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Irvington, NJ, Essex County, New Jersey


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The Owens Original Collection specializes in youth sports.

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15 August 2018

Love this place even before I started working there as a technician. One must have the capabilities to understand that in every business and everything in life, there will always be those that can NEVER be satisfied, regardless of the manner they're being treated. First, health professionals are not robots, we are human beings(for real). Second, we work hard to maintain great relationships with each and every patient(even the ones who curse, scream, yell and want to fight us on a daily basis) because WE CARE. Third, if you don't like the way we serve you, we can adjust(although we do our best to satisfy you). You have the options to go elsewhere but you don't want to do that, you rather complain how bad we are, when in fact you fail to realize that you are not perfect but you want us to be. Fourth, we're always busy taking care of others, so when you come in to drop off/pick up and you see nobody else in line and there are a few of us back there, trust me, you're not the first because we receive electronic/faxed/called/mailed prescriptions by the dozens. Fifth, it is understood that each person deals with stress differently and we try to put ourselves in your shoes, in order to meet your needs(oh I get it, that's why when you yell and scream, we pause and let you finish). As previously stated, we can adjust, even adapt and in some cases, immune. Sixth, We are not pharmaceutical companies(we don't make the drugs, we dispense) so when we tell you that we have to order the drugs, we sincerely apologize and please don't bite my head off. Seventh, since you assume we are robots, so we are programmed to have the automated system send you a text or call you when the medications are out of stock, on back order, ready to be picked up, need additional info, drug is not covered, prior authorization is needed, prescription is ready to be refilled etc...but in some cases, we can have a human being to call you. Eight, common sense is not common and we try not to judge (robots don't judge), we don't assume you know everything and I hope you don't as well and although we CARE, your medical history is none of your business but please stop sending your significant other/ family members to drop off/ pick up your medications if you don't want them to know what's going, somewhere down the line, they will read the monograph( the drug info paper you receive upon picking up) so if they know (HIPPA is our witness). Ninth, medications are not covered/high co-pays/ doctors are not responding to refill requests, please don't ask me why 3 or more times, the answer will not change since it has something to do with your insurance's formulary list, your doctor forgets since you're not in the office, you wait the last minute and the office is closed, you haven't been seen for umpteen years, you keep canceling your appts etc... Tenth and finally am tired since there's so much to say, by the way, the lawyers want me to let you know to stop saying that you'll get us fired and you'll make sure we lose our licence. We know damn well, you love us(in robot's voice) but it's hard for you to show it. More...

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