is a pleasure to work with and did a FLAWLESS job on a very difficult design. She is truly a perfectionist when is comes to her craft. THANK YOU! More...

5 May 2017

Amazing staff and delicious cakes!!

29 May 2016

The ENTIRE experience was Amazing! My husband and I are so glad we tasted everything before the wedding because our guest barely left us any cake! Because we couldn't choose a flavor we made each layer different! The cakes are still being talked about months later! They were prompt and professional! May God continue to bless your business!!!!! More...

16 December 2014

I had the Royal Cakery do the Groom's cake for my wedding last month. The process was so easy, and there were so many flavors I got to choose from! Amanda worked with me from the beginning to end - design, flavors, and even last minute details. The guests kept approaching me to ask where I had gotten it. It was exactly what I wanted and I will definitely be using them next time I have an event! More...

28 December 2013

They have the best hoagie bread in town! My family has bought their daily fresh-baked bread every year at Christmas for our Christmas Eve Sandwiches. This is our way of honoring our parents, who owned and operated "Jackie's Subs" in Southwest Houston back in the 1980's. My dad picked up the bread every morning at 5:00am, hot out of the oven and my mom almost put Antoine's out of business with her delicious sandwiches. This was way before Subway was on the scene, but Royal's bread has Subway's beat. The bread is crispy on the outside and so fluffy on the inside. They sell it by the brown bagful , in loaves about 24" long. 1 bag easily makes 40+ sandwiches. We will be buying Royal Bakery's bread for years to come! More...

26 June 2013

The place sells the best IMO po-boy buns in the city.  They sell to the public as well as old institutions like Antones Imports.  The prices are wholesale level.

18 December 2012

This place has incredible po-boy buns, hamburger buns, etc. They are very fairly priced and even sell to the public. The interior is nothing at all to look at, as is the exterior. Even so, they have a staff of dedicated folks that consistently churn out a great product. Next time you need hamburger buns or general bread items -- give them a call. They are really nice folks and have a great product. More...

15 August 2012

This is largely a bakery for restaurants and other commercial enterprises. They do sell to the general public, however, and if you want excellent hamburger buns or baguettes at great prices, you can't do better. Their products also include mixed grain and whole wheat breads. More...

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