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"Igniting Spiritual Passion and Inspiring Significant Growth in Men"

I help MEN Create PASSION in their Spiritual Lives AND Bring SANITY and STRUCTURE to their Personal Lives so that they can THRIVE in EVERY area of their lives.

I work with Men who are STUCK--spiritually, relationally, mentally, physically and emotionally.

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15 October 2020

Day 2 of waking up at 6 AM (one alarm).

Thank you for inspiring me to wake up earlier. I have felt closer to god this last week then I have in a long time. Also, I have made 3 sales in the last week! More...


First, I believe in men! Our culture beats them down and belittles them relentlessly, but I believe men are a magnificent creation of God.
Second, God created men to do great things and accomplish mighty missions. It brings me almost limitless joy to watch my clients rise up out of their "stuckness", take courageous action, do hard things...and begin to fulfill the purpose they were created for!

I am a Maverick...simple as that...an entrepreneur at heart. I love to create, to make decisions for myself, and love to be able to chart my own course. Being able to inspire and encourage men to be great and do great things on a DAILY BASIS is thrilling!

#1--I am a compassionate truth-teller, who will leave nothing on the field. This is a "calling" for me, not just a living. I will put an arm around you shoulder and encourage you to rise up when you feel you can't, but I will also put a foot in your backside, if that is what is needed.
#2--I am fully committed to your success, and will give 100% to help you succeed...but I won't do the work for you. You must come ready to work! I won't carry you!
#3--I have helped many, many men already, and would love to help you! Check out my "Testimonials" page of my website the hear what other men are saying!

See: https://catalystcoachinghq.com/testimonials/