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Above all, I believe that our strongest tool for healing is connection. Forming personal connections to ourselves, others, and our spiritual selves can give us an invaluable resource in times of need. We all need someone to show up for us, someone to be there, and someone to understand. My hope is that you will let me be that person for you.

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That I get to help people accomplish there goals and live their fullest lives possible.

I felt like people need help on so many different levels and I have so much to give in so many different areas. If I were working for someone else I would probably only be seeing one type of disorder, or one type of demographic. The freedom to help those who need me the most are the reasons that drove me to work for myself.

Clients should choose me if they feel I am the right fit for them. Truth is I may not be, but I will gladly point them in the right direction should that be the case. I also go above and beyond for my clients. My clients have my personal cell and can text whenever they need support. Things happen outside of "session" and you may need to talk or need support urgently. texting, and phone calls are included in my fee of in person weekly sessions.

I can provide services remotely but prefer in-person.


We all get stuck from time to time. Or maybe for years. I help you to recognize your values, set goals, and plan your life so you live in line with them and achieve fulfillment.

We all have trauma but it doesn't have to rule our lives. When you are ready and never before, I help you recognize the negative self beliefs associated with trauma, and help you build healthy relationships with yourself, others and the world.