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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Urban Dictionary’s definition of "fire" says it best: we are something that is really good, amazing, crazy (in a good way). The Fire DJs strive for a level of quality, connection, and epicness that is unmatched by any other DJ company in the Pacific Northwest.

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19 January 2021

Lewis was courteous and personable, and I could not have been more pleased with how my private party with him went pre-COVID. He goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is having a rocking time. I assume the DJs with whom he works are equally excellent. I look forward to hiring him again in the future! More...

14 January 2021

Best night ever, amazing music and amazing involvement and communication. 10/10 would recommend to all my friends looking to have an incredible night

14 January 2021

Normally I’m not one to be out on the dance floor, but Louis worked some magic and got my husband and I moving and dancing together for the first time in what felt like too long. Look forward to the next time I get the opportunity to see him DJ. Such a charming young man who knows how to connect with his crowd :) More...

10 February 2020

DJ Lewis did a fantastic job. Great interaction with the dance instructors, event staff, and all the participants. I was a pleasure meeting him and working with him (I was the event photographer).

The Fire DJs
The Fire DJs

Reply from The Fire DJs

Thank you so much Richard. I really appreciate your feedback and I loved your photographs!

10 February 2020

Lewis is a dream to work with, and we've had a dozen DJs at my school in the past 11 years, so I know. Lewis shows up early for setup and is very particular to make sure everything is "just right. " He listens carefully to expectations (setup, behavior, hislanguage/tone, choice of music) and is incredibly respectful both in terms of the school's culture and the concerns of the chaperones/administration. He meets people well and professionally; he's polite, articulate, positive, and humble. He works VERY hard to please his employer, and HE PUTS ON A GREAT SHOW FOR THE KIDS!! He has games and activities they love, he knows how to get them moving and dancing and laughing, he picks music they love but that fits our age-appropriate parameters, and he is himself really fun and funny to watch with his whacky outfits and his "Magic Mirror." We've never had so many positive student comments about a DJ, including unanimous requests to bring one back for the next dance, as we routinely have for Lewis. After every event, I can count on a group of kids approaching me to make sure Lewis will DJ the next dance. And on top of it all, Lewis van Diggelen is a really nice, big-hearted young man. I give him my highest recommendation, without reservation. More...


Charisma, Connection, and Communication

We focus on channeling these attributes to make your party unforgettable. From the moment we arrive to when we are done packing up our last cables, we bleed charisma. To be an effective DJ you have to be the life of the party, and believe me, that is what we live for. We focus on truly connecting with people at our events and have developed the infrastructure to achieve this. www.theFireDJs.com has an active song request feature where you can request songs for an event ahead of time, or even at the party from the dance floor. We are here to play what You want to hear - end of story.

We cater to the people. If you are in the mood for an upbeat, blacklight party. We are more than ready to deliver. If you're looking for a social feel with a background DJ, we would be happy to provide that. We have experience with many types of music and are excited to share our passion with you.

That moment when the crowd swings.

Most events follow the same pattern. People arrive, general awkwardness ensues, a few brave people drop their moves, others join in, and then it happens... The crowd swings and basically everyone joins in singing, dancing, and jumping to the music. I love that tipping point. Seeing the crowd swing from just a few courageous souls grooving to the majority of the attendees dancing wildly is an experience that will never get old. We at the Fire DJs look forward to making your next party swing.

The sheer joy that singing and dancing give people is immeasurable. Each of us has one moment that defines why we do this day after day. For me, it has to be one of the first paid gigs I was hired for: a middle school dance in a highly religious private school. Over the past couple years the kids there had sub-par DJs with limited setups and less than average enthusiasm. I showed up with my infinity mirror, projector, and overwhelming charisma. The kids were blown away. I will never forget how grateful they were, literally coming up to me after the gig was over and thanking me for coming out.

We have all been DJ-ing parties since we were in college. Each of us picked it up for our own reasons but we all have a collective love of music and its incredible effect on people.

Urban Dictionary’s definition of fire says it best, we are something that is really good, amazing, crazy (in a good way). The Fire DJs strive for a level of quality, connection, and epicness that is unmatched by any other DJ company in the Pacific Northwest. We promise to make your event, One to remember.

From stellar communication to great equipment and an up-to-date music library, one of our main focuses is quality. We will bring a level of quality to your event that you won’t find anywhere else. One story that really proves this point is Redmond High School’s last dance before COVID began. Less than a week before the dance happened the leadership team at the school requested black lights. It wasn’t a problem. Our team showed up early, set up the lights, and played the best music for the students present. To say the dance was a success would be an understatement. The black lights were so brilliant that the room glowed, everyone’s teeth fluoresced, and blonde hair turned bright green. Then there was the dancing. These kids went HAM. Our lead DJ Lewis brought the slaps, and it was obvious by just looking at the crowd. If they weren’t dancing, they were jumping, and if they weren’t jumping, they were screaming along to the music. That is the thing about the Fire DJs. We are young, talented DJs from Portland and beyond who can connect with guests. We are not 40-something-year-olds playing Michael Jackson and thinking it’s still cool. From the moment you first contact us to when you dance your heart out, it will be evident how real our quality is.

We could tell you that we are Five-star DJs, we could tell you about our various awards, or we could tell you other facts that you really don’t care about.
Instead, we’ll just tell you we are here to make your next event incredible, we are here to light it up, and we are here to make your dreams reality.


We Know What Makes Kids Move.
Students look forward to their school dance and we know you want to make it as fun as possible. That’s why our DJs are always keeping up with the best hits for kids to dance to at school events. From fast tracks to love melodies, we’ll come ready to play what's popping.

We Will Make Your Wedding Lit.
We are not your average DJs, and we will come prepared, enthusiastic, and interactive. We are not your traditional wedding DJ. We will bring the professionalism expected at a wedding with a level of energy guaranteed to create lasting memories. By the end of the night, your friends will be jealous.

We Will Make Your Party Unforgettable.
From birthdays to graduations, we've got it covered. Honestly, we'll DJ any event you hire us for. If you truly want a DJ for a funeral we'll be there. All jokes aside, we are here to bring the heat, light it up, and get you dancing. The memories you make at a Fire DJs party will last a lifetime.

We Will Make Your Party Unforgettable.
From Valentines to Halloween to Hannukah, we've got it covered. We are here to bring the heat, light it up, and get you dancing. The memories you make at a Fire DJs party will last a lifetime.

We Will Make Your Business Dance.
From dental offices to construction firms to corporate institutions, we've got it covered. We are here to bring the heat, light it up, and get you dancing. The memories you make at a Fire DJs party will last a lifetime.

We Will Make Your Kid Smile.
Your child's bar or bat mitzvah is a big day in their life. We are here to make things festive, fun, and memorable. Whether it's an incredible introduction with flying streamers or an epic dance to the Hora, we've got you covered. Looking forward to making that day special.