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Upper East Side, New York, NY

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Founded in 2001 by Ara E. Chekmayan, himself a well-known media figure, Weather your firm is experiencing an immediate crisis and you need a media response now or your looking to build your brand and obtain big media coverage.

Tactical Public Relations is here to help.

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What I love most about my job is that each client I work with has a unique set of challenges.
Providing the wide range of experience across many different areas of business enables me to best advocate for my clients.

I always found that I could see things that others didn't. Not being forced to fit into a preconceived roll or limited by a position held allows me to be as effective and free to do my job on behalf of my clients as we see fit.

We work for you, we will do what we can to provide you with the tools, insight and guidance to successfully complete the job you have contracted with us to do. We work to manage expectations explain what the process is and do our best to provide a meaningful outcome.

Yes, We often work online and remote. We will use zoom, Go to Meeting, Face time, Video conference, email and telephonic communication to interface without the need for in person face to face.

We work to limit the need for in-person meetings. If one is required, we will exercise proper distancing and PPE materials will be worn.


We will work to uncover potential challenges or regulatory issues that may impede your success. From getting to the necessary city officials to ferreting out hard to find info that can significantly help your business grow.

If your firm is in the middle of a crisis, how and when you respond is often the deciding factor as to the outcome of the crisis.

Responding too quickly, or not quick enough, knowing what to say and how to say it is crucial.

We have the experience to guide you during one of the most important times in your firms history.