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Hi, I'm Joe and I call myself The Anti-Coach. Anti-Coaching does away with the formality of leadership or accountability and gets underneath the blockages standing between you and what you want. When given then space to process limiting beliefs and traumas that rob us of feeling at choice, our mindsets, habits and capabilities can organically shift for the better.

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20 April 2021

Life Coaching

Joe is very easy to work with. He really listen to what you are saying and helps you identify what you may need to focus on.

18 April 2021

Life Coaching

Asked me insightful questions to challenge myself

16 April 2021

Life Coaching

Joe is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is extremely patient as a life coach and has a deep understanding of his clients. He is truly gifted with the ability to use analogies to help with understanding complex things about life or relationships in a simple way. I always recommend him to anybody who is looking out to work on their inner relationship with themselves. Much love and success to you Joe!!! More...

8 April 2021

Joe is great! He leads by example and knows what to say and how to say it to get me motivated in every place in my life. I was unmotivated, lost and didn't really know what I wanted when I started sessions with Joe, but since then, I've gotten a raise at work, mended my relationships and am motivated to create magic in my life. Highly recommend working with him if you can! More...

8 April 2021

Working with Joe has been an eye opening experience for me. Joe’s knowledge, diverse practical experience, clarity and empathy have immensely contributed to pave my “self-discovery lane”.

Joe helped me to discover & understand my blind spots better. His process allowed me to understand my fears, and subsequently develop a more positive curiosity around my blind spots instead. Joe’s guidance allowed me to truly connect with my inner self for the FIRST TIME in my 30+ years, and thus convert my blind spots into strength. Joe's authenticity, leadership and excellent coaching made me feel safe, acknowledged, understood, and discover what else can actually be possible in my life!!

9 May 2019

Working with Joe was transformative to say the least. Joe has a way of not letting you “off the hook” and asking the tough questions, while maintaining his gentle and comforting nature. His style of coaching calls you up and moves you forward. He has a gift of bringing clarity and empowerment to any situation that might be challenging you. Dedicated is not a strong enough word to describe Joe as a coach. He continually goes above and beyond to empower his clients to reach their goals and challenges you to play a bigger game and be the truest, most authentic version of yourself.

Particularly when it comes to relationships, Joe helped me to break through barriers, uncover blind spots, and equipped me with the tools that transformed the most important relationships in my life, family and work into open, authentic and empowering connections.

Any time I am feeling unsettled about something, Joe is able to talk me through a problem so that I come out on the other side feeling empowered, responsible, and ready to take inspired action. Joe is a true professional and a gifted communicator. His insights and wisdom has helped me to transform immeasurably both personally and professionally. He leads with all heart, love and valiance and transforms every life he works with.


I love the moment when my client has a breakthrough and suddenly the goal they've been working to achieve is suddenly in their grasp as if it was right there in front of them the entire time. There's nothing more satisfying than watching someone get what they want, but from an empowered, connected and joyful place because of the coaching they've been willing to take on.

Working for myself has always been my dream and being able to do so allows me to create impact in the world and the lives of people around me. Starting my own business and being an empowerment coach means that the sky is the limit around how many lives I can impact and how big my impact can get. The only thing influencing my success is my willingness and commitment and I'm always committed to being as big as I can be so that my clients grow with the same level of rigor, commitment and grace that I bring into every aspect of my business.

Your clients should choose me because of two specific reasons:

1) I'm 100% practical with an eye for results. This isn't accountability coaching, but I'm committed to having each client self-generate their results from a place of fun, creativity and joy.

2) I live inside the work that I preach. I take 100% responsibility for your results as if they were my own. I take coaching calls with the commitment that you'd be approaching your life with. That's twice as much force behind the goals you want to see come to life!

All of my services are done remotely through Zoom! We'll use each week to learn leadership and transformational tools, virtually to have you breakthrough to your next level in all areas of life. Through the virtual platform, I get to introduce experiential exercises that solidify the work we're doing from the comfort of your home.


Life coaching is designed for people looking to explore themselves in a fun, collaborative way and create extraordinary results in all areas of life. It's about self discovery, authenticity and breakthrough! ⁣

As a coach, I'm not here to tell you what to do or give you tips on how to be more effective. I'm more interested in getting underneath the things that stop you and have you create a life of your own design through fun, joy and fulfillment. ⁣

Through our partnership, we'll uncover things that live in what we don't know that we don't know. These blindspots have likely been with you for a long time, but through experiential exercises, we'll discover them in a fun, insightful and trusting environment.

Human Design is a process that connects you to who you are energetically and gives you insight on how to operate as your unique self, outside of society's conditioning. We're told hundreds of things about who we need to be or what we need to do to be successful, but that actually looks completely different for everyone. Through Human Design, we'll take a look at your body chart and understand where you create energy, what your driving force is, how to strengthen the gifts that are organically yours and decondition you from believing you have to be something that you're not.

Through active breathing techniques, you'll drop into your body, slow down your mind and reprocess experiences that influence the decisions you make. Breathwork is designed to give you the space to see yourself outside your own story of how the world works. It slows down the pre-frontal cortex to let you rediscover yourself without judgment or interpretation. Sessions are about 60 minutes long and include 10 minutes of resting breath, 30-35 minutes of active breath and post-session coaching/integration.

Here is a list of contraindications for Breathwork. If you currently have any of these conditions, please email me at joe@anticoach.co before scheduling:

● Cardiovascular disease
● Angina
● Asthma
● Heart attack
● High blood pressure
● Glaucoma
● Retinal detachment
● Osteoporosis
● Recent injury or surgery
● Any conditions for which you take regular medications
● History of panic attacks, psychosis
● Severe mental illnesses
● Seizure disorders
● Family history of aneurisms
● Pregnancy