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I am multimodal intuitive coach helping women heal the relationship with themselves so they can end the cycle of emotional/binge and disordered eating along with other self destructive patterns and emotions. activating your inner power, so you can Start living a thriving life, not just surviving!

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Hypnosis is a very natural safe state that everyone can access. Hypnosis works directly with the subconscious mind to resolve, release and understand our deepest truths, values, issues and brings much clarity and healing to our lives.

Hypnosis has been proven very effective with emotional/binge and disordered eating along with weight management, habit changes, addictions, ability to take action and achieve goals to reach optimal health and vitality. Hypnosis is a relaxing enjoyable process and allows people to reach their goals with lasting success!

Food is more than just a meal.

In modern Western society, our relationship with food has become irrevocably skewed. Few of us maintain a balanced diet, with even fewer understanding what ‘balanced’ truly means. From every angle we are fed conflicting information about what and what not to eat, layered with commercial prompts to ‘treat ourselves’ versus ‘bettering ourselves by abstaining or replacing food.

It’s little wonder that food has become the enemy. When it should be a sacred relationship of nourishment, ritual, and love.

Through guided diet coaching and personalized meal plans with continuous support. We will work hand in hand to heal your relationship with food and learn to feel empowered through intuitive and whole food eating. Fueling your body with the very best nutrition it needs to meet your optimal health and wellness goals. Nutrition is a key factor in your well-being, whether it's designed for weight management, weight loss, or health-related issues, emotional/binge, or disordered eating.

When we do the emotional work around breaking the cycle of emotional and binge eating, we start to look at the foods we eat on a daily basis and if they are feeding disease (dis-ease) in our bodies, or creating health and vitality. When you eat a whole food diet and are eating intuitively, you are listening to what your body truly is needing -- not cravings driven by emotions. Our bodies have innate beautiful wisdom. It's all about dropping into your body, your temple, and re-learning to listen and honor ourselves. When you can get to this place I promise almost every area of your life will transform. We have all the answers within us.

The answers to life's deepest questions are already inside you.

Life coaching is a practice that will help you reach your most authentic happy self. Through empowering questions and tools you will identify which of your beliefs and daily habits are holding you back from reaching your goals. We design a tailored plan to create your ideal life while instilling lasting wellness practices of self-love and empowerment in order to be the most balanced, authentic, and healthiest version of yourself.

When you have blocks or your chakras are not functioning optimally, there are physical and emotional manifestations in your life and body. You can feel lacking in drive/purpose, disconnected from yourself, and stuck in pain.

This is a 60-minute energy clearing session via Zoom to use my unique intuitive modality to clear blocked, stuck, or stagnant energy from your chakra centers to open to you deeper levels of groundedness, centredness, sensuality, and self-connection.

Benefits of the Unravelling:
-Reset your nervous system
-Release your stress & feelings of pain/toxicity
-Release your unhealthy urges
-Regain your clarity and calm
-Deepen your ability to feel and connect
-Help weight and inflammation issues
-Clear and release stuck emotions that are keeping you from creating what you desire in life.

Ways the Unraveling can assist in healing the relationship with food and self:

Through energetically clearing, the body naturally will start to release weight and inflammation; this happens because you are no longer storing energy(emotions) that needs to be cleared. Therefore your physical body reflects that.

*If you are interested in a session, please click the link in my profile to my Linktree, to apply and book a session.