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New Jersey, USA

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I have 20 years of experience working in the financial industry working with commercial businesses. I was ranked #1 in the region for sales & service as the rally winner. My clients typically increase their sales and hit their business goals with ease.


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The impact that I see my clients making in their own businesses. The transformation when clients have greater self-esteem and are able to charge their value and raise their rates after working together.

To make a bigger impact in the world and help others to do the same.

I am a powerful, joyful, authentic Leader and I will take a stand for your vision. I am committed to helping you achieve success in your business and will go above and beyond until you reach your desired goals.

Yes, I provide coaching services online or remotely. We can plan out a full day of service in a V.I.P. day where we map out your strategy in one full day in person or virtually. We also have longer coaching packages if you need more accountability and hands-on services. You can schedule a discovery call to determine what is the best fit for you www.tereillrenee.com/coaching-vip-day

We follow the rules of the CDC and follow all protocols to keep our clients safe. Currently, we are coaching all of our clients virtually but can accommodate in-person with mask mandating etc.


Together we will uncover the best strategy to get you, clients, on a reoccurring basis. We will look at ways to increase your visibility and content strategy outreach so that you can hit your income goals.

Together we will work on the framework of your services of pricing & packaging your online offers. We will help you unpack who your ideal clients are, how to find them, and how to deliver your content.

Together we will determine which platform you should utilize for your business. We will break down your content ideas into bite-size pieces so that you can attract your ideal clients. We will help you identify your keyword for your business with SEO strategies.

Together we will direct your CEO's path to improve your business day to day functions. We will determine your CEO path and how to understand your client journey with your teams and workflow. Ideally, you will take the overwhelm out of your business and step into your leadership role with this coaching package.

Together we will coach you on your business needs. We will determine what is your overall vision and how to implement it. We typically focus on the area of goal setting, start-up development, mindset support, accountability, marketing, and sales goals.