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Pottstown, PA, Chester County, PA

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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


If you are looking for something special for your event, consider The Magical Illusions of Kyle and Kelly. With over 25 years of professional experience, Kyle and Kelly know how to put a smile on everyone's face. By combining their talents, and specializing in family-friendly magic and illusion shows, they have learned that they can provide total solutions to their clients.

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I have been interested in magic from an early child and started performing professionally at age 15. I have been performing as a season pro for over 25 years now and enjoy created customized magic experiences for a multitude of clients. I would love to do the same for you.

Every show I do is a fully customized experience that is developed with the client's needs in mind. We have various shows for different markets and situations. This gives you a taste of just some of what we can offer:

We try and take the fun and style of a Vegas show and bring it to your event. The show is comprised of:

Sleight of Hand Magic to Music: amazing sleight of hand magic and pure skill is performed to musical scores. It is visual magic that wows and impresses and a great way I open the show and close the show with.

Comedy: We provide comedy elements and routines in the show that is aimed at laughter and fun. Everyone has had a long day so now it is time to laugh and let your hair down. We do a routine in the show where by two people (can be chosen ahead of time by you based on who you know would act and react the best) and they come up on stage as a team. Comedy unfolds throughout as it looks like everything that can o wrong does. Lots of laughs galore. In the end magic does happen with a startling ending making everyone look great.

Grand Illusion: We also perform several large scale illusions the likes you might see in a larger style show in Vegas or Atlantic City. For example, we do a modern version of sawing a lady in half. However, my wife vanishes into a very small pyramid shaped box of which she could never fit into. 5 very real samurai swords are then pierced through each side and a final one right down the middle. A very dramatic piece.

Mentalism Routines: Mental magic is really big and popular these days and so we always include in our shows several of these style routines. They are aimed at the "WOW" factor because they simply can not be explained by anyone.

For example, 3 people are chosen in the audience at random. They each are told to only THINK of an answer to a question I pose to them. They never tell anyone in the audience nor me. With just a clipboard and a sheet of paper I begin to read their thoughts 1 by 1. The 3 people with 3 totally different thoughts are then told to reveal their answers. To the absolute amazement of the audience, my predictions (in plain view) match every single one of them exactly. Everything can be examined.

As you can see this is a very powerful and amazing type of magic that we try and place in all shows.

The show is aimed at solving your entertainment needs by providing a customized solution that gets folks enjoying themselves, being wowed, laughing a lot and most of all totally entertained. It is also interactive in many ways so that folks can come up and assist in the fun or they can assist right from their seats without getting up at all. Others can simply sit back, watch and enjoy.

I love the ability to place smiles on faces and to allow my audiences to forget about their troubles even for just a little time. To engage people and have fun with them and help create an amazing event experience, is the real magic.

I have always loved the art of magic and marketing. It just seemed natural to me to combine them both to create a fully customized magic and illusion event company that provides services and experiences you can not find anywhere else.

We are one of few husband and wife magic and illusion teams performing today. My wife is also a magician and provides her own shows for daycares and summer camps and young people's programs. Our combined love for magic allows us to provide award-winning magic that makes your event unforgettable and fun. We create customized solutions that work within the budgets of the folks we work with.