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We are THE Experts when it comes to Metabolism and Fat loss! Many of our clients are from other programs that did not find success until they met us! Our mission is to discover what is the best nutrition and activity level for you to achieve your fitness goal.

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We help clients achieve their fitness goals by training their body's to burn fat!

Get started! Be patient, consistent, don't quit and just let it happen.

Seeing the excitement in people as they start to see success and knowing I helped and made a difference.

Working in the Medical Lab for over 10 years, I witness just how poor the medical field was at keeping people healthy. "Health care" is more like disease management. Having a background in the Lab, Nutrition, Personal Training and Metabolism, I became much more equipped to help a person reduce body fat and lead a healthy lifestyle, it was time to go out on my own!

A believe a client should chose us, as we use the best that Science has to offer at reducing body fat and improving over all health. And also because we truly care. Your success is our success!


Feeling like your Metabolism has slowed down? Get a Metabolic Assessment.
A 10 minute test that actually measures how many calories your body burns at rest and how many of those calories are fat! No more guessing! This is Science helping inform us to make the best possible choices with our nutrition and exercise for Maximum fat loss or performance!

1 Free Metabolic Assessment (where available)
Daily Monitoring, Weekly Check-ins, Weekly Coaching Sessions, access to The Body Lab community, Group calls, Newsletters, Full support of our staff and more!

Initial set-up and introduction to The Body Lab system.

Access to the Body Lab Membership website and mobile app to track personal data, progress, and refer to your personal coach reports.

Monitoring of DAILY ACTIONS for accountability and to determine needed adjustments to optimize progress.

4 Weekly Check-ins

4 Coaching sessions to review your personal goals, go through teaching series, answer any questions, and overcome any challenges.

Connection to The Body Lab’s exclusive community

This is a solution for customers who have been with us for more than four sessions and do not require all of our services.
This is a great way for current/past customers to be held accountable, check in an on going basis and still achieve your desired fitness goals.
This is not meant for new customers.
If you are a new customer and have never purchased any sessions from us, in order to use this as a solution you must commit to a minimum of four sessions.

Track you weight, body fat percent and food choices by using our brand new app, increasing your accountability to make better food choices.This service is monitored daily by our staff that provides tips, encouragement and will help you stay on track!