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Columbus, Ohio

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My name is Ted Cox and I have a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science as well as a Masters Degree in Sport Performance. I have trained individuals from the ages of 8 all the way up to 84 which had a wide variety of fitness goals ranging to sport performance, weight loss, longevity, improved quality of life, and injury prevention.

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I help clients achieve fitness goals through seeing what their daily needs are and assessing how their body is able to achieve those needs. It truly does not matter what you want if you body is not capable of doing what it needs to do. Once the needs have been established we can go into the fun stuff from there.

I would say it comes down to three main things at the end of the day. Hard Work/Consistency, If you are not willing to put forth the effort and do it on a consistent basis, nothing is going to work. It done't have to be an intense level but it takes effort and accountability to achieve it. Second is time/patience, anything worth achieving is not going to happen over night or quickly even. It can take months and even years to achieve the lifestyle changes to achieve the goals you want to meet. Lastly Grit or the ability to learn from the failures. Especially with fitness sometimes your going to take two steps back and three steps forward. You have to be willing to be able to have staggering process because the people that stop as soon as they stop seeing progress are the ones the regress and actually end up worse than what they stated.

Just helping people achieve their goals and end up being able to do things they never thought that they would be able to achieve or accomplish on their own.

My mentor, he actually owns one of the gyms I train people out of.

They should choose me because of three main reasons. First, I have achieved a Masters Degree within this profession and have achieved and maintained on of the industries highest certifications the CSCS-Certified Strength Conditioning Coach. Secondly I have a fairly athletic background and still train hard myself, this allows me to understand what may be too great or too little for you as well as give you someone that is able to push your limits. Lastly I have had many people achieve their goals and then have them accomplish things they never even thought of that improve their life significantly.